Samsung SDS and Telensa Partner for Smart City Infrastructure and Data Solutions

Samsung SDS, the digital arm of Samsung, and Telensa, a leader in smart street lighting and smart city data, announced their partnership for smart city projects. The two companies are collaborating on smart street lighting and the Urban Data Project, a cloud platform that creates a trust infrastructure for urban data which enables cities to collect, protect and use their data for the benefit of all citizens. The first collaboration will be in city projects in Korea, with wider deployments following across Asia Pacific and in the United States. The initial area of collabor...
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Osram Introduces Future-proof Road Lighting

With its Streetlight 11 range of road luminaires, Osram Lighting Solutions offers a future-proof, technological platform for the diverse elements of a smart city.  
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Mass LED Street Light Switch Could Save Councils £200 Mil per year Combined

New figures produced by climate charity 10:10 show a mass switch to LED street lights could save the UK’s councils over £200 million per year combined.
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HPS Lamps out and LED Street Lights in Taipei City in 2018

Parks and Street Lights Office, Taipei City Government has been replacing HPS lamps with LED lamps that save more energy and are much brighter since early 2017. A new NTD 240 million budget will be granted to remove the remaining 20 thousand HPS lamps in 2018. The project is expected to be completed by the end of June, 2018. HPS lamp will soon be history.
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LED Roadway and Silver Spring Networks Selected for Future City Glasgow Program in Scotland, UK

LED Roadway Lighting and its partner Silver Spring Networks, Inc., today announced they have been selected by Glasgow City Council to deliver the Intelligent Street Lighting requirements for their innovative Future City Demonstrator initiative. The project will leverage LED street lighting from LED Roadway Lighting's NXT range of luminaires and Silver Spring's IPv6-based smart city networking platform to integrate LED street lights, traffic cameras, and sensors into two adaptive lighting systems in the city center and along the River Clyde's "Clyde Walkway." The adaptive lighting systems will monitor vehicle, bicycle, and pedestrian traffic and dynamically dim and increase illumination accordingly, increasing energy efficiency, urban sustainability and improving citizen safety.
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Four Major Trends at TILS 2014

Taiwan International Lighting Show (TILS) 2014 was bigger than ever this year, held jointly with LED Taiwan for the first time. Organized by the Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOEA, TILS 2014 was held at the Nangang Exhibition Center in Taipei from March 20-23. It showcased over 333 manufacturers and attracted around 16,000 visitors from around the world during the four day show. 
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D.C. Government Upgrades Washington's Street Lighting

The District of Columbia has selected Citelum to manage and upgrade the city's 71,000 street lights to a state-of-the-art, sustainable system. The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) announced today that it has awarded Washington's streetlight asset management contract to the company, which already manages urban lighting for some of the world's most recognizable cities.
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Spaulding Lighting Upgrades Traditional Post Top Luminaires to LED

To efficiently light high-traffic outdoor areas, Hubbell Lighting announced today two new high-performance pedestrian post top LED luminaires—Spaulding Lighting’s Peachtree and Vandalia.
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Energy-Efficient GE LED Street Lighting Works Wonders for Any Size City

From Las Vegas to Superior, Neb., GE’s Evolve™ LED Roadway fixtures are saving cities big and small a bundle on energy costs. With the installation of more than 41,000 GE Evolve LED streetlights, Las Vegas will reduce combined electricity and maintenance expense to nearly $2.7 million a year, while in Superior, 600 LED fixtures have shaved $20,000 off annual spending for the town of 2,000.   Whether a metropolis of millions or hometown to hundreds, GE’s LED street lighting savings are universal for all cities. Evolve LED Roadway fi...
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Major Spanish LED Street Lighting Installation Completed With LSG’s PROLIFIC Series

Compared with traditional HID street lights, Lighting Science Group (LSG)'s high performance PROLIFIC series street lights, which are 50% more efficient, provide more uniform light distribution, increase light levels, now line the streets of Banyeres de Mariola Alicante, Spain. It is estimated that can save Banyeres de Mariola Alicante thousands of dollars in energy cost over the life of the fixtures. The main outstanding feature is that they are maintenance free.
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Russian cities gleam with LEDs from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors

Kemerovo in Siberia is converting to street lighting with LEDs by OSRAM Opto Semiconductors on a broad scale. The city of 520,000 inhabitants on the Trans-Siberian Railway has installed 200 street luminaires made by LLC TD Focus, which are equipped with Golden DRAGON oval Plus LEDs. The city can therefore achieve significant savings in energy costs and CO2 emissions.
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Maximum efficiency and sustainability for street lighting, OSRAM LED module uses significantly less energy than conventional lamps

With Streetlight Advanced OSRAM provides an efficient and future-proof solution for technical and decorative street lighting with LED. This durable module enables lighting without distracting stray light plus easy maintenance thanks to a lamp socket that is installed once only. In addition to that the module is sustainable due to its standardised, consistent system interfaces as well as unchanging dimensions.
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Carmanah Installs Solar LED Street Lighting in Phoenix Arizona

Carmanah has completed an installation of EverGEN 1500 solar LED lighting systems for a solar street lighting application in Phoenix, Arizona. Situated at the entrance to the Desert Botanical Gardens and the Phoenix Zoo, the solar street lights are being used to illuminate the roadway and roundabout at this key intersection.
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First Highway Service Area with LED Lighting

Germany is initiating a trend in Europe – with the first highway service area equipped with brilliant modern LED lighting at the A24 in Walsleben, the Federal Ministry of Traffic is setting international standards. LED street lighting is the future technology - as they are remarkably lighter, more energy-efficient and have longer lifetime. Security is enhanced as dark areas and long shadows belong to the past. The pilot project in Walsleben East will demonstrate the superior performance of LED technology.
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Features on LED Street Lamp: 4 Trillion RMB Domestic Demand Stimulation Project Budget Lights The LED Street Lamps in China

With the global economy stepping down sharply, China is still under the pressure of keeping Economic Growth Rate no less than 8% this year, which has been indicated a tough challenge by many signs. In the end of last year, the State Council of China urgently put forward the Ten Measures to Increase the Domestic Demand and Promote Economy Growth, planning to devote a total amount of 4 trillion RMB, about 5,860 billion U.S dollars, to stimulate the economy growth, and half of the budget will be devoted into infrastructure construction.
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Edison Opto offers 27W & 100W modules targeted for Street Lighting

As major cities worldwide has initiated green lighting by replacing local street lights with LED light source for the benefit of energy-saving, Edison Opto has introduced 27W and 100W modules tailored for street lighting application. The 27W street lighting module consists of 24 high power Edixeon LEDs, each equipped with a proprietary elliptical secondary lens, achieving a luminous efficacy up to 83lm/W. The LEDs are mounted on a metal core PCB (121x135mm) for easy assembly.
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Clinton Foundation Organizes LED Project in Los Angeles

Recently, the Clinton Foundation has announced the Outdoor Lighting Program of the Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI) is working with Los Angeles on the largest LED street lighting retrofit project over the next five years. In all, 140,000 LED streetlight fixtures will be installed throughout the city. That not only will improve L.A.'s lighting quality and reduce its electricity use, but also will help the city to save money in the process.
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PSC petition calls for LED street lighting

A petition filed recently with the Montana Public Service Commission (PSC) seeks to require LEDs be used in all new street and area lights to save money and energy. It’s said to the requirement would save NorthWestern Energy customers between $800,000 and $2.5 million a year.
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Finland first LED street lighting installs OSRAM Golden DRAGON LEDs

The Levi ski resort in Finland has installed LED street lighting from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors. It is the first LED street lighting in Finland. The local authority is investing heavily in its regional infrastructure, placing great emphasis on innovation and sustainability.
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NYC streets to take further with LED streetlight poles

Ann Arbor, Michigan, the first US city to go 100% LED, will join an ever-growing list of cities with its plan to take advantage of long-lasting LED street lighting, but NYC is going to take it all one step further with new streetlight poles.
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OSRAM Golden DRAGON Family chosen for ATD’s LED Street Lighting Luminaires

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors announced that its series of Golden DRAGON LED has been chosen by Advanced Thermal Devices, Inc (ATD) for its LED illumination projects in Taiwan. Integrating the cutting edge chip technology and fitted with a silicone dome for greater light extraction efficiency, OSRAM’s Golden DRAGON and Golden DRAGON Plus LEDs provide high quality lighting solution for outdoor illumination. Both of them are characterized by an exceptionally long lifetime. There are two LED illumination projects ATD has been working with OSRAM.
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Symposium highlights LED maker's role in developing LED technology

It’s reported that the event - solid-state lighting symposium, organized by DTE Energy, which is held on Nov. 17 at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, featured exhibitors and speakers from Michigan LED manufacturers that have completed LED street lighting projects like Ann Arbor, Royal Oak, Lansing, and Battle Creek.
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