Hi Score Subsidiary Green LED Cooperates with NexPhase Lighting on Primary Source

Hi Score Corporation’s subsidiary Green LED Technology Inc, has made a deal with Miami Lighting Distributor, NexPhase Lighting, to call for NexPhase to use Green LED Tech as a primary source for its Energy Saving Lighting needs. Company COO Dominick Falso has been negotiating with top executives at NexPhase for some time.  “NexPhase is expanding its efforts in the Energy Saving Lighting end of their distribution efforts and we are honored that they are relying on us to fill these needs…it is a little too soon to predict the ...
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Hi Score Corporation Strengthen Its Sales in Private Label Energy Saving Street Lights

Hi Score Corporation has announced to strengthen its sales in the ever growing Energy Saving LED Streetlight market. According to the company, it has been developing relationships with American manufactures in an effort to be able to sell a private labeled Energy Saving LED or Induction Street Light at a price that makes sense for the buyer.  ...
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Hi Score Supports Energy Saving for Trump Towers

Hi Score Corporation has supported a second round of Energy Saving EcoGreenBulb T5 Retrofit Kits as the addition to the original kits delivered earlier this year in Trump Towers of Sunny Isles, Florida. It estimated the conversion will reduce the energy required to light these areas by more than 50%.
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Trump Tower Utilizes Hi Score's LED Lights to Save Energy

Hi Score Corporation has recently offered 510 Energy Saving EcoGreenBulb T5 Retrofit Kits to replace 1020 T8 fluorescent bulbs in the stairwells and facilities rooms of Trump Tower One in Sunny Isles, Florida.   The conversion will reduce the energy required to light these areas by more than 50%.  
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Hi Score completed the LED bulbs installation for second stage of conversion of lighting in Sunny Isles

Hi Score has completed the replacement of approximately 3,500 T8 fluorescent tubes with the EcoGreenBulb T5 Retrofit System at the second stage of the conversion of the Ocean Four Condominium Towers in Sunny Isles.   The conversion began in October 2009 with the replacing of over 1,000 traditional halogen light bulbs to 6W LED bulbs. And the conversion is saving Ocean Four approximately 40% off this part of their light bill.
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Hi Score and NexPhase Enter Agreement to Develop Energy Saving LED Street Lights

High Score Corporation has entered into a licensing agreement to develop a line of Energy Saving LED Street Lights and Parking Lot Lights with NexPhase Lighting. In spite of earnest efforts on the part of management this funding has not fully materialized. As a result, the previous President of the company, Dror Svorai, stepped down from his position as CEO and created an LED Lighting Factory.
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Hi Score Renews CEC Mandate

Hi Score Corporation announced today the renewal of the mandate to Corporate Excellence Consulting. The company began to work with CEC in December of 2009 in order to obtain strategic advice on the vast Energy Saving Lighting Market.
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Hi Score Helps South Florida Luxury Car Dealership Go Green

Hi Score Corporation announced today that Euro Motorsports of Fort Lauderdale, a luxury and exotic car dealership that specializes in Lamborghini, Ferrari and Rolls Royce, is now saving 60% off of their lighting bill as a result of the Green LED Lights that were installed by Green LED Technology Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of High Score Corporation.
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Hi Score and Coral Springs Working Together to Reduce Energy Consumption

Green LED Technology Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Hi Score Corporation announced today that it has been invited by the City of Coral Springs, Florida to bid on the supply and application of LED Street Lights. The project is aimed at replacing conventional 250 watt street lights with Green LED Technology's energy saving LED street lights, which only use 112 watts. This project is just part of the company's objective of converting 100,000 street lights within the next 24 months in Southern and Central Florida.
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Hi Score's Conversion of Florida Condominium to LED Lights a Great Success

Hi Score Corporation announced that the conversion of the Ocean Four Condominium Towers in Sunny Isles Florida have resulted in 60% savings in lighting cost. The conversion consisted of replacing over 1,000 traditional halogen light bulbs to 6-watt LED bulbs in the month of October of this year. Ocean Four has enjoyed drastic reduction in electricity consumption due to the lower watts consumption of the LED bulbs and since their temperature is also very low, the condominiums have reduced their air conditioning operational cost on all three towers of 23 floors each.
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Hi Score Achieves New Milestone

Hi Score Corporation announced today that it has achieved a new milestone by extending its distribution agreement with Consolidated Electrical Distributors. The distribution was initiated in early 2009, providing Consolidated Electrical with the exclusive right to distribute the American Made Energy Saving Street Lights. The plan calls for CED Miami to distribute the line through all 660 of its sister locations throughout the continental United States.
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Hi Score Completes Re-Organization and Acquisition of Green LED Solutions

Hi-Score Corporation announced the completion of the company's re-organization and acquisition of Green LED Solutions by its wholly owned subsidiary Green LED Technology. According to the acquisition agreement, Green LED Solutions is now merged with Green LED Technology, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hi Score Corp. This re-organization and acquisition will have the result of combining all rights and ownership of the current and pending contracts to the company.
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