OmniMax™ LED Retrofit DLC Qualified, Trial Offer Extended

LED lighting manufacturer Evluma announces that its OmniMax LED retrofit lamp is now DLC (DesignLight Consortium) qualified and is listed on the DLC QPL (Qualified Products List). The DLC promotes high-quality, energy-efficient lighting. Utilities, lighting designers, and federal, state, and local entities depend on the DLC to help them identify quality products. 
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Evluma Releases ConnectLED™ Streetlight App on Google Play

LED lighting manufacturer, Evluma, announces the release of ConnectLED v2.2 for Android, a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) app that enables utilities and municipalities to wirelessly control Evluma LED lighting products from the ground. ConnectLED v2.2 for Android is an upgrade to the popular v2.1.
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7 Pin AreaMax Opens Door to Advanced LED Lighting Controls

LED lighting manufacturer Evluma announces the availability of a 7 pin option for the AreaMax™ LED luminaire for Street and Area Lighting. In compliance with ANSI C136.41-2013 Standard for Roadway and Area Lighting Equipment–Dimming Control between an External Locking Type Photocontrol and Ballast or Driver, the AreaMax 7 pin model supports 0-10V dimming and the power and voltage monitoring features of most wireless controls nodes. 
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Evluma LED Luminaire Receives IDA Seal of Approval

LED lighting manufacturer Evluma has received the IDA (International Dark Sky Association) Fixture Seal of Approval for its 40W and 70W 3000K CCT LED AreaMax street and area lights. IDA's Fixture Seal of Approval program certifies outdoor lighting fixtures as being Dark Sky Friendly, meaning that they minimize glare while reducing light trespass and skyglow. Certification criteria includes a CCT of 3000K or below and a U0 rating, emitting no light above 90 degrees. Street and area light submittals must also identify an optional backlight shield, available for the AreaMax since 2015.
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Evluma Launches Omnidirectional LED Streetlight Replacement

Breaking with the ‘corn cob’ industry form for decorative lighting retrofits, LED Lighting Manufacturer Evluma is poised to release the OmniMax, an omnidirectional LED retrofit that realistically emulates the size and light center of legacy HID bulbs, effectively capturing OEM refractive optics. The OmniMax will be offered in 40w or 70w, E26 or E39 configurations and several color temperatures ranging from 2K (amber) to 5K (bright white) to match historic or contemporary lighting specifications. Ideal for streetscapes, plazas, waterfronts, pathways or parks, the OmniMax has an anticipated Q2 2016 release date.
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Evluma Adds New Outdoor LED Luminaires to its Product Portfolio

Evluma announces the release of a Type III AreaMax, adding to the technologically innovative and award-winning AreaMax product line of outdoor LED luminaires for street and area lighting. The 70W LED Type III luminaire is recommended to replace 100-200W HID pole-mounted lights. Launching at TechAdvantge Conference and Expo in New Orleans, Feb 15-17, the Type III AreaMax is currently undergoing field trials with a release date of March 2016.
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Evluma™ Announces New Options for LED Outdoor Lights

LED lighting manufacturer Evluma announces that its popular AreaMax outdoor area security light products can now be ordered with integrated photocontrol and anti-corrosion coastal materials options. The options work with AreaMax’s new sleeker, lighter housing that increases overall architectural appeal and ease of installation.
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Evluma Moves to Larger Factory to Expand Production Capacity

LED Lighting manufacturer Evluma moves into a larger manufacturing facility at the end of July 2014. Located in Renton, Washington, U.S., the new facility embraces Lean Manufacturing philosophies and increases Evluma's manufacturing capacity by up to five times. The new site provides room to expand, allowing Evluma to bring on additional Lean lines in parallel with demand. Evluma makes the move to better serve and support their customer base.
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Evluma Releases 70W AreaMax LED Luminaire

Evluma is taking orders for the latest release in its expanding line of utility-grade LED area and security lights, the 70W AreaMax. With twice the LEDs and a higher lumen output than the existing 40W models, the 70W AreaMax is designed to replace up to 200W HID lights. The AreaMax delivers more than light; it maximizes energy savings with controls and minimizes maintenance costs with built-in Photocontrol Failsafe Mode (PCFM) and new FaultCast BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) broadcasting.
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Evluma Adds to the LED Clearlight Family with a Short Mogul Base, Short Medium Base and Short GU-24 Base 50W Beacon

LED lighting manufacturer Evluma announces the release of a short mogul base version of the Clearlight 50W Beacon LED retrofit for dusk-till-dawn fixtures. This shorter version of the Beacon places the light source higher up in the fixture for those customers who wish to use the refractor optics of the legacy device to modify the light distribution. The short version of the Clearlight Beacon is also available with a medium (E26) base, or a GU-24 base, opening up the Clearlight line for use in Commercial and Industrial applications, such as can lights, soffit lights and g...
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Evluma Launches Commercial & Industrial LED Presence, New Agreement with Service Concepts

LED lighting manufacturer Evluma announces the renewal of its Sales and Marketing Agreement with Service Concepts. As part of the new agreement Service Concepts will work with Evluma to provide exclusive distribution for Evluma’s first Commercial and Industrial LED product, the soon to be released 50W Omnipar. Service Concepts is owned by 30 Midwest utilities and serves as a supplier to hundreds more. Evluma and Service Concepts have been working together to promote the Clearlight outdoor LED retrofits to the co-op market since July 2009. “Give...
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Evluma Plans to Expand Product Line

Evluma announces plans to expand its product line beyond the popular 40W & 50W outdoor dusk-till-dawn Clearlight and intends to enter the indoor lighting market with a dimmable LED PAR 64 ceiling light designed. Prototypes of the PAR 64 LED lamp, plus a Clearlight horticultural lamp, a low pressure sodium equivalent lamp, and an acorn fixture LED Retrofit with multiple mounting options were demonstrated at The LED Show on July 27, 2011 in Las Vegas. Evluma anticipates the announcement of formal release dates for these new products in 2012. Testing and pilo...
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BPA Rebate Available for Clearlight 40W LED NEMA Type 5 Lamp

Evluma Clearlight 40W LED replacement lamp for NEMA Type 5 lighting applications has been approved for a Custom Project Proposal Incentive from Bonneville Power Administration (BPA). Incentives will be based on energy saved by installation of the Clearlight in lighting applications currently served by 70-150W High Pressure Sodium (HPS) and 50-175W Mercury Vapor (MV) lamps.
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Evluma to Release Wide Optic LED Luminaire for Area Lighting

Evluma, a SSL manufacturer located in Seattle, the U.S., announces the new Clearlight 40W Wide Optic LED luminaire for dusk-till-dawn area lights, the latest in its line of energy efficient, LED replacement lamp / luminaries. With a peak intensity vertical angle of 53º the new wide optic delivers light in an evenly dispersed NEMA Type 5 (circular) pattern.
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