Austriamicrosystems Announces New “Green” LED Driver to Efficiently Power High-Resolution LED Displays

Austriamicrosystems, a leading global designer and manufacturer of high-performance analog ICs, has announced the AS1123 constant-current, 16-channel LED driver with an on-chip diagnostic read-back function. The AS1123 is designed for use in industrial applications, indoor/outdoor public information displays, LED panels, and large LED video walls. Designed with a maximum LED supply voltage of 5.5 V, the new power-efficient AS1123 direct LED driver is optimized for LED panels where only a single LED is connected per output. The optimization of the LED d...
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austriamicrosystems Unveiled AS3696 LED Driver IC

austriamicrosystems has unveiled the AS3696, the first 4-channel LED driver IC with dedicated 3D TV features and unique power feedback regulation.   Available for edge lighting in LCD televisions, the AS3696 is the first to include a special control mechanism for 3D effects and extends austriamicrosystems’ portfolio of LED backlight unit drivers for the next generation of LCD TVs.  
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Austriamicrosystems released new LED driver ICs

Austriamicrosystems has announced two collections of new LED driver ICs, the AS3695A -- a 16-channel white LED driver for direct lighting -- and the AS3695C -- a 16-channel white LED controller for edge lighting. With the new productions, Austriamicrosystems extends its portfolio of LED backlight unit drivers and controllers for the latest generation of LCD TVs.
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Austriamicrosystems’s new 144-channel LED driver suitable for dot-matrix displays

Austriamicrosystems has announced the AS1119, the most advanced and smallest LED dot-matrix driver, the company said it is targeted for dot-matrix displays in mobile phones, personal electronics and toys. The AS1119 drives 144 LEDs but requires only 9 mm² PCB space, reduces external component count, reduces connector pin count and requires fewer PCB layers. Benefits for end users include an 80 per cent longer battery lifetime, more colourful effects and smoother-running animations.
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Austriamicrosystems introduces AS3676

Austriamicrosystems AS3676 is a light management unit, which is available in flexible power management for LEDs. It fits for portable devices and highlights ALS and DLS. Below are the main features:
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Austriamicrosystems introduces LED flash driver for digital cameras

Austriamicrosystems, a designer and manufacturer of high performance analog ICs, today announced the AS3645 LED flash driver. This inductive, ultra-small, high-efficiency single/dual LED flash driver offers 25 percent higher output current than existing equivalents. The higher flash power enhances picture and video quality especially in low light environments at the same system size.
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austriamicrosystems Introduces the AS1115 LED Driver with Front-panel Activity Control

austriamicrosystems, a global designer and manufacturer of analog ICs for communications, industrial, medical and automotive applications, expands its comprehensive LED driver portfolio with the AS1115, an easy to use user interface (UI) LED driver. The AS1115 combines display driving and key scanning to provide a complete front panel solution which eliminates the use of secondary µP or other logics plus discrete devices, reducing BOM count and cost.
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Combined LED and Front-panel Driver Targets Home Appliances

austriamicrosystems has added the AS1115 to its LED driver portfolio, which combines display driving and key scanning functionality to provide a simple front panel solution. This eliminates the need for a separate microprocessor to provide the front panel display, making the AS1115 well-suited to seven-segment or dot matrix user interface displays for set-top boxes, VCRs, DVD players, washing machines, microwave ovens and other white good or personal electronic applications.
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New LED controller IC cuts power dissipation in flat LCD TVs

Austriamicrosystems, a leading global designer and manufacturer of high performance analog ICs, has extended its portfolio of specialized LED drivers and controllers for the latest generation of LCD TV backlighting with the AS3693B 16 channel LED controller IC.
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