Magnalight.com Releases a Black Remote Control LED Golight

Larson Electronics’ Magnalight.com announced the addition of the GL-30514 LED Golight to its comprehensive inventory of Golight remote controlled spotlights. This high power spotlight combines the long life and high efficiency of LED technology with the proven Golight design to produce a powerful and reliable lighting solution capable of operating within a wide variety of professional applications. The GL-30514 LED remote control spotlight from Magnalight.com combines the power and efficiency of LEDs with the versatility and convenience of remote control ope...
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Magnalight.com Introduces Rechargeable LED Light Stick

Designed for use anywhere, the WL-LED-12-M LED light stick from Larson Electronics’ Magnalight combines the convenience of rechargeable portability with the versatility of magnetic mounting. Containing 60 LEDs powered by an integral Ni/Hm battery, this LED light stick produces enough light to cover an area approximately 25 foot long by 20 foot wide, and will run for over four hours on a single charge. An impact, shock, and vibration resistant housing provides durable operation and makes this light suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The long life LEDs have...
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Magnalight.com by Larson Electronics Releases High Intensity LED Wall Pack Light

Larson Electronics' Magnalight.com has announced the addition of the LEDWP-250 LED wall pack light to its extensive line of high grade LED lighting solutions. Designed to provide a vapor and weatherproof lighting solution for demanding environments, this LED equipped wall pack light offers versatile voltage options, and light output comparable to 250 watt halogen fixtures. Ruggedly constructed and boasting a 50,000 hour LED operational life, this wall pack light offers highly efficient operation coupled with extreme lamp life that can help to reduce energy and maint...
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Magnalight Introduces Compact and Portable LED Light

Larson Electronics' Magnalight.com introduces the MUL-LED10W-16CP portable LED light with included magnetic base and cigarette lighter plug. Producing 900 lumens and incorporating a rugged handle and magnetic mounting base, this portable unit is ideal for use as a spotlight or area light. Extremely durable and available with a choice of spot or flood beam configurations, this unit can be easily attached to vehicles and equipment using the included magnetic base, while a solid plastic handle allows users to also operate this unit as a traditional spotlight. The MUL...
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Magnalight.com Releases New LED Light

Larson Electronics’ Magnalight.com announced today the release of the HAL-EMG-48-2L-LED hazardous location LED light with emergency backup capability and Class 1 Division 2 ratings for Groups A, B, C and D. This LED fixture offers more light than comparable fluorescent fixtures, and includes a battery backup system that will continue light operation in the event of power failure. The HAL-EMG-48-2L-LED Hazardous Area LED Light Fixture for industrial and commercial lighting applications contains LED tube lamps that produce more light tha...
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Magnalight’s Bar Operated by Cree‘s XLamp MC-E LEDs

Magnalight has inrtoduced its LEDPB10W-240X2E LED light bar using twenty-four Cree XLamp MC-E LEDs for boating and sailing applications. The new product produces 20,640 lumens of intensely bright light output in a compact housing size. IP68 rated and waterproof to 3 metres, the  LEDPB10W-240X2E LED light bar is designed to resist the destructive effects of salt water and the elements, and is made of extruded aluminium with an unbreakable LEXAN lens and stainless steel mounting hardware for extreme durability and resistance to the usual corro...
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Magnalight Introduced EPL-JH16C-1MLED-100 Explosion Proof LED Light

Magnalight has introduced EPL-JH16C-1MLED-100 Explosion Proof LED Light. The 16-inch diameter LED light head on this unit produces 10,000 lumens of light in a wide flood pattern and draws only 150 watts. This light can be operated with 120VAC to 277 VAC. The ladder and rail bracket is constructed of non-sparking aluminum and can be adjusted from 26 inches to 43 inches in length to allow mounting to a wide variety of railings, scaffoldings or ladders. The LED light head can be adjusted through 90 degrees of tilt.  It can also pass through most sta...
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Magnalight.com Adds Multi-Purpose Underwater LED Light Effective to 60 Meters

Larson Electronics’ magnalight.com introduced the LEDEUL4 underwater LED light for wet area and submerged applications. At 12 watts, this LED light can be configured with visible, color or infrared LEDs and operates on 9-32 volts. Producing 720 lumens and measuring 4.25 inches in diameter and 1.25 inches thick, the underwater LED light is mounted with three through holes. The sealed junction box design eliminates the need for ‘bedding’ concerns and ensures watertight and moisture tight design.
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Magnalight Offers Marine Grade 1000 Watt High Pressure Sodium Light with Remote Ballast

Larson Electronics’ magnalight.com announced the addition of the MRL-1000HPS-EB 1000 watt high pressure sodium (HPS) light with remote ballast. Equipped with remote ballast, this HPS saltwater certified light is much lighter than traditional high wattage fixtures. This high pressure sodium marine grade light is also easier to maintain as well, since the most critical components are secured in a separate NEMA enclosure.
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Magnalight.com Unveils New High Powered 100 Watt LED light with 9000 Lumens

Larson Electronics’ magnalight.com unveiled their latest LED light, the LED10W-10R. The 9000 lumen, 100 watt LED light offers spot and flood beam patterns and is available in black or white aluminum housings. Measuring 20 inches long and less than 3 inches tall, the sleek LED10W-10R LED light contains 10 individual 10 watt LEDs, each producing 900 lumens, for a total of 9000 lumen output.
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Magnalight.com Adds High Powered LED Light with Red, Blue, Green or Amber LEDs

Larson Electronics’ magnalight.com announced the addition of a 4320 lumen LED light available with a choice of colors, including red, blue, green and amber. Producing a spot beam reaching 900 feet, the LEDLB-24C LED light with colored LEDs offers operators in outdoors, industrial and military applications alternatives to traditional white light LED output. The LEDLB-24C operates on 9-32 volts DC for vehicles, boats and equipment and is available with surface or magnetic mounting.
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Magnalight.com Adds Surface Mount Billet Encased LED Modules

Larson Electronics' magnalight.com added several new LED lights, including the LEDSM-3X60 and the LEDSM-1X60 mounts for flat and tubular mounting of small LED lights. The LEDSM-3X60 LED light consists of three 250 lumen watertight, potted LED lights encased in an machined aluminum billet housing. The LEDSM-1X60 LED light is similar in construction with only a single water tight LED capsule. The individual LED pods contain 15 LEDs and are fully potted. Each LED has a red and black lead for 12 or 24 volt power.
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Magnalight Adds 90 Watt Compact LED Light with 7,200 Lumens and 2500 Foot Flood Beam

Larson Electronics’ magnalight.com released the LED10W-9S 90 watt LED emitter light. Housed in cast aluminum, nine 10 watt LEDs are packaged within individual reflectors, generating 7,200 lumens, while drawing only 8.5 amps on 12 volts. The LED10W-9S LED emitter light
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Larson Electronics Introduces Rechargeable LED Drop Light with Lithium Ion Battery

Larson Electronics announced a new addition to its line of rechargeable LED drop lights, with the introduction of the HL-LED960. This rechargeable LED light offers both flood light and spotlight illumination options and the user can toggle between modes using a 3 position rocker switch at the base of the handle. The entire LED flashlight is encapsulated in rubber, including both end caps, for shock protection when dropped.
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Magnalight.com Adds Magnetic Mount Infrared Beaconing LED Light

Larson Electronics introduced the Magnalight LED10W-1SS-IR infrared LED beacon with adjustable magnetic mount. The 2 inch square aluminum housing contains a single 3 watt infrared LED light that is available in 850nm wavelength or 940nm wavelength. The infrared LED sits within a parabolic reflector and is protected by an aluminum face plate and polycarbonate lens. Projecting 180 lumens, the infrared beacon emits non-visible light that can be viewed with night vision equipment.
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Magnalight.com Adds MRAP / MATV Infrared LED Light

Larson Electronics announces the addition of the MRAP/MATV infrared LED light for vehicle mount applications. The LEDLB-24-VIR 72 watt LED light was designed specifically to support military vehicle blackout applications. With dual power supplies, the visible LEDs turn off when the blackout system is activated while the infrared LEDs continue to illuminate.
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Magnalight.com Adds High Powered Amber LED Light for Boats, Vehicles and Equipment

In response to demands from military customers, boaters and fire rescue operators, Larson Electronics Magnalight announced the latest addition to its line of low voltage LED lights, the LED24-AMB. Producing yellow light in the 590nm wavelength, this 72 watt, 4,320 lumen output, the LEDBL-24-AMB LED emitter light is designed to improve visibility at distance for users operating in foggy, dusty, smoky or snowy conditions.
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Magnalight.com Adds LED T-Series Style Stainless Steel Light for Class 1 Division 2 Areas

Furthering extending a wide range of explosion proof and hazardous location lighting, Larson Electronics Magnalight announced the addition of a T-series LED tube based stainless steel light fixture.
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Magnalight Adds LED T Series Bulb Options to Corrosion Resistant Hazardous Area Fluorescent Lights

Expanding on its line of explosion proof and hazardous location fluorescent lighting, Larson Electronics Magnalight now offers LED T series bulbs for its HALP and HALSS series of corrosion resistant lighting.
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