Wafer Works invests US$600,000 for Formosa Epitaxy's new subsidiary

Recently, Wafer Works reported that the company planed to invest US$600,000 for Formosa Epitaxy's new subsidiary in Jiangsu, China, with a 1% share. For Wafer Works, it was not a small stake, but the shareholder relations would improve its ability in the LED supply chain, with the sapphire substrate prices on the rise in 4Q.
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Formosa continue to install MOCVDs, while Tekcore slows capacity expansion

LCD chipmaker Formosa Epitaxy reported October 2010 revenues of NT$400.72 million (US$13.31 million), down 0.04% sequentially but up 58.86% on year. In November, the company pointed out that demand for TV backlighting was picking up on which revenues depended, but the growth was not as significant as in 2009, and December revenues were expected to drop as clients went through inventory stock checks.
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Taiwan LED Makers to Expand LED Outputs

The Taiwan-based LED chipmakers, Epistar Corp. and Formosa Epitaxy Inc., have both decided to expand their LED chip outputs to ease the supply deficiency caused by strong need for LEDs from major LCD TV manufacturers, according to Taiwan Economic News.
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New LED patent complaint with ITC Against firms in Taiwan and China

It’s reported that Gertrude Neumark Rothschild, professor emerita of Materials Science and Engineering at Columbia University in New York, filed a complaint with the U.S.
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Unity Opto Also to be Samsung’s Supply Chain

Taiwan Unity Opto Technology Co., Ltd. holds a 25% stake in South Korean LED packager Lumens, making it the primary institutional shareholder of the South Korean packager. Now, Unity has been contracted by Lumens to supply it LED emitters. Which Lumens will build into backlight modules for Samsung’s LCD TVs. Unity will use chips made by Formosa Epitaxy Inc. of Taiwan, which has its chips verified at Samsung.
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Epistar to be Samsung’s Supply Chain of LED-backlit LCD TVs

It’s reported that Taiwan LED maker Epistar Corp. brings its green-blue LED chips with brightness of 2000mcd to join Korea’s Samsung Electronics’ supply chain of LED-backlit LCD TVs.
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