NASA Science-backed LED Light Bulbs for Your Health

It’s a cruel daily cycle. We get drowsy when it’s time for that big meeting, but are suddenly wide awake when it’s time to hit the hay. But did you ever think that swapping your light bulbs might be the solution? The researchers at Lighting Science Group have been studying the effects of different kinds of light on our sleep and awake cycles since they developed light therapy products for NASA astronauts, and have extended their findings to create a line of LED bulbs engineered to restore our natural circadian rhythms. Inhabitat recently checked out LSG’s HealthE biological light line, which includes an Awake and Alert bulb that promotes energy and cognitive abilities, a Good Night bulb that supports the body’s natural creation of melatonin for corrected sleep patterns, and the Sleepy Baby bulb that creates the perception of darkness to help babies fall asleep. Read on to see what we learned.
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3D Printed LED Light Bulbs Topped with a Cityscape

Dutch designer David Graas has created 3D-printed LED light bulbs that have cityscapes rising from them in a series called Huddle.             These bulbs are Graas' homage to the modern city. "The mega city, despite its many problems, seems to be our destined habitat now that resources are becoming scarce. It also hold the key to a sustainable future with its concentration of information, technology and talent." he says. They also look really cool. The bulb itself is actually a "bulbshade"...
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LED Light Bulbs Vs. Incandescent Light Bulbs (Infographic)

The incandescent light bulb was invented in 1879. It has served us well for the last 134 years. But as energy demands rise and concern over green house and climate change grows, a challenger has risen—the LED light bulbs. In 2011 the United States consumed 461 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity just to keep the lights on. Switching to energy efficient LED lights could reduce that number by as much as 90 percent, which would save trillions of dollars annually and dramatically decrease green house gas emissions. The Light Bulb Showdown series demonstrates the en...
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PIDA Predicts 1.05 million LED Light Bulbs will be Sold in Taiwan in 2012

Taiwan Photonic Industry & Technology Development Association (PIDA) has estimated that 1.05 million LED light bulbs will be sold in Taiwan by the end of 2012, 2.7 folds more than last year’s level. The hefty growth is mainly thanks to recent hikes of electricity rates on the island, narrowed price gap between LED light bulbs and CFLs, and much better lumen-watt performance of LED lamps than CFLs. as a result, the bright market outlook has drawn many local manufacturers to branch out into LED light bulb production and build up brand name in the m...
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OPCOM launches Ceratech series LED light bulbs, with energy saving and environmental protection attributes

Opcom Group, the global supplier in professional development and production of digital imaging products for almost 20 years, releases a full range of "OPCOM LED light bulbs" with a three-year product warranty for home and commercial environment needs. Opcom group provides the total solutions in LED bulbs selection.
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Sharp to Launch new LED Light Bulbs in Japan

On February 26, 2010, Sharp Corp will release four types of LED light bulbs in Japan. They are two types of E17 small-size bulbs and two types of E26 spherical bulbs and come in two colors (daylight and incandescent colors). The size of the power supply unit was reduced by using the company's original LED device.
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Osram Opto Semiconductors is expanding its Oslon Black family for the infrared range with six new automotive IREDs. The 850 nm versions are intended for exterior applications such as night vision, pedestrian protection, pre-field recognition a... READ MORE

Lumileds introduced the LUXEON CZ Color Line, a product line optimized to deliver maximum punch. “The LUXEON CZ features up to 48% higher punch than any other undomed color LED,” said Jennifer Holland, Product Line Direct... READ MORE