Netherlands Introduces Pavement LEDs to Alert “Smartphone Zombies”

Crossing the road safely is an important rule that everyone should bear in mind. There are also signs everywhere to remind us of road safety. However, smartphone zombies, namely pedestrians who are obsessed with their phones and do not pay attention to their surroundings while walking, have taken over the world. They even cross the roads with their eyes glued to their phones, to the extent that they become a hazard to themselves and others.
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Widest Motoway in the World in Netherlands to Shine Under New LED Lights

The A2 motorway in the Netherlands is one of the busiest in the country, connecting the capital city Amsterdam to Liège, in Belgium. The lighting on certain sections of the motorway was no longer meeting the required levels and needed to be replaced.
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Philips Lighting and Eindhoven Partner up to Develop Crowdsourced Smart City Lighting

Philips Lighting, a global leader in Lighting, has been chosen as a key partner to provide the urban lighting infrastructure required to bring Eindhoven’s vision of a smart and sustainable city to life. The Dutch city of Eindhoven will draw on the expertise of the government, academia and businesses to address the city’s needs and has formed a partnership with the Technical University of Eindhoven (TU/e), Philips Lighting and Heijmans, a Dutch company that specializes in developing roads infrastructure, civil engineering and non-residential buildings. This so-called “Quadruple Helix” of partners will work together for a period of 15 years to develop innovations that respond to the residents’ aspirations.
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Philips Stadion Becomes First Stadium in the Netherlands Equipped with Philips LED Pitch Lighting

Philips Stadion, the home of PSV Eindhoven, is the first stadium in the Netherlands to be fully equipped with ArenaVision LED pitch lighting from Royal Philips, the global leader in lighting, meeting the strict requirements of international sports federations and broadcasters. This innovative LED lighting makes it possible for Philips Stadion to highlight specific parts of the pitch during a football match or a concert, and to also transmit the smallest of gestures on the pitch to the thousands of people in the stadium as well as all those watching at home. Philips Stadion also benefits from maintenance and other operational cost savings, positively impacting on the daily running costs of the stadium.
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Netherlands Finds Health Risks Associated with Blue LED Lights

Latest research from Netherlands Health Council indicate there are certain health risks associated to blue lights emitted by LEDs, and further investigations are required, reported NL Times.
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Philips to Join Force with BVB Substrates to Develop LED Lighting-based Horticulture

Royal Philips Electronics will cooperate with BVB Substrates, a horticultural supplier based in the Netherlands, to develop LED lighting-based applications for greenhouse-based flower and vegetable cultivation. The two companies have signed a memorandum-of-understanding for combining their respective strengths in the development.
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