Samsung Pico Projector Phone Using LED Technology from Luminus Devices

It’s reported that Samsung revealed a pico projector equipped phone at the GSMA Mobile World Congress 2009 in Barcelona, Spain. The phone is in a shiny silver and black case with touchscreen, it has a 1080p resolution. Besides, the key features are LED technology from Luminus Devices and Digital Light Projection technology from Texas Instruments.
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Luminus introduces two new white PhlatLight LEDs

Luminus Devices, Inc. has introduced its new white PhlatLight® LEDs - the SST-90 and the SST-90. The SST-90 white PhlatLight® LED, produced in a surface-mount package, delivers 100 lm/W at 6500 K and up to 2.25 kilolumens in total. Launched in parallel, the CST-90 features standard mounting, also delivers 100 lm/W efficacy, and reaches a maximum output of 2.75 kilolumens. Two new PhlatLight LEDs are expected to enter volume production in the second quarter of the year.
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BenQ new pocket projector powered by Luminus PhlatLight LEDs

Luminus Devices announced that BenQ’s new GP1 versatile and lightweight pocket projector is powered by the high-brightness PhlatLight® LED PT-39 chipset. The company says its PhlatLight LEDs offer high levels of brightness and performance not available today in pocket projectors using traditional lamp technologies, making the GP1 an ideal mobile entertainment companion for instant projection anywhere.
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CES 2009: Luminus displays its patented PhlatLight LED products

Luminus Devices, Inc. is showcasing its patented PhlatLight LED products at CES from January 8 to 11. The company will demonstrate PhlatLight technology that combines the benefits of both LED and laser technologies at CES 2009. This unique solid state lighting technology is ideal for display and illumination applications that require high brightness and the efficient harnessing of light from a small point source. Luminus’s patented PhlatLight® LED products are the brightest. The following products are on display:
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