Aeon Lighting Technology Expands Orion Series of LED Retrofit Recessed Lights

Aeon Lighting Technology expands its Orion Series of LED retrofit recessed lights with the introduction of a new 4-inch downlight (20W). The new model is for existing sites, new construction and remodel installations.
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LED MR16 in GOLD to Showcase at Hong Kong Lighting Fair

Everybody loves gold. It is traditionally believed to have the powers of healing, protection, wisdom, money, and success. In some cultures gold is linked to the powers of the Sun, and in others it is associated with demi-Gods and monarchs. Whatever gold represents, it is the most cherished and one of the most valuable metals in the world. Now, Aeon Lighting Technology (ALT) has come out with a special edition – the MR16 – coated in gold.
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ALT Introduces New 8ft LED Tube

LED 8ft tube Aeon Lighting Technology (ALT) of Taipei, Taiwan has debuted a new generation of LED 8ft tube that it says is the brightest and most effective lighting solution. The company notes that conventional fluorescent tubes suffer from low luminous efficacy and limited wattage usage. ALT says that this is due to inefficient power design and unfavorable heat dissipation, traditional T8 fluorescent tubes can’t be as efficient or have a life span that is as long as expected. Alt asserts that its new LED Tube offers better energy efficiency, higher qualit...
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Cree Cooperates with Aeon On Mellow "Sunset" Glow MR16 Lamp

LED technology developed by Cree and Aeon creates warm glow of success at top international tourist destination   The warm mellow glow of a sunset is not what most consumers currently associate with LED lighting, but that is the effect now being delivered by the MR16 lamp from Aeon Lighting Technology Inc. (ALT). A key commercial LED light bulb manufacturer in Taiwan and well known in the industry for its retrofit bulbs, ALT has a well established relationship with Cree, Inc., and the Taiwan based company designed the Cree XLamp® XT-E 2200K CC...
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ALT Acquired LED Streetlight CNS Mark

Recently, Taiwan LED manufacturer Aeon Lighting Technology (ALT) has successfully acquired the LED Streetlight CNS Mark, making it Taiwan’s first LED-streetlight manufacturer to pass inspections of the world’s first industry standard dedicated to LED streetlights. In the meantime, it also released its latest versions of its LED lamps, such as Orion-coded T8 light tubes, chandelier bulbs, SO2-coded streetlights, BR lamps, and GX5.3 MR16 lamps in the fourth quarter 2010.
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Aeon Lighting Technology Receives Two Coveted M-Technology Awards

Aeon Lighting Technology, a leading global manufacturer of high power LED lighting products today announced that it has received two of the coveted M-Technology Awards for excellence of design at this year’s winners ceremony.
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Osram Opto Semiconductors is expanding its Oslon Black family for the infrared range with six new automotive IREDs. The 850 nm versions are intended for exterior applications such as night vision, pedestrian protection, pre-field recognition a... READ MORE

Lumileds introduced the LUXEON CZ Color Line, a product line optimized to deliver maximum punch. “The LUXEON CZ features up to 48% higher punch than any other undomed color LED,” said Jennifer Holland, Product Line Direct... READ MORE