Carmanah Announces Launch of $6 Million Rights Offering

Carmanah Technologies Corporation announced that it has filed a final prospectus in respect of a shareholder rights offering (the “Offering”). Under the Offering, Carmanah will seek to raise up to approximately $6 million. The proceeds from the Offering will be used for general corporate purposes including, but not limited to: (1) funding restructuring costs and process improvement expenditures all of which will be directed at reducing operating costs; (2) investments in new product development activities to meet market demands and improve gross margins; (3) funding a...
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Carmanah Suffers Significant Net Loss in Q2 of 2013

Carmanah Technologies Corporation reported its second quarter financial results for the period ended June 30, 2013 on August 13.   In accordance with the second quarter of 2013, the Company recorded a net loss of $2.5 million on revenues of $6.3 million. The significant net loss is primarily due to a $1.0 million one-time non-cash impairment of certain assets. Revenues for the second quarter of 2013 were $6.3 million, up $0.2 million from $6.1 million in the second quarter of 2012. Gross margin percentages for second quarter of 2013 were 24.4%, down from 29.1% for second qu...
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Carmanah Cooperates with SEI to Light up Airfields with Advanced Solar Technology

SEI Industries Ltd. and its sister company, Land-Sea Power Ltd., are delighted to announce a new partnership with Carmanah Technologies Corporation—maker of an advanced product line of airfield lighting.   Effective immediately, SEI and Land-Sea Power Ltd. will represent Carmanah solar aviation and obstruction lighting solutions throughout western Canada including BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Yukon, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut. This new partnership will provide cost-efficient, durable airfield lighting that can be easily installed in a...
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Carmanah to Supply Solar LED Marine Lanterns for the Canadian Coast Guard

Carmanah Technologies and its partner Sabik Oy recently announced that they have obtained the contract to supply solar LED marine lanterns for the Canadian Coast Guard (CCG). The one-year contract is worth over 1.2 million Canadian dollars and also includes an optional one-year extension. According to the contract, Carmanah and Sabik shall supply the M650 solar LED marine lantern for the 1.5 and 2 nautical miles applications, the M704-5 solar LED marine lantern for three nautical miles applications and the M708 for four nautical miles applications. &ldq...
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US Marine Corps Employ Carmanah for Solar Runway and Taxiway Lights

The U.S. Marine Corp selected the solar airfield products from Carmanah Technologies in a public bid worth $175,000. The Marine Corp will employ the products in support of Combined Joint Task Force - Horn of Africa (CJTF-HOA). The order, which includes Carmanah solar-powered runway edge and threshold lights, taxiway lights, and obstruction lights and mounting hardware, represents one of many temporary or permanent off-grid airfield deployments employed by US and NATO bases throughout the world. The Carmanah A704 wireless runway edge lights, A650 taxiway l...
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Carmanah Appoints Dr. Dave Green as Its Board of Director

Carmanah has announced the resignation of Dr. Dave Green as a member of the Board of Directors effective December 31, 2012. Dr. Green is the founder (1995) of the business and remains an investor in the company. Rob Cruickshank, Chairman of the Company, states “David has remained very active and involved with the business throughout his board tenure. His presence in the board room will be missed." Cruickshank furthers, “In addition, David remains a meaningful investor and continues to be supportive of the company. We thank him for his contribution and w...
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Carmanah Releases EG500 Solar LED Outdoor Lighting System

Carmanah has released the EG500 solar LED outdoor lighting system, its latest product and most powerful solar-powered outdoor light to date. The EG500 solar LED outdoor streetlight, the largest in the EG-series product line, is capable of providing over 11,000 lumens for multi-lane highway light levels. It is a reliable and robust alternative to traditional AC lighting. The EG500 features a top-of-pole integrated design which allows for an easy and rapid installation and superior theft and vandalism protection. The EG500 leverages award-winning design elements of...
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Carmanah’s Solar LED Lighting Backup for Nuclear Power Facility

Carmanah recently has received nearly $400,000 orders for EverGEN 1530 solar LED outdoor lighting system from a nuclear power facility, aiming to increase the security of the site by providing backup safety lighting in the event of a power failure. The solar energy-powered lighting system is designed for industrial-scale applications including parking lot and perimeter lighting, which have the ability to meet the security functions mandated by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Additionally, through Lemnis Lighting's "buy one, give one" campaign, s...
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Carmanah's Solar Outdoor Lighting Gets Largest Order in Mexico

Mexican officials have placed $1M of EG-series solar LED outdoor lighting system from Carmanah's solar outdoor lighting. It’s the company’s largest order to date . The Carmanah EG-series solar LED outdoor lighting portfolio is the company's latest generation of reliable and cost-effective solar LED lighting products designed for cost-sensitive and developing regions of the world. On November 30th, 2011, Carmanah launched the anticipated EG40 and EG80 solar outdoor lighting systems. Offering a top-of-pole integrated design that eases instal...
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Carmanah Technologies EverGEN 1710 Solar LED Outdoor Light Named Finalist in IDEA Program

The EverGEN 1710 solar LED outdoor light developed by Carmanah Technologies Corporation has been named Finalist in the International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) Program. The EverGEN 1710 features advanced occupancy sensing (AOS) technology and a sleek, modern design. Developed in a partnership with leading innovation firm frog (formerly frog design), the EverGEN 1710 is a compact integrated solar-powered lighting solution for off-grid illumination. The IDEA Program is established in 1980 and recognizes design excellence in a broad range of fi...
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Sharp and Carmanah Build a New Consortium for Solar Lighting

It’s said that targeting to advance the market penetration of photovoltaic-powered lighting technologies, Sharp Electronics has joined hands with Carmanah Technologies, Inovus Solar andSolarOne Solutions  to set up a new industry consortium, the Consortium for Solar Lighting (CSL). According to their statement, “The mission of this group is to accelerate the adoption of reliable solar lighting technology through the development of universal specifications intended to support customers’ fair and comprehensive evaluation of commercial-scale lighting ...
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Latin America Roadway Network Brighten up by Carmanah

Recently, Carmanah has supplied a sale worth over $625,000 USD for its EG340 solar lights to illuminate a road network at industrial facility in Latin America.   The facility owners chose Carmanah EG340 solar lights based on the low maintenance requirements for the lights and cost saving advantage. With the new lights,the company will save hundreds of MWh of electricity per year.   According to Carmanah CEO, Ted Lattimore, “Part of Carmanah’s strategic business plan is to be the world leader in the development and provision of solar powered ...
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Carmanah’ Solar LED Outdoor Streetlight Illuminates Heritage Park in Mexico

Carmanah Technologies has supplied its latest EG340 solar LED outdoor lighting systems to heritage park located in Delegacion Miguel Hidalgo, Mexico City. Based on the lighting performance, aesthetic design, and cost savings achieved in installation, the EG300-series solar lighting system was chosen by the City for the Parque Caneguin.  ...
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Carmanah Introduced EG300-series Solar LED Outdoor Streetlight

Carmanah has introduced the EG300-series solar LED outdoor streetlight which is designed to satisfy the specific roadway performance features required for customers in global sun-belt regions where core infrastructure development is underway, including regions such as Latin American and the Caribbean. The EG300 can deliver the light output equivalent to a 200-watt metal halide light and includes two product sizes which power up to two LED fixtures. These fixtures are available in standard IES distribution types, are dark-sky friendly.   The new light features a ...
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Carmanah Supplies Solar LEDs to Lummi Nation’s Pathway

The Haxton Way Trail, for the Lummi Nation Indian Reservation, Lummi Nation, Washington has selected Carmanah Technologies Corporation’s 70 EverGEN 1710 solar LED lighting systems to improve the safety of pedestrians that use the popular three-mile long pathway, which stretches across environmentally-sensitive wetlands. The Haxton Way Trail follows a network of protected wetlands and wetland complexes, which account for almost half of the Lummi Reservation's total upland area.
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Carmanah terminated merger with Lightech

Solar LED lighting manufacturer Carmanah terminated merger with Lightech, a driver manufacturer based in Israel, but the reason was not clear. A leader of Carmanah said, the decision to terminate the Lightech agreement was a very difficult one, but after due deliberation, the Board of Directors determined that it was the only decision that could be made in light of the fact that the financing condition is incapable of being fulfilled by December 31, 2010.
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Carmanah Supplies Solar LED lighting Systems to America Major Electric Company

Carmanah Technologies Corp has supplies its EverGEN(TM) 1530 solar LED lighting systems as part of a pilot project to help a major electric company in the United States for illuminating a power generating facility parking lot. According to Ted Lattimore, Carmanah CEO, it’s the third power generating station in the US to install Carmanah EverGEN solar LED lighting technology.
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Carmanah and ADB Airfield Solutions Receive a $300,000 Order from the Venezuela Air Force

Carmanah Technologies Corporation and ADB Airfield Solutions have received a over  $300,000 USD purchase order from the Venezuela Air Force for a joint solar and AC-powered airfield lighting system, as part of an infrastructure upgrade at an undisclosed base.
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Trojan Battery for Carmanah's Outdoor Solar LED Lights

Carmanah Technologies Corporation has set up a strategic partnership with the world's leading manufacturer of deep cycle batteries, Trojan Battery Company.   According to the agreement, Trojan's deep cycle batteries will provide energy storage for Carmanah's EverGEN(TM) portfolio of outdoor solar LED lights. 
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Calgary International Airport Chose Carmanah solar LED airfield lights for Facility Upgrade

Carmanah solar LED airfield lights have been selected by the Calgary Airport Authority in a competitive bid situation as part of a massive facility upgrade.   The first phase installation includes Carmanah A704-5 solar LED airfield lights fitted with blue LEDs for taxiway edge lighting that can be easily relocated as airfield construction demands.
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Carmanah buys Israeli Lightech company outstanding shares for $18.5 million

Vancouver-based Carmanah Technologies announced to buy Israeli LED company Lightech Electronic Industries Ltd. outstanding shares for $18.5 million. And this is expected to close in November 2010.
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US Coast Guard ordered Over 2,500 solar LED marine lanterns from Carmanah

Recently, the United States Coast Guard has ordered totaling over $1.1 million from Carmanah Technologies Corporation as part of an ongoing Coast Guard initiative to replace incandescent lanterns with self-contained solar LED lanterns.   More than 2,500 Carmanah/Sabik M700 series solar LED marine lanterns are scheduled for delivery to Coast Guard stations in 25 US states along the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, and the Mississippi, Gulf of Mexico and Great Lakes regions. 
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Carmanah supplied 52 solar LED flashing beacons to Bethany district school zones

Carmanah Technologies Corporation has supplied 52 solar LED flashing beacons to the City of Bethany, Oklahoma to improve the safety of the City's district school zones. And these beacons will be sold by local Carmanah distributor, Gades Sales Inc..   According to Carmanah, the R829 solar LED flashing beacon is designed specifically for school zone applications and features wireless communication between beacons, an easy-to-use calendar program for activation, and maintenance-free operation for up to five years.
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A Bus Stop of LA City Installed Carmanah Solar LED Lighting

Carmanah EverGEN 1710 solar LED lighting systems have been installed to provide illumination at a busy city bus stop near the LA City Department of Public Works Office Complex.
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Carmanah and Sabik partner to deliver marine lighting

Marine lighting pioneers Carmanah Technologies Corporation and Sabik Oy announced today that the two organizations have joined forces to deliver a complete range of marine lighting solutions under the Carmanah/Sabik brand. Under the terms of the agreement, both Carmanah and Sabik will expand their marine product families to include the other company’s marine lighting solutions and will leverage each others’ sales and distribution channels to deliver a complete range of marine lights to their respective global customer bases.
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Spokane showcases green technology with Carmanah LED lights

When the Spokane Public Facilities District (SPFD) began to look for lighting alternatives for a new parking lot facility in the downtown core, solar LED lighting was top of mind. The central location of the parking lot in combination with its proximity to the INB Performing Arts Center, a major new facility in town, gave the SPFD the perfect opportunity to showcase its continued movement towards renewable energy alternatives.
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Carmanah Illuminates Public Park in Santiago, Chile

A public park in Santiago, Chile is lighting its pathways with EverGEN™ solar LED lights from Carmanah Technologies. Provided through Carmanah distributor Emelta S.A., the EverGEN units are installed around a walking path that runs throughout Juan Pablo II Park in the community of Las Condes in Santiago.
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Carmanah Illuminates World Cup Supply Site with Solar LED Aviation Lighting

Carmanah Technologies Corporation has received an order valued in excess of $275,000 USD through its authorized South African distributor, Sun Solutions, to supply solar powered LED airfield lights to Waterkloof Air Force Base in South Africa (ICAO: FAWK). The Air Force Base is home to the South African Presidential Squadron and is a designated supply hub for World Cup 2010.
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Carmanah Installs Solar LED Street Lighting in Phoenix Arizona

Carmanah has completed an installation of EverGEN 1500 solar LED lighting systems for a solar street lighting application in Phoenix, Arizona. Situated at the entrance to the Desert Botanical Gardens and the Phoenix Zoo, the solar street lights are being used to illuminate the roadway and roundabout at this key intersection.
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Carmanah Partners with Hong Kong-Based JEC to Distribute Solar LED Lighting Products

Carmanah Technologies Corporation,Canadian solar LED technology innovator Carmanah Technologies Corporation has entered into a distribution agreement with the Jardine Engineering Corporation (JEC), a member of Hong Kong-based Jardine Matheson Group. Under the terms of the agreement, JEC will distribute Carmanah's solar LED lighting products throughout Hong Kong, Macau, the Philippines and Thailand.
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