Avago Technologies Announces Enhancements to Versatile Link Plastic Optical Fiber Product Family

New products integrate digital driver and receiver logic for added integration and value Avago Technologies (Nasdaq: AVGO), a leading supplier of analog interface components for wireless, wireline, and industrial applications, has announced its latest product enhancements to the popular Versatile Link Plastic Optical Fiber product family.  This product platform has become a widely adopted solution for industrial communications and control links for industrial applications. Avago POF products offer infinite voltage isolation and EMI immunity performance that fa...
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Avago Technologies Introduces Compact LEDs for Cameras

Recently, Avago Technologies has released two series of compact LEDs including ASMT-FJ70 and ASMT-FG70 devices that reduce space requirements for designing auto-focus auxiliary flash functionality into digital cameras. The ASMT-Fx70 LEDs are available in a tiny, environmentally-friendly 3.6 (L) by 3.2 (W) by 3.4 (H) mm surface-mount package that helps meet market demand for thinner digital cameras. The ASMT-FJ70 devices use AlInGaP material technology and feature a 12 degree viewing angle, while the ASMT-FG70 devices use InGaN material ...
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Avago Technologies Releases three LEDs for Electronic Signage Applications

Avago Technologies has introduced three series of high-brightness oval through-hole LEDs,including HLMP-Lx75, HLMP-Hx74/75 and HLMP-Ax74/75 to set a new performance standard for electronic signage applications. The LEDs’ matched RGB radiation pattern is designed to maintain consistent light and uniform color mixing from all viewing angles. This combination enables sharper viewing quality with lower power consumption for full-color signage such as billboards, stadium video screens, building video walls, as well as for simpler roadway and commercial signage...
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Avago Technologies Showed off High-Brightness LEDs at CEATEC Japan 2010

Avago Technologies showed off a new family of high-brightness LEDs in ultra-small PLCC-6 packages at the Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies (CEATEC) Japan 2010. The ASMT-YTx2 surface-mount devices are encapsulated in a heat- resistant silicone material, enabling them to operate in a wide range of environmental conditions with high reliability and long operating life.
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Avago Technologies Announces New Enhanced Ultra-Thin Auto Focus LED for Use in Digital Still Cameras

Compact Design Provides Superior Brightness in a Low Profile Package for Easy Implementation
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Avago Technologies Announces One of the Industry’s Smallest 3-Watt Miniature High Brightness LEDs for Use in Solid-State Lighting Applications

Avago Technologies, a supplier of analog interface components for communications, industrial and consumer applications, recently announced one of the industry’s smallest high-brightness 3-Watt LEDs for use in a wide range of solid-state lighting applications.
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The First 3-Watt Tricolor Moonstone Power LED Launched by Avago Technologies

Avago Technologies(San Jose, California USA), a leading supplier of analog interface components, has just announced its first 3-Watt (3W) Moonstone™ tricolor red, green and blue (RGB) LEDs. This new product can be used widely in solid-state architectural and commercial lighting applications.
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Osram Opto Semiconductors is expanding its Oslon Black family for the infrared range with six new automotive IREDs. The 850 nm versions are intended for exterior applications such as night vision, pedestrian protection, pre-field recognition a... READ MORE

Lumileds introduced the LUXEON CZ Color Line, a product line optimized to deliver maximum punch. “The LUXEON CZ features up to 48% higher punch than any other undomed color LED,” said Jennifer Holland, Product Line Direct... READ MORE