Tatung Eyes LED Plant Factories as New Growth Driver

LED plant factories have seen substantial development in Taiwan recently, according to Apple Daily. Taking advantage of the flourishing industry, Tatung on April 23, 2014, announced their intention on entering the LED growth light market with their hydroponic vegetable business “In Fresh.” Tatung anticipates “In Fresh” to act as a new growth driver for the company. 
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Long-term Optimism about LED Lighting Despite Temporary Downturn

Despite the lingering market pessimism which may last through 2013 and bring even greater challenges to LED lighting companies, the anticipation of a growing market share for LED lighting gives reason for optimism.   Bridgelux The market slump may continue for years and the European Union, the world's largest LED lighting market, may still be under the shadow of the debt crisis, but technology improvements are brightening the prospects of the LED lighting industry, said Brian Fiser, marketing director of the U.S.-based Bridgelux. Fiser is an optimist who s...
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Taiwan LED Manufacturers to Compete in High-wattage LED Market

Taiwan LED manufacturers have got involved in the competition in high-wattage LED. Tsannkuen 3C has launched 10 W LED bulb at the price of NT$ 279 ,and Everlight has also released 8W LED bulb of NT$ 299. Delta cooperates with B&Q to promote 10.5 W LED bulbs to take the place of 60 W incandescent bulb. Tatung prepares to join the competition with its 10 W LED bulb, and China Electric Mfg. Corporation also intends to tap the market with 9W bulb. According to industry executives, 60 watt incandescent bulb occupies a major position in the tradit...
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Tatung to Sell LED Lamps on April 26 in Taiwan

Taiwan based maker of household appliances, Tatung Corp., is about to roll out over 20 models of LED lamps on April 26 in association with its subsidiaries, including sapphire-wafer maker San Chih Semiconductor Co., Ltd. and LED packager Forward Electronics Co., Ltd., as well as LED makers Formosa Epitaxy Inc. and Unity Opto Co., Ltd. According to the cooperation, Tatung will contract Unity to make the lamps and slap its brand names on them. San Chih is designated to supply sapphire as carrier substrate, on which Formosa will use to grow LED epitaxy l...
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LCD TV price war would have little impact on the market share

Recently, Tatung planed to low LED-backlit LCD TV price, 32-inch LCD TV from around NT$30,000 down to NT$24,900 (US$793),and 42-inch LCD TV from about NT$ 43,900 slipping to NT$34,900.while Taiwan suppliers planed to display new LED TV models in the next two months.
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Taiwan’s TV brands Rush to Promote LED TVs

Taiwan’s TV brands as Tatung, Teco, Chimei, BenQ and Heran will introduce new LED-backlit TVs to meet expected surging demand in the second half of 2010.
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LED Industry to Recover Earlier than Other Segments

LED industry would recover earlier than other industries this year in consideration of incremented uses of the lamps in notebook computers, monitors, LCD TVs, lighting fixtures and outdoor signages, according to estimation form Taiwan LED makers. Tatung Group, one of leading Taiwan manufacturer of household appliances and information-technology products, says the company will contract Formosa Epitaxy Inc. to supply LED chips this year.
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