Olympia Launches Portable Outdoor LED Lighting at 2015 SHOT Show

SHOT Show Booth #4026 -- Olympia® will showcase its rugged line of portable outdoor lighting, power and communications products during the 2015 SHOT show.  Olympia's portfolio includes high performance two-way radios, LED flashlights, LED headlamps, solar chargers, solar power banks, LED floodlamps and lanterns.  "Olympia products have been designed to fit the rigorous needs of hunters by combining robust functionality and convenient features with affordability," said Bob Donnellan, Vice President of Sales.  All Olympia products feature a two-year warranty and long-standing power through the use of Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries and solar chargers, providing a valuable cost savings on battery replacement.
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TSLC Launches Headlamp Products at Auto China 2014

After long time testing and verification, TSLC has released its new LED headlamp products. The products fulfill customer’s performance, quality, and price requirements in cooperation with automotive companies. The headlamp products are especially suitable for automotive and motorcycle headlight application due to its excellent high thermal stability, and high luminance characteristics.  
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HELLA Develops Matrix LED Headlamp System with Audi

HELLA, a leading global supplier of automotive lighting and electronics, has developed an industry-first headlamp system that automatically adjusts high-beam light patterns for other traffic and pedestrians.
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Chinese Bigstone Technology Develops World’s Most Convenient LED Headlamp

Bigstone Technology Co., Ltd., from Ningbo, China, has claimed to develop the world’s most convenient LED headlamp. The new LED headlamp are passed the National certification in the field of Automotive Headlamps testing in Tianjin, Changchun and Xiangyang, which is the first in China. More important, compared with The audi A8L that has much higher price than any other domestic vehicle which owns the whole LED automotive headlamp, product from Bigstone Technology accounts for 30% of the total price of audi’s headlamp. Therefore, Bigstone Tec...
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TYNTEK launched K-mark certified LED bicycle headlamp

TYNTEK Applied Product Division introduced a very bright 3W single LED headlamp. It achieves 40Lux from 10meters away. The lamp meets German bicycle headlamp regulation and it is K-Mark certified. TYNTEK's Optical Center designed the reflector which creates relatively sharp horizontal cutoff line. The light pattern is cut off to the top of the beam to keep focused light out of the eyes of oncoming drivers. To be simple, beam is brightest at the top getting progressively dimmer towards the bottom just like a high quality automobile low beam.
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Truck-Lite Claimed the First 7-in Round DOT-compliant LED Headlamp

The newest 12-volt LED headlamp product was introduced by Truck-Lite at the Mid-America Trucking Show which was declared to be the world’s first 7-in. round DOT-compliant LED headlamp for commercial applications.
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New Audi sports car use LEDs from interior lighting to the headlights

Audi first introduced a green automobile R8 sports car, while this vehicle lighting that can be green and reduce carbon emissions that have nothing to do with fuel economy.
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Hella's Full-LED Headlamps to be 2009 PACE Award Finalist

It’s reported that Hella KGaA Hueck & Company, a global supplier of automotive lighting and electronic equipment based in Germany, became a finalist in the 2009 Automotive News PACE (Premier Automotive Suppliers' Contribution to Excellence) Award program for developing the industry's first full LED headlamps in North America for the Cadillac Escalade Platinum.
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Asahi Kasei Corporation, a leader in developing high-performance UVC LEDs, today announced the Klaran™ Reactor series, the only third-party tested and validated out-of-the-box water purification technology for original equipment manufact... READ MORE

Cree, Inc. (Nasdaq: CREE) announces an expansion of the XLamp® High Current LED Array family with new CMT LEDs that extend Cree’s latest metal-based chip-on-board (COB) LED technology to the most prevalent COB form ... READ MORE