Nationstar Partners with TCL to Develop Next-Gen Mini LED Technologies

On the evening of August 26, TCL held its Mini LED agenda event “To See with Foresight” in Shenzhen. During the event, TCL announced essential strategies for Mini LED development and plans to develop ultra-large displays, revealing its determination to compete with Mini LED display technologies. With Strategic Support, Nationstar Partners with TCL to Facilitate Mini LED Development As a strategic partner of TCL, Nationstar provides technical, product, and service support during the LED and SMT processes for TCL regarding ...
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With Three Technical Breakthroughs, Nationstar Enables UV-C Products to Regain International Market Trust

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, public awareness of sterilization notably enhanced in 2020, particularly in international market. In response to robust market demand, a variety of portable UV-C LED sterilization and disinfection products emerged, but demand overbalanced supply instantly as a result of the sudden explosion in demand. Thus, UV-C became an instant hit in the LED industry, drawing on a large and growing investment capital. As the number of UV-C LED manufacturers mushroomed, total market capacity immediately increased severalfold and even up dozens of ...
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Mini LED Supply Chain Sees Positive Sign amid COVID-19 Crisis

Leading laptop and PC makers including MSI, Acer, ASUS and Lenovo are launching products adopting Mini LED technology. The technology is also believed to be seen on the new Apple iPad Pro and MacBook Pro coming in the second half of 2020. With more products using Mini LED entering the market, many hold a positive attitude toward the supply chain. (Image: Pixabay) For Mini LED chip manufacture, Taiwan’s Epistar has expanded its Mini LED production capacity with increased capital expenditures. The new capacity is scheduled to be ready by th...
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【GILE 2019】China and Taiwan LED Makers Say Micro LED and Mini LED Display Technology Ready for Mass Production

Despite that the core of GILE is LED lighting and lighting related applications, LED producers who joined the event this year took the opportunity to present their latest development of Micro LED and Mini LED technologies. Micro LED Display Shineon from Beijing, China, showcased a 139-inch 4K Micro LED display at GILE 2019. The Micro LED display is spliced by 576 units of 96mm*96mm Micro LED display module which their pitch size is 0.8mm. Shineon and Lumens from South Korea have developed Micro LED display modules with pitch siz...
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Nationstar Reveals Its Mini LED Progress and Plans to Sell Its Subsidiary

Chinese LED packaging company Nationstar has demonstrated its Mini LED applications at Display International, Touch Taiwan and announced its plan to sell its subsidiary at the latest conference call on September 5th.
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Nationstar Establishes Micro & Mini LED Research Center

Chinese LED packager Nationstar on March 2 inaugurated its new research center focusing on the research and development of Mini LED and Micro LED.
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Three Chinese LED Manufacturers Revenue Performance for 1H16

Chinese LED manufacturers Nationstar, Opple Lighting and Ocean King all unveiled their latest earnings for first half of 2016.
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Nationstar Signs Two Equipment Procurement Contracts Totaling RMB 150M

Nationstar announced it signed two separate procurement agreements with ASM Microelectronics Technical Services (Shanghai) (ASM Microelectronics) and ASM Pacific (Hong Kong Limited).
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Nationstar to Invest in Total RMB 77.25M in Two Subsidiaries

Chinese LED manufacturer Nationstar announced recently, it will be scaling up its investments in two subsidiaries including Foshan Nationstar and Zhejiang Invenlux.
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Nationstar to Invest US$ 9.4M for Equipment Purchase

Chinese LED manufacturer Nationstar announced it has signed a domestic equipment procurement agreement with ASM Pacific Technology (Shanghai), and import equipment purchase agreement with ASM Pacific Technology (Hong Kong).
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GRAM’s Motive in Investing in Nationstar and Foshan Lighting

Two years ago, Guangdong Rising Assets Management (GRAM) was a relatively unheard name in China’s LED lighting industry, but recently it has become one of the most recognized companies in the local LED industry, according to a Dazhaoming report. The motives behind the state-owned enterprise’s investments in top Chinese LED players Nationstar and Foshan Lighting reflect the involvement of important government strategies.
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Nationstar Net Profits Up 30% YoY during First Half of 2015

Chinese LED manufacturer Nationstar announced Tuesday the company revenue was up 24.65% Year-on-Year (YoY) to RMB 906 million (US $141.85 million), according to the company’s financial statement.
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Nationstar To Acquire Guangdong Desheng for RMB 250 M

Nationstar announced Monday it will be acquiring electronic manufacturer Guangdong Desheng company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Guangsheng, for RMB 250 million (US $40.60 million).
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Nationstar Reports Steady LED Revenue Growth in 2014

In a recent financial statement, Nationstar highlighted positive growth during fiscal year 2014.
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Nationstar Major Shareholder Sells Shares in Company

Chinese LED manufacturer Nationstar Chairman of the Supervisory Juyi Tsai has further sold his shares in the company.
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Nationstar Top Two Shareholders Sheds 11.55 Million Shares

Nationstar’s Vice Chairmen Yao Hao Wang and Binhai Yu sold 11.55 million company shares, or equivalent to 2.68% company stock shares from Dec. 29-30, 2014, according to a report by Quanjing.com.
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Nationstar to Become State-Owned Company After New Round of Financing

Chinese LED manufacturer Nationstar announced a new round of financing on Sept. 29, 2014 to fund the production expansion for small pitch LED display and outdoor LED display components, according to China Securities Network. After the financing, the company will become a subsidiary of Chinese state-owned Guangdong Guangye Assets Management.
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Nationstar and Baewoon Electronics Form Alliance to Expand LED Bulb Market

Korean manufacturer Baewoon Electronics and Chinese LED manufacturer Foshan Nationstar Optoelectronics have signed a LED lighting Strategic Partnership Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), according to a recent report by Korean media AJU Business Daily. 
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San’an Opto and Nationstar Sign Three Year LED Chip Procurement Agreement

San’an Optoelectronics (San’an Opto) announced on April 16, 2014 that the company has signed a three year strategic agreement to sell LED chips to Foshan Nationstar (Nationstar). 
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Nationstar Has Hands Full with New LED Patents and Government Subsidies

Nationstar announced the company’s acquirement of two LED manufacturing patents as well as two district government subsidies for subsidiary Foshan Nationstar Optoelectronics totaling RMB 10.24 million (US $1.7 million) in a report on Dec, 12, 2013. 
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New Standards in LED Optical Components Awaits Appraisal

The Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China on the 3rd released news on their website that the expert panel discussion over the “LED lighting standard optical component technology and management system” policy is convening in Guangzhou. The policy was first initiated in Guangdong and must go through expert appraisal before being passed.
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SemiLEDs’ Customers Confirm New I-core™ LED Achieves Over 120 lm/W

SemiLEDs Corporation, a world leading LED chip manufacturer, announces its new I-core™ LED has achieved over 120 lm/W in an optimized white light package by both, Nationstar Optoelectronics and SENGLED , leading LED packaging companies in Mainland China. These results demonstrate SemiLEDs commitment to developing its technology to provide superior performing products which continue to push the threshold of LED performance.
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Violumas is proud to announce the addition of new VC3X3 COB Module configurations to its extensive, high power UV LED product lineup. The M3X3L9 module sets are available in UVB and UVC wavelengths (265nm, 275nm, 295nm, 310nm) and are comprise... READ MORE

Tokushima, Japan - 6 March 2024: Nichia, the world's largest LED manufacturer and inventor of the high-brightness blue and white LED, has started mass production of the new UV-B (308nm) and UV-A (330nm) LEDs in its popular 434 Series packa... READ MORE