Molex and Deco Lighting Announce Collaboration

Molex announced the expansion of its design portfolio of Molex PoE-Ready products, with the addition of Deco Lighting’s PoE-Ready Vector 2 LED light fixtures.
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Molex Launches Highly Efficient LED Lights for Hazardous Environments

Molex has introduced the Woodhead® Haztex® High-Output LED Haz-Duty Light. With integrated LEDs, this hazardous-duty fixture provides greatly enhanced durability and lamp life. The light can be used in a host of hazardous applications where uptime and safety are crucial, such as maintenance operations at petrochemical sites.
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Molex Help Light up Cisco Live! Las Vegas

Molex, a Cisco Solutions Technology Integrator and member of the Cisco® Digital Ceiling partner community, will be exhibiting at Cisco Live! Las Vegas, to be held July 10-14 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. The event is focused on educating and inspiring leaders in the world of digital business transformation.
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Molex Brings its Network Connected LED Lighting System to Cisco Digital Ceiling

Molex, LLC confirms its participation in the Cisco® Digital Ceiling partner community, which debuted at Cisco Live! Berlin on February 17. Molex, developer of the Transcend® Network Connected LED Lighting System, announced a solutions technology collaboration with Cisco in November 2015. As a member of the Digital Ceiling partner community, Molex is involved in helping customers embrace digital transformation of their buildings by creating a Digital Ceiling.
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Molex Unveils Connected LED Lighting System for Smart Lighting Solutions

Molex, LLC today announced that it has become a Cisco Solutions Technology Integrator for connected commercial LED lighting. With Cisco and luminaire manufacturer partners, Molex is creating the Transcend® Connected Lighting System to accelerate deployment of smart LED lighting control using highly secure network architectures in commercial buildings, educational facilities, healthcare facilities, and manufacturing and warehouse facilities.
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Molex's New Terminal-Style Connector Reduces LED Shadowing

Molex Incorporated introduces the new TermiMate™ one-circuit terminal-style connector system. Designed to minimize the shadowing effect in LED lights and TV backlighting applications, the ultra-low profile TermiMate coplanar board-to-board and wire-to-board connector reduces component and assembly costs for manufacturers.
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Molex Releases Portable LED Magnet Light for Wet Locations

Molex Incorporated announces the availability of its wet-location-rated Woodhead® LED Wide-Area Portable Magnet Light. This durable solution offers contractors and maintenance, manufacturing and quality personnel a light that consumes just 40 watts of power to produce 2700 lumens output lasting 50,000 hours. This delivers significantly longer life expectancy when compared to traditional lights such as high-pressure sodium (HPS) and metal-halide (MH). The light also features a heavy-duty magnet, allowing it to be quickly, easily and securely mounted on a variety of metal surfaces.
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Molex Launches Pre-Wired LED COB Array Holders

Molex Incorporated announced today that its first SlimRay™ Pre Wired LED Chip-On-Board (COB) Array Holders reduce assembly time while increasing reliability, with compression contacts that eliminate hand soldering and simplify the LED installation process. The holder for 13.35 by 13.35mm COBs comes as a single piece in a 25.0mm diameter, low 3.15mm profile height, rated at 300 volts DC and 3.0 amps. 
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Molex Introduces its New Low-Profile Lite-Trap™ SMT Wire-to-Board Connector System

Molex Incorporated announces its new Lite-Trap™ SMT Wire-to-Board Connector System featuring an overall compact size that meets the needs of thin LED lighting-module applications. With a profile height of just 4.20mm, this push-button style connector provides one of the lowest profiles and wire insertion forces available on the market today compared to wire-removable type connectors.
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Molex Releases Plastic Substrate Interconnect for LED COB Array Holders

 Molex Incorporated continues to be a leader in the Solid State Lighting (SSL) interconnect field with the addition of its Plastic Substrate Interconnect (PSI) for LED Chip-on-Board (COB) Arrays. These customizable interconnects feature a low-profile harness interface that delivers power to the array through a simple and reliable connection to a holder, or plastic substrate. With a low overall package height of ~2.00mm, Molex PSI provides a slim design for space-limited applications while minimizing substrate costs. By employing the Pico-EZmate™ harness system, the solution integrates the electrical and mechanical features with the array for a simple, solderless connection.
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Molex Introduces First-to-Market LED Array Plastic Interconnection Technology

The industry’s first integrated plastic interconnection system enables easier, faster and more flexible application of LED arrays. Molex Incorporated announces a new development in LED array holder technology with integral electrical, mechanical and optical connectivity for optimal performance and to simplify design integration for lighting manufacturers. Existing LED arrays represent a challenging compromise between the LED array metal printed circuit boards or ceramic substrates being small enough to minimize costs and deliver the optical performance required while...
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Molex Flexi-Mate™ Connector System Brings Unmatched Design Flexibility and Space Savings to LED Applications

Molex Incorporated  released the Flexi-Mate™ Connector System.  Designed to address the backlighting needs of LED TVs, as well as room lighting applications, the Molex Flexi-Mate Connector System is the industry’s first solution to provide a full range of both board-to-board and wire-to-board connectivity.  “The industry trend toward the use of LEDs in TVs and standard room lighting are driving demand for next-generation connector innovations.  The Flexi-Mate Connector System offers OEMs and designers a total complement ...
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Molex’s Light Module Received 2011 Architectural SSL Product Integration Awards

Molex Incorporated’s Helieon® Sustainable Light Module has received a platinum award recipient in the modular engines category of the 2011 Architectural SSL Product Integration Awards (PIA),which determines and honors the best LED/solid-state luminaires and fixtures on the market. The Helieon Light Module is the first plug-and-play sustainable solid-state lighting system to integrate high-efficiency precision lighting with an easy-to-use socketed solution. Combining solid-state lighting technology from Bridgelux and engage-and-turn interconnect technolog...
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Molex Announces LED Offering for Government, Commercial and Residential Construction

Molex Incorporated introduced to the government, commercial and residential construction markets the company's new series of patent-pending SSL products, the Transcend™ Lighting Series, which will be sold exclusively by Leviton Manufacturing Company, Inc. in North America.
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Leviton Allies with Molex to Offer LED Lighting Solutions

Leviton Manufacturing Company, Inc., manufacturer of electrical and electronic wiring devices for OEM lighting fixture customers, and Molex Incorporated (NASDAQ: MOLX and MOLXA), supplier of interconnect products worldwide, have entered into a strategic alliance to deliver LED lighting solutions to manufacturers of commercial, industrial and residential lighting fixtures.
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Molex increases manufacturing footprint by adding fully automated LED bonding capabilities in China

It’s reported that Molex Incorporated has added fully-automated LED bonding capabilities in China. Molex also bonded its 500,000,000th LED on a membrane switch using the latest high-speed SMT processes and bonding technology. Molex has been applying LEDs to flex circuits for over 20 years through two innovative methods to bond and encapsulate the components for robust electrical and mechanical reliability, providing customers with a low-cost interactive user interface.
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