Philips and the Islamic world

Spearing into the blue sky, Burj Khalifa – also called “the Dubai Tower” – has been regarded as one of the most remarkable building in human history. Burj Khalifa is a landmark among Middle East, where is mostly dominated by Islamic culture, and also an icon of how high technology can help to construct an “automatic” building. Across the Persian Gulf, there is a vivid comparison to Burj Khalifa –Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, Qatar. The museum is a beautiful architecture that collects enormous number of Islamic artworks. Both of these two great building are lightened up by fixtures from Philips.
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Philips Dynalite delivers LED lights and control system to Scarlet Hotel

Philips Dynalite has drawn on its expertise in the hospitality sector to supply an energy-saving lighting control system for the luxury Scarlet eco-hotel in Cornwall. The design by Philips Dynalite Dimension dealer, Lightmaster-Direct, embraces best environmental practices to yield a lighting scheme in harmony with the surroundings—using just 3.36 watts per square metre—and providing guests with an unparalleled ambience and sense of opulence.
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