Micro LED Forum 2022 – Large Display Technology and Application Development of Micro LED

TrendForce hosted the Micro LED Forum 2022 seminar at the NTUH International Convention Center on September 13th. Large display, among numerous Micro LED display applications, is the most anticipated product for the current stage, which is why experts from the Micro LED industry were invited to respectively interpret the technological development and solutions for large Micro LED displays, including the increase of wavelength uniformity in chips, applicability of laser mass transfer and stamp mass transfer, as well as the selection of active glass backplanes an...
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TCLE (1070.HK) Rocks IFA 2022 with World's Largest Mini LED Smart Screen

TCL Smart Screen Ranks Second in LCD TV Market in Terms of Global Market Share HONG KONG, Sept. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- IFA 2022, which will last for 5 days officially kicked off in Berlin today. TCL Electronics Holdings Limited ("TCL Electronics" or "the Company", 01070.HK) has showcased a collection of home theater and all-category smart home appliances at this exhibition and has held a product launch event themed "Inspire Greatness." The Company continues to implement its all-category strategy. TCL E...
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TCL Unveils Full-Category Exhibition and Global Press Conference at IFA 2022

Showcasing the excitement of its smart connected lifestyle large screen Mini LED QLED TV collection, latest display technology and full category offerings     HONG KONG, July 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- TCL, one of the dominant players in the global TV industry and a leading consumer electronics brand, returns to IFA 2022 in Berlin in September, the first major offline edition of the global trade fair for consumers and home electronics since 2019. TCL will be showcasing a collection of world-first exhibits, includin...
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TCL Expands Product Portfolio and Introduces New Technology Across Television, Mobile and Appliance Categories at CES 2022

Leading Electronics Brand Empowers Users to Enjoy More by Refreshing its Award-Winning Lineup and Refining Smart Home Capabilities CORONA, Calif., Jan. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- TCL®, one of the world's best-selling consumer electronics brands and leading technology companies, today announced new innovations and products spanning all categories under its North American lineup at the 2022 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Showcasing technology that delivers more immersive and impactful experiences in its home theater division, inc...
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TCL is Returning to Las Vegas for CES 2022

TCL will host an interactive booth showcasing the excitement of its AI x IoT lifestyle, Mini LED display technologies, audiovisual processor, AR and multi-category offerings HONG KONG, Dec. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- TCL, a leading consumer electronics brand, will be back at CES 2022 in-person. As the consumer electronics industry gathers together in Las Vegas again after an all virtual event in 2021, TCL will be showcasing its latest display technology, audiovisual engine, TVs, monitors, mobile devices, AR glasses and home appliances at an interac...
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TCL Announced Smart Glasses with a Color MicroLED Display

TCL announced a new AR smartglasses product, which it calls the Thunderbird Smart Glasses Pioneer Edition. TCL did not reveal much, but it says the color display is based on microLED technology, with a pixel pitch of 4 um. TCL did not release any estimated shipping dates or a price for this new product, which is likely still at an early stage.   <iframe allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/QMHBD2liMBI" title="Yo...
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Another Partnership between Giant Tech Companies: TCL and Xiaomi Co-Establish a Joint Lab

On August 9, TCL and Xiaomi officially signed a partnership to build a joint laboratory, and they are set to hold its inauguration ceremony on September 29 in Wuhan. The joint lab will center on research projects of semiconductor display technologies, with the results being shared between the two businesses. Reportedly, such an alliance between the two Chinese tech giants will help enhance TCL’s brand awareness and market share, while providing Xiaomi with advanced technologies to improve display performance and user experience of its smartphones. Therefore, a win-wi...
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TCL Enhances its XL Collection with an 85" TV That Was Truly Made to Marvel - the X9, Featuring OD Zero Mini-LED Technology

CORONA, Calif., Sept. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- TCL®, one of the world's best-selling television brands and leading technology companies, today announced details of the first TV with TCL's third-generation of mini-LED backlight, OD Zero™ display technology. TCL's new 85" OD Zero mini-LED powered 8K TV – the X9 – is a marvel of technology that delivers revolutionary optics, ultra-thin design, and immersive premium audio combined with the personalized experience of Google TV™. The X9 joins TCL's XL C...
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Amazon Will Allegedly Launch Its Own-Branded TVs as Early as Next Month and Contract the Production to TCL and Other Manufacturers

According to a source released on the morning of September 3, Amazon will unveil its own-branded TVs in the US as early as in October. The TVs, featuring built-in Alexa voice AI and screen sizes ranging between 55 to 75 inches, will be designed and manufactured by TCL and other third-party enterprises. Reportedly, Amazon is developing a self-designed TV set, but the specific release time has yet to be confirmed. Image source: PAIXIN.COM The e-commerce giant has expanded its business to the TV market for some time, where it worked with Best Buy to ...
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Nationstar Partners with TCL to Develop Next-Gen Mini LED Technologies

On the evening of August 26, TCL held its Mini LED agenda event “To See with Foresight” in Shenzhen. During the event, TCL announced essential strategies for Mini LED development and plans to develop ultra-large displays, revealing its determination to compete with Mini LED display technologies. With Strategic Support, Nationstar Partners with TCL to Facilitate Mini LED Development As a strategic partner of TCL, Nationstar provides technical, product, and service support during the LED and SMT processes for TCL regarding ...
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TCL: Market of Mini LED-Backlit TVs Will Become Relatively Steady in 2022 or 2023

In 1H21, TCL Technology (hereinafter “TCL”) generated an operating revenue of RMB 115.24 billion (USD 17.7 billion; +89% YoY) and net profit of RMB 10.72 billion (USD 1.654 billion; +460% YoY). In the semiconductor display sector, specifically, TCL focuses on the research and development of emerging technologies including printed OLED/QLED, Mini LED, and Micro LED, aiming to get a head start on other competitors. Recently, TCL has offered its insights into the semiconductor display business in the first half of 2021 when rece...
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Honglitronics Is the Supplier of Mini LED Backlights for TCL’s Starlight Smart TV

On August 9, Honglitronics confirmed on its WeChat page that it is the supplier of Mini LED backlights for the X12 8K smart TV, the “Starlight”, unveiled by TCL at the just ended UDE2021. Image source: PAIXIN.COM As Honglitronics described, TCL’s X12 8K Mini LED TV “Starlight” is the first smart TV that adopts the OD ZERO Mini LED backlighting technology. The TV features 96,000 LED chips, 1,920 physical local dimming zones, 3,000 nits of peak brightness at maximum, and an ultra-high one-million-...
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TCL Upgrades Award-Winning 6-Series with 8K Resolution

Top-Selling Electronics Brand Partners with Streaming Pioneer to Deliver World's First 8K TCL Roku TV CORONA, Calif., July 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- TCL®, one of the world's best-selling consumer electronics brands and leading technology companies, today announced pricing and U.S. availability of the new 8K TCL Roku TV addition to its popular 6-Series TV line. Adding mini-LED backlight technology to the award-winning 6-Series models last year, TCL is empowering viewers to enjoy even more cinematic and gaming-optimized performanc...
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TCL commercially announces NXTWEAR G smart glasses, multi-screen support for smartphones, new Family Watch and 5G CPE at MWC 2021

BARCELONA, June 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- TCL, a pioneer in display technology and affordable, premium smart experiences, is announcing several new products spanning multiple mobile product categories at Mobile World Congress 2021. At today's event, TCL unveiled availability for its NXTWEAR G Wearable Display Glasses, and launched its new cross-device multi-screen collaboration feature for select devices, in addition to TCL's ultra-fast LINKHUB 5G Outdoor CPE and MOVETIME Family Watch 2.   TCL...
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TCL to Launch Mini LED TVs Soon in India With Quantum Dot Technology

By Venkatesh Gorantla -Published On: Jun 10, 2021-   TCL is gearing up to launch a smart TV in India. The company has teased the launch of a new TV that claims to “redefine the game”. TCL, in its press release, has stated that it is launching a smart mini LED TV in India. It will also feature a Quantum Dot Technology and cover 100 per cent colour volume. The company further stated that it claims to offer a “high-quality, interactive home entertainment experience.” Another feature coming to the new mini LED smart TV is MagiC...
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Panasonic mulls reducing TV production, shifting some to China's TCL

Panasonic Corp. is considering shifting production of small and midsize televisions to Chinese home appliance maker TCL Corp. as the Japanese electronics company aims to focus on larger, high-end products, sources with knowledge of the matter said Friday. Panasonic's TV business has been struggling due to fierce competition from Chinese and South Korean rivals. The company is planning to reach an agreement with TCL in May and end TV production at its plants in India and Vietnam once TCL starts manufacturing products for Panasonic, according to the sources. ...
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TCL Introduces breeva Air Purifier, the Smarter Way to Restore Fresh Air and Healthy Living

CORONA, CA, April 13, 2021 – TCL®, one of the world’s best-selling consumer electronics brands and leading technology companies, today announced that the breeva air purifier is now live on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. TCL’s breeva is available in two different models - breeva A2 and breeva A3 - that are smart, stylish, and simple to use. With smart technology and innovative features, the TCL breeva air purifier will effortlessly improve your home’s air quality, day and night. Being at the center of the booming smart home market, T...
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Konka to Release Mini LED Backlit TV, More Mini LED Products Entering the Market

Chinese TV brands have been proactively launching Mini LED backlit TVs. After TCL and Xiaomi releasing their new products, Konka also announced that it will debut a 75-inch 8K TV featuring Mini LED backlight technology. Konka said that this 75-inch 8K TV adopts Mini LED backlight technology with more than 20,000 units of Mini LED chips to realize 5184 local dimming zones. Implementing IPS RGB display, the TV achieves 8K resolution and support 120Hz and 60Hz refresh rate. (Image: Konka) Cost of Mini LED Backlit TVs Remain High...
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TCL Launches New Mini LED Backlight TV Lineup and Xiaomi Presents Transparent OLED TV

Chinese brands TCL and Xioami introduced their new TV products featuring advanced display technologies. TCL launched its new Mini LED backlight TV, 6-series and Xiaomi presented a transparent OLED TV. TCL released 5- and 6-Series Roku TV lines. The 6-series products are based on Mini LED backlight technology with 240 dimming zones that enables brilliantly bright and deeply dark areas to achieve ultra-high contract ratio. According to TCL, the series will be the first TV with THX® Certified Game Mode, supporting a refresh rate of 120Hz. A...
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TCL to Boost Mini LED Backlight TV Shipment, Lifting Supply Chain Business

Mini LED backlight display applications are spreading with increasing products entering the market including notebooks, monitors and TVs. Leading brands like Apple and Samsung are going to launch products based on the technology in 2021 as well. Meanwhile, TCL, the Chinese TV brands who released Mini LED backlit TVs last year, is reportedly increasing the product shipment. In 2019, TCL launched 65- and 75-inch Mini LED backlit TVs. The company changed its pricing strategy this year by cutting the 65-inch TV from $1,999 to US$999 and the 75-inch from ...
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TCL Teams up Sanan to Work on Micro LED Technology

According to TCL’s latest update, the Chinese display company built strategic partnership with Sanan Semiconductor, a subsidiary of Sanan Optoelectronics. The two companies will establish a joint laboratory to develop Micro LED display technology. TCL and Sanan signed a strategic partnership MOU on March 3. According to the MOU, the two partners will set up a laboratory to develop Micro LED technology from end to end, addressing key issues of the engineering techniques and accelerating Micro LED production and applications. The partnership aims t...
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【CES 2020】Improved Backlight Technology Upgrades Display Performance

Ever since OLED joined the battle field of TV display, the technology revolutes the industry with its high contrast brought by the self-emitting feature. Because the supply chain of OLED panel is tightly controlled by Korean suppliers, panel manufacturers and TV brands are trying to adopt new technology to fight against OLED panel. Since last year, several industry players have teamed up to launch LCD display lit with novel backlight technology to compete with OLED. A wide range of applications were demonstrated in major international events and CES 2020 is ...
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【CES 2020】China Companies Demonstrate Micro LED Displays Backed by Taiwan Supply Chain

CES 2020 gathered more than 170,000 attendees with 4500 companies and 1100 industry experts presenting their latest technologies and insights of the industry. Apart from the Micro LED displays demonstrated by Japan and Korea technology giant, LEDinside found that Chinese packagers, display makers and TV brands also presents their developments in Mini LED and Micro LED, attracting visitors coming from all over the world. Several of the exhibits are supported by technologies of Taiwanese companies including Epistar and EVERLIGHT. Konka The Micr...
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TCL to Showcase Next Generation Mini-LED Technology at CES 2020

TCL Electronics announced that it will showcase the next generation of Mini-LED technology at CES 2020 in Las Vegas, January 7–10, 2020. TCL continues to improve and drive the penetration of Mini-LEDs. With Quantum Contrast technology, TCL claims that it has established a new standard for TV picture quality. Its latest development, the next generation of Mini-LED, will be unveiled at TCL’s press conference at CES on January 6, 2020. (Image: TCL) "TCL is thrilled to be at tech's biggest show and stand on tech's ...
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TCL to Sell Its Mini LED Backlit TVs on Best Buy

Mini LED backlit products are entering the end market with TCL partners Best Buy to sell its 8-Series TVs that adopting Mini LED backlight technology and quantum dot color technology. The China-based company has presented its 8K QLED TVs and Mini LED TVs at different international events since 2019 and is now ready to bring the product into the consumer market. The Mini LED backlit TVs of TCL were developed via the cooperation with Chinese panel maker CSOT. A 65-inch AM LED backlight display with 5,000 dimming zone was showcased at ...
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Nanoco Showcases TCL, Philips and Hisense Prototype TVs Incorporating its Patented QD Technology

Nanoco announced recently that it would be showcasing two prototype QD TVs respectively from Philips and Hisense at CES 2017, while partner TCL is presenting its commercialized QD TV at the annual consumer electronic show for the first time.  ll the TVs use Nanoco patented QD film technology manufactured by Wah Hong.
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Nichia Blocks Chinese LED Competitors with Patent Infringement Suit Against TCL

Nichia’s patent infringement suit filed against the world’s third largest TV vendor TCL Multimedia (TCL) and subsidiary TTE Technology (TTE) on Aug. 8, 2016, is a significant move to prevent unpatented Chinese LED chips from entering U.S., said LEDinside analysts.
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TCL New 4K2K TVs Uses Quantum Dots to Achieve Full-Gamut Color

In an industry first, TCL today introduced a 55-inch full-gamut 4K UHD TV with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price at one-third the cost of comparable OLED color televisions. All consumers of entertainment, whether for gaming, movies or other programming, can now enhance their viewing experience with deeper, sharper and more natural color at an accessible price.
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Taiwan LED Lighting Alliance Signs Standards Promotion MOU with TCL

Taiwan’s LED Lighting Industry Alliance (TLLIA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to promote international standards with Chinese consumer electronics manufacturer TCL at The 23rd International Optoelectronics Exposition in Taipei, Taiwan, according to a CNA report. 
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TCL Bets on OLED TV Despite Asian Manufacturers Exodus

TCL’s subsidiary China Star Optoelectronics Technology (CSOT) recently announced plans to begin mass producing OLED panels by 2016. 
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Tokushima, Japan – 17 June 2022: Nichia, the world’s largest LED manufacturer and inventor of high-brightness blue and white LEDs, announces the addition of the Direct Mountable Chip Series (Part Number: NVSWE21A-V1) to the portfol... READ MORE

DURHAM, N.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Cree LED, an SGH company (Nasdaq: SGH), announced today the launch of XLamp® Element G LEDs, delivering a new product class with unmatched light output and efficiency for LEDs of this size. The... READ MORE