New Lumex Flip Chip LEDs - Up to 15% Brighter, 5x Stronger, and 25% Cooler than Alternative Technologies

Lumex announces the global launch of its TitanBrite Wireless Bonded LED featuring “flip chips” that are up to 15% brighter than any others in the market. In addition to the standard 3W and 6W LEDs, Lumex’s TitanBrite Wireless Bonded LED is also available in 9W, ensuring Lumex’s wireless bonded LED is the brightest light source in the industry. Lumex’s TitanBrite Wireless Bonded LED offers several key performance benefits over traditional LEDs including enhanced durability, superior light performance and enhanced heat di...
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First-in-Industry Shapeable LED Backlight from Lumex

Provides unprecedented design flexibility and opens door to wide variety of new low-light applications Shapeable LED backlight is up to 97% thinner and 30% less expensive than alternative backlights Lumex announces the global launch of its first-in-the-industry QuantumBrite Shapeable LED Backlight. With the new shapeable LED backlight, holes can be cut into the backlight in virtually any shape (for example, to allow space for a switch or other component on the circuit board). This combination of flexible and shapeable LED backlight technology is unique in the indus...
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New Standard and Custom QUASARBRITE™ UV LEDs from LUMEX Combine 10x Longer Lifespan and up to 50% Cost Savings

New UV LEDs also lower energy consumption by 70% while providing superior light performance Lumex announces the global expansion of the QuasarBrite™ UV family of LED technologies to include three new standard wavelengths and also announces the availability of custom UV LED arrays.  QuasarBrite UV LEDs provide up to 10 times longer lifespan, up to 50% cost savings , up to 70% energy consumption savings,  and superior light performance compared to alternative technologies. The RoHs compliant QuasarBrite UV LEDs are now available in stan...
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Lumex and element14 Announce New Strategic Partnership to Enhance LED and LCD Product Portfolio Across Asia Pacific

Lumex and element14 announce a strategic partnership created to enhance LED and LCD product portfolios across Asia Pacific. The new partnership strengthens the global distribution agreement between two industry leaders. Lumex is a global leader in optoelectronics, offering the broadest range of high efficiency, high performance LEDs and LCDs in the industry.  element14 (formerly Farnell) is the industry’s first fusion of commerce and community supporting millions of engineers and purchasing professionals worldwide. The strategic partnership allows electronic d...
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New LUMEX QUASARBRITE 0404 RGB LED Provides Market-Leading Compact RGB LED Pakage Size

RGB LED technology also provides cost and energy savings for multicolor LED indicator applications
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Lumex’s QuantumBrite Flexible LED Backlight Technology

Lumex has developed its QuantumBrite Flexible LED Backlight technology.
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New Quantumbrite Flexible LED Backlight From Lumex, Generates Cost Savings and New Opportunities for Brand Differentiation

Thin, flexible LED backlight is up to 88% thinner and 80% less expensive than standard backlight technologies Lumex announces the global launch of their QuantumBrite Flexible LED Backlight technology. Completely customizable in any shape, size, and color, QuantumBrite Flexible LED Backlights are up to 88% thinner and can cost up to 80% less than standard LED backlight technology.
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New Resource-Packed Website from LUMEX Receives Prestigious Platinum Excellence Award

Global brand refresh also entails new product organization, new tagline and a new logo Lumex, a leading designer and manufacturer of high-efficiency, state-of-the-art optoelectronic components, devices and displays, has launched a resource-packed new website as part of a global brand refresh that also involved a reorganization of the company’s product lines and brand imaging.
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New Lumex QuasarBrite 4-Leaded RGB LED Features Market-leading 120° Vewing Angle

RGB LED technology also features innovative lead frame design for superior heat dissipation
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Lumex: QuasarBrite High Temp 7-Segment LED Displays Provide Market-Leading Temperature Ranges up to 105˚C

Lumex announces the global launch of its QuasarBrite High-Temperature Seven-Segment numeric LED Display technology capable of providing bright, crisp display performance in market-leading temperature ranges up to 105°C. The new high-temp seven-segment ¼ watt LED displays are available in sizes from 0.28 inch to 4 inch character height and come with complementary integration support from Lumex´s team of Technical Design Specialists.
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New QuasarBrite™ UV LEDs from LUMEX, provide superior light performance and 10 times longer lifespan

Available in multiple wavelengths, new UV LEDs generate up to 50% cost savings Lumex announces the global launch of their QuasarBrite™ UV family of LED technologies. The UV LEDs provide a 10 times longer lifespan, tight beam angle, enhanced durability and up to 50% cost savings compared to alternative technologies. The RoHs compliant QuasarBrite UV LEDs are available in 385nm, 405nm and 415nm wavelengths at 4-6mW in through-hole format.
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QuasarBrite LEDs Provide Concentrated High-intensity Light

Innovative Quasarbrite Narrow Beam SMT LEDs from Lumex provide 93% decrease in light angle for high-intensity applications QuasarBrite Narrow Beam LEDs also generate up to 50% cost and 50% real estate savings
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Lumex launches QuantumBrite line of LED backlight technologies

It’s reported that Lumex has launched its QuantumBrite™ line of LED backlight technologies. Available in edge lit and chips on board formats in both white and vivid color options, the QuantumBrite line of backlight products provides more than twice the intensity of traditional backlights. In particular, the white QuatumBrite LEDs provide high-intensity brightness of up to 10,000 nits allowing for full daylight visibility.
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