[Legal News] Philips Dismisses Lawsuit Against RAB Lighting, While Cree Settles Case with MaxBrite

Philips Lighting dismisses an infringement claim filed with the U.S. International Trade Commission against RAB Lighting. Cree and MaxBrite announced in a report filed in the U.S. District Court the settlement of the patent infringement lawsuit Cree instituted in November last year.
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RAB Lighting Introduces First Cloud-based Commercial Lighting Control System

RAB Lighting today introduced Lightcloud, a commercial wireless lighting control system and service fully developed and supported by RAB. Designed from the ground up to be the most intuitive, advanced and secure networked control system on the market, Lightcloud removes the barriers to implementing lighting controls, delivering energy
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RAB Lighting Introduces the 9-Watt LED Surface-mount Fixture

RAB Lighting introduces the 9 –Watt SKEET™ surface-mount LED. This versatile low-cost fixture comes in round and square designs, measures just five inches across and just over one inch deep. SKEET fits on standard junction boxes, so it’s great for replacing old incandescent or fluorescent fixtures on ceilings and walls.
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RAB Lighting Introduces the LPANEL Line of Affordable LED Panels

RAB Lighting announces the availability of LPANEL, its new line of LED panel fixtures. Designed with high performance and affordability in mind, the new LPANEL products deliver ultra smooth edge-to-edge light in a modern design. LPANEL breaks new ground in efficiency delivering up to 106 lm/W.
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RAB Lighting introduces LED landscape fixture

RAB Lighting expands its line of affordable and energy-efficient outdoor LED lighting with the introduction of a 10 and 20 watt LED bollard.
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RAB Lighting launches 20W LED wallpack for outdoor use

RAB Lighting shoots for the heart of the commercial outdoor lighting market with the introduction of an affordable LED product, the LPACK 20. RAB LED fixtures are a fraction of the initial cost of competitive products. The total cost of ownership of an LPACK 20 is reduced further with a 50,000 hour LED lamp life, eliminating the need for multiple lamp changes.
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RAB Lighting Introduces New LED Wallpack

RAB Lighting is proud to introduce the LPACK; an innovative, affordable and functional LED Wallpack. Available in both warm and cool light, the LPACK has a high-output, 10 watt LED light engine that delivers 70% of its initial lumens at 50,000 hours and produces a light output comparable to 35 watt high-pressure sodium wallpacks. The LPACK reduces energy costs by as much as 30% when compared to equivalent high-pressure sodium, metal halide or incandescent fixtures.
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