Accent Lighting in the Retail Sector with Punctoled from Osram

The Punctoled product range from Osram scores in basic retail trade applications thanks to its outstanding price-performance ratio and short payback times. The family is now being added to with the track spotlight Punctoled Track and the directional spotlight Punctoled Spot. Both are ideal for simple accent lighting in the shop sector and feature good colour rendering and high levels of uniformity.
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Serpentine Pavilion Turns to Minimalist Lighting Design

The 2016 edition of the Serpentine Pavilion is a 14 meter high complex sculptural structure designed by Copenhagen/NYC based architecture firm Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG). As daylight fades, the pavilion is enhanced by specialist lighting from acdc Lighting, a brand of Zumtobel Group. The design delivers the light levels required for functional use of the space, while keeping the visual presence of the lighting equipment to an absolute minimum.
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Lumibright Expands LED Spotlight Portfolio

Lumibright’s Grain series has been designed and developed with LED sharp chip with an elegant and compact body which gives 50,000 hours of stylish lighting. In this series, it offers many options in terms of the model and type of spot light which is most useful in indoor lighting recommended for various applications in your bedroom, kitchen, washroom, living room or study room. It is an easy to use ceiling recessed spotlight, available in fixed as well as adjustable fixture to focus the light in your preferred direction.
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TILS 2014:Shinyu, The leading industry for High Power LED of 150W LED spotlight Projection light for long shot distance over 100 meter.

Shinyu 150W of Long-distance Spotlight with a unique optical design, by using only 16 units of 150W each for total 2400W projection lamp at a distance of over 120M which can light up with no dark spot for 200M of the sports filed. It also does not waste any of the luminous efficiency, in the same space the same units of the lamp were used are less than the traditional energy saving lamps. More, comparing the traditional lamp, Shinyu 150W LED achieving the cost saving for more than 6 times. Shinyu LED distance Spotlight were installed in Guang-Fu Secondary high schoo...
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The New Breakthrough of LED Spotlight – TESS MR16 Aiming at Boutique Display Lighting Markets

As the luminous efficiency of LED chip was not high at early stage, it has not been able to achieve indoor lighting requirement therefore could only be applied at lower lumen lighting goods. LED spotlight has gradually replaced the traditional halogen lamp because there is no ultraviolet or infrared ray emitted from LED lighting, and it does not deteriorate on displayed goods. However, as the LED base generates high-temperature heat so most manufacturers can only use aluminum forming shell as heat-dissipation solution. As the result, the current LED spotlights have the alum...
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Concord's Stadium LED spotlight scoops red dot design & Lighting Design Awards

Concord, part of Havells Sylvania, has impressed the juries of two of the most prestigious international design awards in the space of a week. For its outstanding and innovative design, Concord’s Stadium LED spotlight picked up the 2010 Lighting Design Awards for best Interior Luminaires and the “red dot award: product design 2010”.
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United Innovation Chooses Celsia Technologies to Cool Its Multi-Chip LED Spotlights

Celsia Technologies has been chosen by Taiwanese based United Innovation to cool the company's 9-, 11-, and 13-watt LED spotlights. Each of these spotlights includes a combination of United's unique multi-chip LED package along with Celsia's patented NanoSpreader vapor chamber.
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Glaciallight Reveals GL-SP60, the 60W LED Spotlight for Green Energy Savings

GlacialTech Inc. is launching the GL-Spotlight (60W) LED high brightness spotlight which ranges in luminous flux between 2,450lm in the warm white (3000K) light version to 3,450lm in the cold white (6000K) light version. The new product can directly replace 400W mercury lamps and consume no more than 60W of power. The lifespan is 20,000Hrs and the predicted power savings rate is 85%.
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Glaciallight Launches Green Power 7W LED Spotlight

GlacialTech Inc. has recently launched the cool white and warm white environmentally friendly LED spotlight series. The 10W GL-Spotlight (7W)LED high brightness spotlights directly replace mercury lamps with a lifespan of 20,000Hrs, comparing with 3000hrs for standard Mercury lamps. And the predicted power savings rate is 87%.
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Lighting Fair 2009: Toshiba Unveils its LED Spotlight for TV Studios

Toshiba Corp of Japan unveils the "AL-LED-FS-6," an LED spotlight intended for use in TV studios at Lighting Fair 2009 from March 3 to 6, 2009, at Tokyo Big Site. The "Cool Studio," a studio whose temperature is kept low by using LED lights, will be demonstrated at the exhibition. Toshiba’s AL-LED-FS-6, an LED spotlight intended for TV studios
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XLamp® XP-G3 LEDs are optimized for directional, high lumen lighting applications where efficacy and optical control are critical, such as roadway, portable and horticulture. The compact and proven 3.45 mm XP platform has an excellent ecosyst... READ MORE

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