Columbia University Uses Far-UVC Light to Safely Kill Airborne Coronaviruses

Aiming to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection and diminish coronavirus, UVC radiation has been widely promoted and applied in disinfection. But UVC radiation exposure could also lead to damage on skin and eye for human and animals. Finding a way to safely deploy UVC light has thus become a target for researchers all over the world. Far-UVC with a wavelength of 222 nm is considered a safe alternative in UVC disinfection as many researchers found that the light can effectively deactivate germs and viruses without causing harm for people. A new study led by researc...
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More Researches to Prove Safety of Far-UVC for Air Disinfection

The COVID-19 pandemic spurred the awareness of disinfection and stimulated demands for related applications based on UVC radiation. UVC LED products have thus become a hit across the world. However, the safety issue of UV light also become a concern as direct exposure of UV radiation is harmful for people and animal. Aim to improve safety of UV disinfection and expand application opportunities, researcher across the world are searching for method to make UV light less harmful. And far-UVC seems to be the solution. A new research carried out by the Univers...
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