Epistar refuted setting up a new joint venture in china with Lumens and Hanso LCD

Recently, LED chipmaker Epistar thought those reports was a rumor, that Epistar, Lumens and backlight unit (BLU) maker Hansol LCD would set up a joint venture in eastern China, with 10 billion won (US$8.84 million), 30 billion won and 10 billion won investment respectively. Epistar spokesman Chang Shie-Shien noted that Epistar hadn』t known anything about the deal and nothing related to it was being discussed.
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Veeco MOCVD Tools Selected for Continued Capacity Expansion at Seoul Optodevice of Korea

Veeco Instruments Inc., announced today that Seoul Optodevice Co., Ltd. (SOC) of Korea has selected Veeco's TurboDisc(R) K465i(TM) gallium nitride (GaN) Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition (MOCVD) System to expand their manufacturing capacity of high brightness light emitting diodes (HB-LEDs). In addition to orders placed in 2009, SOC placed a multi-tool order during the second quarter of 2010, with all tools currently scheduled for shipment during 2010.
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Seoul Semiconductor achieves luminous efficiency of 150 lm/w in Acriche LED

Seoul Semiconductor, a manufacturer has announced that Acriche, which is made by its own patented technology and driven by an alternating current power source for household or industrial use, achieved a luminous efficiency of 100 lm/w in February, and the company began to put the product into mass production in April and it also recently succeeded in achieving 150 lm/W.
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Shuji Nakamura, Prominent LED Lighting Scholar and Inventor, Joins Seoul Semiconductor as Consultant

Shuji Nakamura, widely known as the “Thomas Edison of the LED industry” has been named a scientific adviser to the leading global LED manufacturer Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd. Nakamura is a professor at the Materials Department of the College of Engineering, University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB).
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Seoul Semiconductor LEDs illuminate tourist destination in Spain

LEDs for street lights in Valencia Community of Spain will be lit all over the Community through additional supply within a year Streets will be brighter, tourists safer, and electrical bills lesser in this Mediterranean resort region, thanks to 1,000 new energy-efficient and cost-effective streetlights using Seoul Semiconductor LEDs.
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Samsung Redefines Home Entertainment with Global Availability of World’s First Full HD 3D LED TV and First-Time Offering of DreamWorks Animation’s Beloved Shrek Film Collection in 3D

First available offerings include LED TVs, Blu-ray Players and 3D Active Glasses First-Ever Release of Most Successful Animated Film Series of All Time in 3D From DreamWorks Animation
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SSC to introduce groundbreaking 100 lm/W LED source during 1Q 2010

Acriche Branded Bulb Delivers 25% Greater Efficiency The company has made an investment of about 20 million dollars in the United States so far and plans to expand the investment in the future 
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Fawoo Technology's LED lights used to successfully grow fresh salad products indoors

Environmentally-friendly salad, with vegetables grown using nothing but LED lights, will soon be part of our everyday meals. According to a co-research by Professor Lee Jong-suk’s team at the Department of Horticulture Landscaping at Seoul Women’s University and leading LED lights company Fawoo Technology, Co., fresh salad vegetables have been successfully cultivated using just LED lights.
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Lextar Electronics Wins Samsung’s LED Order

Recently, Lextar Electronics Corp., a LED-chip manufacturing subsidiary of Taiwan's largest TFT-LCD panel maker AU Optronics Corp. (AUO), won order from Samsung of South Korea for LCD TV-panel backlights. Local LED makers said that Lextar would ship in-house packed LEDs to Samsung with LED chips supplied by Nichia of Japan and Epistar of Taiwan.
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Acuity Brands Announces Collaboration with Samsung LED

Acuity Brands, Inc. and Samsung LED Co. Ltd today announced they have agreed to collaborate in the development of leading products utilizing light-emitting diode (LED) technology that will establish a new standard for performance in solid-state lighting systems.
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Samsung Electronics First to Begin Mass Producing 3D TV Panels

Samsung to produce six panel types using ‘3D Active Glasses’ technology Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, announced that it has become the first company to commence mass production of panels for 3D LED TVs and 3D LCD TVs.
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LG sets sights on becoming top global TV brand

LG Electronics (LG), a major player in the global flat panel display and AV markets, unveiled its plans to achieve the top global position in the TV market with a fundamental shift in the way viewers consume content, from simply watching TV to “using TV”.
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SAMSUNG'S New Lineup of LED HDTVs Raises the Bar for TV Excellence

Immersive Lifelike Depth and 3D Capabilities, Connected Interactive Content and Services, and Mold-Breaking Design Set Next Generation of Samsung LED back-lit HDTVs Apart
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LG plans to push LED TV sales, aims to sell 300 thousand units by the end of 2010

LG said it plans to give a push to its LED TV sales by launching more advanced versions of it in 2010 and expects to sell up to 300 thousand units by the end of 2010. Amitabh Tiwari, LG Electronics India Head of Sales, said "LED TV is one of the focused areas of the company. We will launch more advanced ones in the first half of 2010." He said the company expects the segment to contribute about 20 percent of its turnover by the end of 2010. At present, LED TVs account for less than four percent of its overall sales.
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Samsung sells 2.6 million LED TVs in 2009, outperforming earlier target

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, the world's biggest TV brand by revenue, said it sold 2.6 million TVs using LED backlight units in 2009, outperforming its earlier target. The company also confirmed an LED-backlight TV sales target for this year of 10 million units.
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LG Launches Picture Perfect LED Projector

LG recently launched the HS200, a stylish and lightweight portable projector, tipping the scales at only 800g. The projector’s small size (measuring 122mm x 183mm x 60mm (WxLxD)) lends itself to being fully portable for use in both the home and the office. With the inclusion of LED technology, it is ideal for displaying a presentation or recreating a high quality cinema or gaming experience.
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LG Releases New W86 Series LED Screens

LG raises the bar for PC monitor standards with the launch of its range of slim and stylish LED (Light Emitting Diode) screens, the W86 series. Combining LED technology with high-end design, the W86 series is ideal for the style conscious who are looking for a design-led product to compliment their entertainment and work set-up. Its slim screen - measuring just 20.5mm - sits above a ruby red base, a design feature found on LG’s high-end TVs.
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XLEDs Introduces Q-200 Academic Desk Light Embedded with LED Technology

XLEDs announced the launch of Q-200, a new generation Academic Desk Light embedded with LED technology. The Q-200 can last 30,000~50,000 hours comparing with around 5,000 hours for conventional desk lights. It is specifically designed to enhance learning and concentration capability of the users by applying lab-proven color temperatures of LED for each area of subjects they study such as science and liberal arts.
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LG Launches LH9000 and SL9000 LED TVs

LG Electronics (LG) announced the launch of three new TVs at IFA 2009. Whether buyers are looking for a minimalist look such as the BORDERLESS™ designed SL9000 (Edge LED TV) and SL8000 (Super Slim LCD TV), or state-of-the-art backlight LED technology as featured in the LH9000, LG continues to show that it is at the forefront of TV design and innovation.
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Samsung Aims to Sell at Least 10 Million LED TVs in 2010

Samsung targets to sell at least 2 million LCD TVs with LED backlight in 2009 and at least 10 million units in 2010, according to a company executive. "We are aiming to sell at least 22 million (conventional) LCD television sets and at least 2 million LED televisions in 2009," said Yoon Boo-keun, president of Samsung's visual display division at a press conference ahead of IFA 2009 in Germany.
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LG to Introduce 15-inch OLED TV Next Month

LG Electronics, the world's No.2 TV vendor, said Sunday that it would launch a 15-inch OLED TV in September at the IFA 2009 consumer electric show in Berlin. Comparing with traditional LCD displays, AM-OLED displays are thinner, more energy efficient and can provide better picture quality, while the high price has kept it from becoming a mass-produced technology.
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South Korea’s Wonju City Selects GALED Featuring OSRAM Golden DRAGON plus LEDs for Country’s Longest LED Street Lamp Installation

Wonju City in Gwang Won province, South Korea, installed LED street lamps in line with the Korea government’s call to implement more energy efficient solutions. The installation of PRAUS 150W streetlights with OSRAM Opto Semiconductors’ Golden DRAGON Plus LEDs represent the longest LED street light installation to-date in Korea.
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Seoul Semiconductor’s Acriche Family Exceeds DC LED Efficiency

Seoul Semiconductor held a press conference in Korea, the US and China yesterday (August 26th) to introduce its  Acriche A4, a new LED product with luminous efficiency up to 75lm/W.
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LED TVs Help Samsung Earnings Soar

Despite the economic downturn, consumers globally bought some 500,000 LED-lit Samsung TVs in the first 100 days of the mid-March launch, according to the company. In the high-end premium market, Samsung took a share of 83 percent in May, up from just 4 percent a year earlier. Samsung Digital Media divisions registered an operating profit of USD$870,100,436 up 657 percent increase year-on-year. Revenue reached USD $9,661,429,999, a 13.8 percent increase year-on-year.
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S.Korea, Gwangju City Joins Cree LED City® Program

The City of Light Is First City in South Korea to Join International Program Cree, Inc. (Nasdaq: CREE) announces that Gwangju, South Korea, is the first city in South Korea to join the LED City® initiative, an international program that promotes the deployment of energy-efficient LED lighting. Gwangju, South Korea’s center for the advancement of photonics, is home to 180 companies that were formed to research, develop and commercialize LED lighting products.
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Seoul Semiconductor Expands Sales of High-efficiency Bulb (GU10) Using Acriche

Elgo, one of Europe’s lighting companies, shows good sales activity of bulbs using Acriche. In addition, Acriche is used in solid state lighting products manufactured by Molex, a global leading electronics manufacturer. Products from Molex will be available in the third quarter of this year. Seoul Semiconductor is expected to make serious inroads into the GU10 market which consists of about 300 million bulbs per year and is worth approximately 1.2 billion dollars.
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LG Fights Back against Samsung’s LED Hold

LG Electronics is fighting back against Samsung's growing grip on the crucial new growth engine in the LED television market, according to an article on The Korea Times. Kwon Il-keun, senior VP of LG's LCD Technology Lab, spent most time of a 20-minute presentation talking of the merits of the company’s LED TVs.
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LG Display, Idemitsu Kosan Join Hand to Develop OLED Displays

LG Display Co Ltd announced that it has formed a strategic alliance with Idemitsu Kosan Co Ltd, a Japanese provider of OLED materials, to develop high-performance OLED displays. The two companies have signed a strategic memorandum of understanding (MOU) which includes technology development and cross licensing of patented OLED-related technologies.
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LG Releases New “Full LED" LCD TVs, Aiming to Sell 5 Million LED TVs in 2010

LG Electronics (LG) on Thursday unveiled two new ultra-slim "full LED" LCD TVs in Seoul. And the company said it was aiming to sell as many as 5 million units in 2010.
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Researchers from Korea debuted the world's first pure white LED

Led by Soo-Young Park, a professor of organic materials for photonics at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Seoul National University in Korea, researchers from Seoul National University and University of Valencia in Spain have developed the world’s first pure white LED.
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