Western Australia Replaces All Traffic Lights with LEDs

It might not be something the general public will necessarily notice, but they will see it.
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Bahrain to Start Second Phase of LED Traffic Light Upgrades

Middle East country Bahrain plans to initiate the second phase II of its LED Traffic Signals Project next month, said Kadhim Abdul Latif, Acting Roads Assistant Undersecretary at the Ministry of Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning.
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UK City Leicester Invests in LED Traffic Lights

Leicester, a city in UK, will be spending almost GBP 1 million (US$1.48 million) in LED traffic lights, reported Leicester Mercury.
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PennDot Invests $ 1.8M in LED Traffic Lights Upgrade

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) in U.S. announced recently plans of investing $1.8 million to upgrade Pennslvania’s 38 municipalities and 3 counties traffic lights under the “Green Light-Go” project, according to a WPMT Fox 43 report.
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Dubai Traffic Lights Go Green

Dubai’s The Roads and Trasport Authority (RTA) has started to replace halogen traffic lights in the emirate with LEDs, according to a Gulfnews.com report.
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LED Traffic Lights Too Cool to Melt Snow

As more cities try to save energy and reduce carbon footprint with LED traffic lights, those located in colder climate might need to consider installing additional heating devices to avoid car accidents during heavy snow.
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Brazilian City Brightens Up with GE Traffic Lights

GE's GTx™ LED traffic signals have been installed in the city of Bauru to provide energy-efficient traffic signal illumination. High visibility and light uniformity offered by GTx™ LED signals led the municipality to choose GE's LED transportation lighting solution. 
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GAM resumes replacing the traffic lights heads with LED system signs

Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) will install LED system signs and requests a new tender with a cost of JOD 100.000, to import new LED traffic lights, said by the Director of Traffic Operations Department, Eng. Khaled Haddadeen. He noted that GAM has already tested the traffic lights on Al Rabiah sign (the intersection of Mecca Street and Saad Ibn Abi Waqqas Street, and 60~70% of the Capital's traffic lights, about 125 light signs, have already been replaced.
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LED traffic lights can't melt snow, causing dozens of accidents

Taking advantage of the countless benefits of the LED, including its lower power consumption, and longer lifetime, various cities in the Unites States have been replacing traditional filament-based traffic signal bulbs with LED bulbs for years. Unfortunately, the low-wattage LED units are not hot enough to melt the snow that sticks to the lenses of traffic signals, causing dozens of accidents.
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