LED Engin’s new 7mm LED emitter boosts output by 250% to 1350 lumens

Lux on TargetTM more than doubled, enabling energy-efficient replacement of 75W halogen lamps in retail and commercial applications LED Engin, Inc., a leader in high lumen density LED products, announces the LZ9 LuxiGenTM emitter, a new family of devices that deliver 2.5 times the lumens of existing LZ4 products within the same 7mm x 7mm footprint. The LZ9 emitter more than doubles the Lux on TargetTM, making it ideal for directional lighting fixtures such as the spot, accent and downlighting used in retail and commercial applications.  LED Engin also...
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AsianSignals Announces New Rebel LED Emitter Board

Recently, AsianSignals has released its most powerful and efficient copper-clad LED array emitter board - the Rebel Spot 36. The company says the Rebel Spot 36 is their continuing exploration into leveraging FR-4 copper laminate techniques in achieving a low cost, easy to use, and effective mounting solution for the Luxeon Rebel LED.
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Avago Technologies Introduces Small High-Power LED Emitters for SSL Apps

Avago Technologies, a leading supplier of analog interface components for communications, industrial and consumer applications, has introduced a 1-Watt, miniature LED for SSL applications. The company says its features include robust package design, wide viewing angle, and extended operating life.
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Unity Opto Also to be Samsung’s Supply Chain

Taiwan Unity Opto Technology Co., Ltd. holds a 25% stake in South Korean LED packager Lumens, making it the primary institutional shareholder of the South Korean packager. Now, Unity has been contracted by Lumens to supply it LED emitters. Which Lumens will build into backlight modules for Samsung’s LCD TVs. Unity will use chips made by Formosa Epitaxy Inc. of Taiwan, which has its chips verified at Samsung.
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Wellypower to shift business emphasis to LED Lighting

Festering market of LCD panels, the major applications of various backlights, has compelled Taiwan Lamp maker Wellypower Optronics Corp. to shift business emphasis to lighting. The company will ramp up output of LED emitters and LED lighting fixtures to find an outlet for LED chips from Lextar Electronics Corp., which is a member of the AUO Group as is Wellypower.
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Avago Technologies Introduces New Energy Efficient 1-Watt High-Power LED Emitter

Avago Technologies has announced a new competitively priced 1-Watt high power LED emitter for use in solid-state lighting applications. The company said this LED emitter is ideal for use in architectural, contour, retail display, decorative and garden lighting applications. The ASMT-Ax00 LED features a low-profile package design, wide 130-degree viewing angle, and the ability to handle high thermal and drive currents. It comes in a variety of colors.
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GlacialLight releases LED T8 Tube Light

Recently, GlacialTech Inc. announces the availability of T8 LED light tubes. It’s disclosed that the LED T8 tubes come in ten models which range in brightness according to the number of LED’s present over the length of the tube. The three sizes of tube vary in length from 580mm to 1198mm to the longest which stands at 1498mm.
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Para Light to supply LED emitters to US Lighting Heavyweight

It’s reported that Para Light Electronics Co., Ltd., a leading Taiwanese LED packager, won a contract to supply LED emitters to a leading auxiliary-lighting manufacturer in the United States, which sells lighting products to major retailers stateside.
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