LEDinside: Chinese LED packaging manufacturers are expanding production, the industry is expected to hit bottom

LEDinside, LED industry research brand under TrendForce, observes that prosperity of LED industry recovers in 2016, and price decline causes the LED penetration rate  to further improve. In addition, due to the impetus of India, Southeast Asia and other emerging markets, the LED market demand has significantly increased over the same period. In recent years, many large manufacturers have signed the strategic cooperation agreement and collaborative signs are more obvious, so those manufacturers’ market share will continue to increase, which is the main driving force of their production expansion.
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2015 Chinese COB LED Market Rankings by Revenue Led by Oversea Manufacturers

According to the 2016 Chinese LED Chip and Package Industry Market Report by LEDinside, a division of TrendForce, the market scale of China’s LED package reaches 2% year on year (YoY) growth at US $8.8 billion in 2015. The COB LED market has witnessed rapid growth over the past few years. An apparent example is that COB LEDs are gaining higher penetration rate in high-end commercial lighting applications. Meanwhile, outdoor illumination market also finds COB LED packages’ growing penetration rate. Therefore, more and more manufacturers enter the COB LED market. Aside from international manufacturers that entered the market in the early stage, including Citizen, Sharp, Bridgelux and Luminus Devices, leading manufacturers like CREE, Lumileds and Nichia also tapped into the market of COB LEDs. The number of Chinese manufacturers that entered COB LED package market is even higher, including Sunpu Opto, Guangzhou LEDteen Optoelectronics Co., Shenzhen Crescent Optoelectronic Co. and Shenzhen Tongyifang Optoelectronic Technology co. With more players entering the industry, the market has also witnessed huge change. Overall, international manufacturers are still dominant in China’s COB market.
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LeEco’s Acquisition of Vizio to Propel Asian TV Brands Global LCD Market Share to 70%

With the domestic market approaching saturation, branded Chinese LCD TV vendors see overseas expansion as the only means to grow their market shares and raise their brand recognition. The latest example of this approach is the acquisition of the U.S.-based consumer electronics maker VIZIO by LeEco, a rising Internet brand in the Chinese LCD TV market. Reports of VIZIO being up for sale gained traction after Foxconn’s acquisition of Sharp, and the US $2 billion deal with LeEco was finally announced on July 27.
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LEDinside Reports Chinese LED Package for Lighting Reaches US $3.9 Billion in 2015

Lighting LEDs accounted for US$3.9 billion of the US$8.8 billion Chinese LED package industry in 2015, according to the 2016 Chinese LED Chip and Package Industry Market Report by LEDinside, a division of TrendForce. Lighting LEDs’ share in the total scale of the Chinese LED package industry in 2015 also grew 15% year on year to reach 44%. MLS and Honglitronic, the two major Chinese package suppliers, have steadily expanded their market shares in the LED lighting application due to booming demand in Southeast Asia, India and other emerging markets. Consequently, their standings in the industry have gradually risen as well.
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LG Electronics Plans to Form OLED TV Partnerships with Chinese and Japanese Firms

LG Electronics has recently announced plans of partnering up with Chinese and Japanese companies to make OLED display TVs more mainstream, according to a Reuters report.
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Two Chinese Men Sentenced for Defrauding RMB 220,000 Subsidy

Two Chinese men sentenced for swindled RMB 220,000 (US$ 35, 506) worth of state energy subsidy by faking LED lamps clients purchase records and forging public seals in Zhangzhou, Fujian Province of China, according to a news report from Straits Herald.
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Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2009 — Chinese Manufacturers

Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2009 — Chinese Manufacturers GVO Golden Valley Optoelectronics Co., Ltd (GVO) is a Sino-US joint venture based in Hebei, China. At the exhibition this year, the company showcased its multiaspect LED bulb which was awarded first prize in the illuminants category of China’s Electrical Lighting Product Prize.
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