Seoul Semiconductor Unveils 2nd-generation LED Technology for Future Displays at Display Week 2023

ANSAN, South Korea--Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (KOSDAQ:046890), a global optical semiconductor company, will participate in the Society for Information Display (SID)’s Display Week 2023, scheduled for May 23 to 25, to unveil its second-generation LED technologies for future displays, including WICOP-Pixel-based microLED displays and Low Blue Light (LBL) displays that help maintain the health of users' eyes. MicroLED displays based on WICOP Pixel, the world's first RGB one-chip technology During this exhibiti...
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Porotech Wins Display Week I-Zone Award – Best Prototype

13th Mat, 2022 – Porotech, a pioneer in micro-LED and GaN-based semiconductor material technology, is pleased to be the winner of the Innovation Zone Award – Best Prototype Category at 2022 Display Week in San Jose, California. Porotech’s DynamicPixelTuning™ technology powered by its PoroGaN® microdisplay platform was voted by the industry professionals in the exhibition as the game-changing innovation. The technology breakthrough unlocks dynamic colour tuning of LED chips and pixels and is set to resolve the current microLED c...
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Porotech Unlocks A World First In Micro-LED Dynamic Pixel Tuning

The long-awaited fully tuneable colour on a single pixel achieves a new industry milestone Cambridge, UK, on 4 May, 2022 – Porotech, a pioneer in micro-LED and GaN-based semiconductor material technology, will be unveiling DynamicPixelTuning™ on its PoroGaN® microdisplay platform at the Display Week event in California next week. The breakthrough makes it possible to create full-colour or tuneable-colour displays using identical pixels from a single wafer – achieving colour uniformity, while eliminating complex fabrication processes. The in...
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Porotech Showcases The Brightest Native Full Color MicroLED Display Projections at Touch Taiwan

The breakthrough of making native InGaN-based R/G/B on a single material and tool chain accelerates microLED’s commercialization.    Cambridge, UK, April 26, 2022 – Porotech, a pioneer in microLED and GaN-based semiconductor technology, is showcasing the world's first set of native indium gallium nitride (InGaN)-based Red, Green and Blue microLED displays at 1920 x 1080 resolution with at least 2 million nits of brightness (≥ 2M nits) at Touch Taiwanevent.     Porotech is the first in the industry to demo...
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Toray Develop MicroLED Display Materials -Contributing to Total Mass Production Solution by Offering Materials and Equipment-

Tokyo, Japan, December 7, 2021 – Toray Industries, Inc., announced today that it has de-veloped a laser transfer release material to swiftly arrange light-emitting diode (LED) chips, a material that simplifies bonding between LEDs and wiring, and a substrate side wire material that helps enlarge displays, in collaboration with its subsidiary Toray Engi-neering Co., Ltd. The new materials are vital for creating microLED displays and enhanc-ing their performance. The Toray Group looks to contribute to microLED display progress and mass production by offering ...
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The OSCONIQ® P 3737 high-power LED achieves industry-leading wall plug efficiency of 83.2 % in Hyper Red, enabling unique output levels and cost savings Vegetable, flower, and other growers benefit from a stable photon flux thanks to the Q... READ MORE

New XLamp XFL LEDs are fully specified and optimized for flashlights and other portable lighting applications  Cree LED has just launched the new XLamp® XFL LED family, comprised of three LEDs designed for maximum performance in flash... READ MORE