Khatod Optical Solutions for Lighting

Khatod products leverage nearly three decades of hands-on experience with the toughest challenges in making lenses for SSL in a wide range of applications. Since our inception in 1985, unique on the international scene, Khatod has specified and developed the entire product process 100 percent in-house, Milano, Italy. A full optical service – from project to object - encompassing all the product development processes based on the latest in technology. Khatod offers full series of optical solutions for endless applications as well as a great capability in the realization of custom optics. We are able to develop the customers’ projects by collaborating with their designers or being their designers.
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Khatod Launches Silicone Lenses for COB LEDs

Today, Khatod was FIRST to launch on the market SILICONE LENSES FOR COB LEDs SIO3 Silicone Lenses. Design and Fabrication 100% Made in Khatod, Italy.
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Khatod Releases Its Newest Series of Ultra Narrow Punch Beam Lenses

Khatod aims to deliver its customers the best in LED lensing, products and technologies that far surpass the traditional ones. Continuous Innovation together with High Project Potential are essential key points allowing Khatod to be always on the leading edge of product innovation. Always in this spirit, Khatod is proud to introduce the newest series of Ultra Narrow Punch Beam Lenses able to perform an exceptional sharp and tight 3° Angle Beam. The Ultra Narrow Lenses from Khatod are TIR (Total Internal Reflection) high efficiency lenses designed f...
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KHATOD Introduces PIXEL Systems

The great success met by PIXEL at the latest L+B  and LFI Exhibitions confirms that our process for providing optical solutions is  just what the customers  expect from KHATOD: cutting-edge technology  and total usability  perfectly merged in one product . This is one of Khatod’s must. No design can be considered completed if this condition is not fully satisfied. The latest evolution in LED Technology has resulted in new High Brightness LEDs which allow a huge variety of new and innovative applications in Lighting. As any...
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Khatod Unveils Latest LED Production

The request for high efficiency in Lighting along with the upmost necessity of energy conservation, have made the LED applications an ever-increasing requirement from the Lighting Industry. The most recent developments in LED Technology have produced new devices such as the COB LEDs – Chip On Board LEDs - which allow many diverse LED configurations never considered before. The high luminosity of the COB LEDs is achieved through a unique packaging in the tightest space, allowing to perform high intensities. It results that the selection of the mo...
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KHATOD Optical Solutions for LED Lighting

The latest evolution in LED Technology has resulted in new High Brightness LEDs which allow a huge variety of new and innovative applications in Lighting. As any evolution, the high luminosity delivered by these LEDs of new generation is not without difficulties and  requires the employment of new technologies so to achieve a superior optical performance. Khatod boasts a great expertise in optical design based on extensive testing and experimentations; most of our  technologies are created by our team of engineers who develop our new technically unique products,...
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Khatod Lenses for Power LEDs

Since 1985, Khatod has developed many optical solutions based on Fresnel Technology. Our designers and engineers have created some of the most innovative products by merging this old technology with the most advanced scientific methods and technologies. 2011 marks for Khatod an important step forward in the development of a new series of  Fresnel Optics. Many years of research and development in our Labs, together with a continuous cooperation with premier producers of high quality polymers, specific for their optical and technical properties, have led to the creation...
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Khatod KCLP1277 Series - Dark Lenses for Power LEDs

Following in the wake of innovation, Khatod is proud to unnveil DARK LENS, once again a new- concept-product, a first-of-its-kind anti-glare reflector for any Lambertian LED with dome size up to 8mm in diameter, and recommended flux up to 400 lumens. So far, all the solutions adopted to reduce the glare have based on mechanical devices or chemical anti-glare coatings. The glare reduction was achieved, but often with a significant decrease in lighting efficiency and flux uniformity. Advanced research, scientific rigour, great attention to the continuous evolution in LE...
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Future Lighting Solutions to Distribute Khatod's LED Optics

Future Lighting Solutions and Khatod Optoelectronic has announced yesterday a distribution agreement that would make a broad line of Khatod’s secondary optics for power LEDs available in all major markets all over the world, with the portfolio of products including 190 single, double, triple and quad optics as well as color-mixing optical systems with multiple beam angles and configurations, featuring the industry’s largest selection of optics for LUXEON Rebel LEDs.
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