TCL Launches New Mini LED Backlight TV Lineup and Xiaomi Presents Transparent OLED TV

Chinese brands TCL and Xioami introduced their new TV products featuring advanced display technologies. TCL launched its new Mini LED backlight TV, 6-series and Xiaomi presented a transparent OLED TV. TCL released 5- and 6-Series Roku TV lines. The 6-series products are based on Mini LED backlight technology with 240 dimming zones that enables brilliantly bright and deeply dark areas to achieve ultra-high contract ratio. According to TCL, the series will be the first TV with THX® Certified Game Mode, supporting a refresh rate of 120Hz. A...
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TCL to Boost Mini LED Backlight TV Shipment, Lifting Supply Chain Business

Mini LED backlight display applications are spreading with increasing products entering the market including notebooks, monitors and TVs. Leading brands like Apple and Samsung are going to launch products based on the technology in 2021 as well. Meanwhile, TCL, the Chinese TV brands who released Mini LED backlit TVs last year, is reportedly increasing the product shipment. In 2019, TCL launched 65- and 75-inch Mini LED backlit TVs. The company changed its pricing strategy this year by cutting the 65-inch TV from $1,999 to US$999 and the 75-inch from ...
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TCL Teams up Sanan to Work on Micro LED Technology

According to TCL’s latest update, the Chinese display company built strategic partnership with Sanan Semiconductor, a subsidiary of Sanan Optoelectronics. The two companies will establish a joint laboratory to develop Micro LED display technology. TCL and Sanan signed a strategic partnership MOU on March 3. According to the MOU, the two partners will set up a laboratory to develop Micro LED technology from end to end, addressing key issues of the engineering techniques and accelerating Micro LED production and applications. The partnership aims t...
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【CES 2020】Improved Backlight Technology Upgrades Display Performance

Ever since OLED joined the battle field of TV display, the technology revolutes the industry with its high contrast brought by the self-emitting feature. Because the supply chain of OLED panel is tightly controlled by Korean suppliers, panel manufacturers and TV brands are trying to adopt new technology to fight against OLED panel. Since last year, several industry players have teamed up to launch LCD display lit with novel backlight technology to compete with OLED. A wide range of applications were demonstrated in major international events and CES 2020 is ...
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【CES 2020】China Companies Demonstrate Micro LED Displays Backed by Taiwan Supply Chain

CES 2020 gathered more than 170,000 attendees with 4500 companies and 1100 industry experts presenting their latest technologies and insights of the industry. Apart from the Micro LED displays demonstrated by Japan and Korea technology giant, LEDinside found that Chinese packagers, display makers and TV brands also presents their developments in Mini LED and Micro LED, attracting visitors coming from all over the world. Several of the exhibits are supported by technologies of Taiwanese companies including Epistar and EVERLIGHT. Konka The Micr...
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TCL to Showcase Next Generation Mini-LED Technology at CES 2020

TCL Electronics announced that it will showcase the next generation of Mini-LED technology at CES 2020 in Las Vegas, January 7–10, 2020. TCL continues to improve and drive the penetration of Mini-LEDs. With Quantum Contrast technology, TCL claims that it has established a new standard for TV picture quality. Its latest development, the next generation of Mini-LED, will be unveiled at TCL’s press conference at CES on January 6, 2020. (Image: TCL) "TCL is thrilled to be at tech's biggest show and stand on tech's ...
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TCL to Sell Its Mini LED Backlit TVs on Best Buy

Mini LED backlit products are entering the end market with TCL partners Best Buy to sell its 8-Series TVs that adopting Mini LED backlight technology and quantum dot color technology. The China-based company has presented its 8K QLED TVs and Mini LED TVs at different international events since 2019 and is now ready to bring the product into the consumer market. The Mini LED backlit TVs of TCL were developed via the cooperation with Chinese panel maker CSOT. A 65-inch AM LED backlight display with 5,000 dimming zone was showcased at ...
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Nanoco Showcases TCL, Philips and Hisense Prototype TVs Incorporating its Patented QD Technology

Nanoco announced recently that it would be showcasing two prototype QD TVs respectively from Philips and Hisense at CES 2017, while partner TCL is presenting its commercialized QD TV at the annual consumer electronic show for the first time.  ll the TVs use Nanoco patented QD film technology manufactured by Wah Hong.
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Nichia Blocks Chinese LED Competitors with Patent Infringement Suit Against TCL

Nichia’s patent infringement suit filed against the world’s third largest TV vendor TCL Multimedia (TCL) and subsidiary TTE Technology (TTE) on Aug. 8, 2016, is a significant move to prevent unpatented Chinese LED chips from entering U.S., said LEDinside analysts.
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TCL New 4K2K TVs Uses Quantum Dots to Achieve Full-Gamut Color

In an industry first, TCL today introduced a 55-inch full-gamut 4K UHD TV with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price at one-third the cost of comparable OLED color televisions. All consumers of entertainment, whether for gaming, movies or other programming, can now enhance their viewing experience with deeper, sharper and more natural color at an accessible price.
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Taiwan LED Lighting Alliance Signs Standards Promotion MOU with TCL

Taiwan’s LED Lighting Industry Alliance (TLLIA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to promote international standards with Chinese consumer electronics manufacturer TCL at The 23rd International Optoelectronics Exposition in Taipei, Taiwan, according to a CNA report. 
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TCL Bets on OLED TV Despite Asian Manufacturers Exodus

TCL’s subsidiary China Star Optoelectronics Technology (CSOT) recently announced plans to begin mass producing OLED panels by 2016. 
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Refond Enters Joint Venture with TCL and Yu Star Enterprise

Shenzhen Refond Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. announced on November 13th that the Refond joint venture proposal with TCL and Yu Star Enterprise was passed during the second annual board of directors 5th deliberation meeting held on July 16th, 2013.
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TCL Shareholder Meeting Passes OLED Construction Investment Proposal

TCL group has announced “Huaxing Power two first 8.5-genertion TFT-LCD (including oxide semiconductor and AMOLED) production line construction project proposal”was passed during a recent  shareholders’ meeting.
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TCL and REFOND Cooperates with Wholly-owned Subsidiary of FOREPI to Establish LED Joint Venture

Last night (July 16), Refond revealed announcement that it cooperates with TCL Group and wholly owned subsidiary of Taiwan-based FOREPI to set up a LED joint venture in Guangdong Huizhou Zhongkai High-tech Development Zone with 200 million Yuan. The new company named "Huarui Optoelectronics Technology (Huizhou) Co., Ltd.", located in Zhongkai High-tech Development Zone, Huizhou of Mainland China, and it has capital of 200 million Yuan, of which, TCL Group is the leading company, holding shares of 51%, about investment of 102 million Yu...
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Harvatek Terminates the Joint Venture Agreement with TCL

Harvatek, LED packaging business from Taiwan, has announced to quit joint venture project with China-based TV brand TCL. Harvatek stated that both parties have had taken different attitudes towards some terms, and after careful consideration, Harvatek decided to transfer its 50% stake in the joint venture to TCL. Harvatek stated that it has invested around CNY15 million (US$2.44 million) in this project for two years. On June 24, 2011, Harvatek signed a joint venture agreement with TCL through its subsidiary, Honor Light Limited, to establish an LED packa...
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The Former CEO of CSOT Separates from TCL

The former CEO of CSOT Corp. He ChengMing has resigned from TCL .According to TCL’s announcement released on July 9th, the board of directors has received a written application from He ChengMing for his resignation of Senior Vice President. And the board of directors agreed to He’s application. After resign, He has no responsible for the company any longer. On June 15th, CSOT has passed a resolution to agree He’s application for his labor contract after the expiration of the two years not be renewed. He ChengMing has led the tea...
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TCL to Focus on Become the World’s Fifth-largest LED TVs Supplier

According to TCL Corporation’s company filing, the company has posted a 14.68 percent year-on-year increase in LED TV sales in January to 1.34 million units, of which sales of LED backlit TVs surged 161.88 percent to 804,700 units, or 61 percent of the total. TCL sold 197,800 Internet TVs and 102,300 3D TVs in January, up 14.99 percent and 7.76 percent year-on-year. Exports of LED TVs in January rose 96.02 percent year-on-year, or 260,300 units, to 510,300 units. The company will focus on Internet TVs, next-generation smart TVs and 3D TVs...
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Harvatek Teams up with TCL to Found Huizhou LED Packaging Plant

Recently, Taiwan based packaging company, Harvatek is about to team up with TCL to built LED packaging plant in Huizhou, China. Both of the two companies will own 50% share in the new plant individually. The new facility will go into production at the end of March, 2012 and its goal is to reach 2 billion capacity after one year. Harvatek disclosed that it expected for further vertical integration by cooperating with LED chip maker.  ...
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LED TVs to Be Witnessed in India Market

LED TV, the latest high-end technology product in TV market, is to be available in India within the next few months, as Samsung, LG, Panasonic and TCL all targeting to release their products in this market soon.
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