Plexineon Plays a Starring Role at Salt Lake City’s New Theater

In Salt Lake City, Utah, the debut of the 2500-seat, $119 million George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Theater was highly anticipated — bringing to the downtown's cultural core a much-needed new venue large enough to accommodate even the most ambitious Broadway productions.
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Plexineon Provides Glow inside New Blue Moon Brewing Company Restaurant

In 1995, Denver-based Blue Moon Brewing Company got its start in the basement of Coors Field. More than 20 years later, the brand is a subsidiary of MillerCoors, but in a nod to its local, craft brewer roots, Blue Moon has opened its own brewery and restaurant in Denver’s River North neighborhood.
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Creating a Statement Piece in a Branded Space

Teads is a global video advertising-technology company that is growing quickly. The company’s new offices in New York City needed to reflect its dynamic team and culture. The vision for the space included a mix of materials, from the sleek to the organic. While the overall design is minimalist, a main hallway provided an opportunity to have some fun and make a bold statement. The result is a stunning custom lighting installation created with iLight Plexineon White 1X 3500 LED fixtures.
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Biomedical Sidney Research Campus Relit with Artistic Lighting

Located in the shadow of Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the Sidney Research Campus is a study in new thinking.
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Lighting a Celestial Stage

Located on the campus of San Antonio College, the recently expanded and renovated Scobee Education Center showcases San Antonio’s heritage and future as an aerospace hub, as well as the wonders of space and career opportunities in aerospace engineering, science and technology.
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Global Ad Agency Colorfully Transformed by LEDs

Located in Midtown Manhattan, the offices for advertising agency JWT New York also serve as the global headquarters for JWT Worldwide. As such, the creative office environment is designed to contribute to the agency’s philosophy and help its team create memorable work for its clients.
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ILight Tech LED Luminaires Adding Glow to Newly Renovated Denver Union Station

Bustling new public Plaza Features Plexineon-illuminated Benches In downtown Denver, a $4.7 billion redevelopment of Union Station will create a bustling urban center and multimodal transit hub that integrates light rail, commuter rail, Amtrak, and bus service, as well as new private development and public spaces. The project is already taking shape with completion of its first phase: Light Rail Plaza, which comprises the new light rail station plus 40,000 square feet of outdoor plaza space. To provide a pleasant experience for daily commuters, the plaza includes nin...
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iLight Case Study: Sports Authority Field at Mile High

  Making the Broncos' Stadium Brand New Plexineon Upgrades Denver's Sports Authority Field at Mile High A new look and a new name -- that's what the home of the Denver Broncos got when sporting goods company Sports Authority took over naming rights for the NFL team's stadium in 2011. Now Sports Authority Field at Mile High, the 10-year-old, 76,000-seat arena underwent a facelift as part of the rebranding, the centerpiece of which is a prominent horizontal line of iLight Plexineon Red Series fixtures outlining the curve of the st...
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iLight Technologies LED fixtures illuminate Capital City State Trail Overpass

Bridges do more than provide a passage over barriers. They connect; they join -- both symbolically as well as physically. A growing Midwestern city called Fitchburg, located in Wisconsin, needed such a connection. Fitchburg city officials wanted a gateway structure to their city, a means to connect local and regional trails and paths, and a way to solve safety and congestion issues with its major bicycle and pedestrian trail known as the Capital City State Trail.
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