Opple Lighting Raises RMB 864M through its First IPO

Opple Lighting successfully closed its first IPO and raised RMB 864 million (US $130.26 million) after issuing 58 million shares, the company stated.
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CSRC Approves Opple Lighting’s IPO Application

After three long years, Opple Lighting’s Initial Public Offering (IPO) application was finally approved by China’s Securities Regulatory Committee (CSRC), and is closer to its goal of being listed on the Chinese bourse.
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Philips Says Lighting Business IPO Could Raise More than $950 M

Philips has decided on the price for its initial public offering for its lighting unit recently, and estimates the spinoff could raise between EUR 694 million and EUR 844 million (US $785 million to US$ 954 million), reported Wall Street Journal.
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Philips Lighting IPO Announcement Leaves These Potential Acquisitors Heartbroken

Royal Philips announced on Tuesday its lighting business’s “historical” Initial Public Offering (IPO), which will result in the listing of the lighting business on the Dutch bourse , and aims to sell at least 25% of its shares in the lighting company. The announcement ended contending Chinese and foreign investors takeover bid of the lighting business.
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Philips to Sell At Least 25% Stake in Lighting Business through IPO

Philips confirmed on Tuesday it will be spinning off its Philips Lighting through Initial Public Offering (IPO), reported Reuters.
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Philips' Lighting Unit Likely Sell Via IPO than Private Sale

Frans van Houten, CEO: “Philips’ first-quarter 2016 results reflect solid comparable sales growth across our HealthTech businesses and our LED Lighting business, bolstered by the successful launch of several new products. We also delivered continued operational improvements throughout the company, driven by higher volume and improved product mix. Our overall performance strengthened, supported by the ongoing benefits of our multi-year Accelerate! transformation program, despite challenging macro-economic conditions in several markets.
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Philips Names Investors for Possible Lighting Unit IPO

Royal Philips has listed six banks and filed draft documents to the Dutch market regulator for a possible IPO for its lighting division as it proceeds the sale of the lighting business, according to a recent Bloomberg report.
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Cree Moves Back Wolfspeed IPO

Leading U.S. LED company Cree will be setting back the spinout of its radio frequency and power product businesses, the company CEO Chuck Swoboda told analysts Tuesday.
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Philips Plans to Issue IPO for Lighting Division

Philips outlined its intention of offering an initial public offering (IPO) for its lighting business in a recent annual shareholders agenda press release.
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MLS Strong Revenue Performance Attracts IPO Investors to Pitch In

Most new stocks on the market rarely achieve skyrocketing growth rates, but investors that have betted on MLS shares are probably thrilled at the moment.
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MLS Chairman Poised to Become Billionaire After IPO

Following leading Chinese LED package manufacturer MLS’s recent IPO announcement, a Bloomberg report estimated the company’s Chairman Sun Qinghuan will be joining the billionaire club after the IPO.
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MLS To Raise RMB 960 Million in Shenzhen IPO

China’s leading LED package manufacturer MLS, which has earned a reputation as “price slasher” in the LED industry, recently announced it will be raising RMB 960 million (US $ 153.87 million) through a Shenzhen IPO to expand its production capacity and increase liquidity, according to a Chinese Business News reports. MLS actions indicates the LED industry is entering another industry restructure phase.
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Honglitronics LED Lighting Subsidiary Patent Approved by China’s IPO

Honglitronic announced on Christmas the company’s LED lighting subsidiary, Ledia Lighting’s, patent application was authorized by China’s State Intellectual Property Office, according to a report by Securities Times.
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Roshow Technology Under Investigation for Misusing IPO Funds

Roshow Technology is under China’s Securities Regulatory Commission’s (CSRC) watchful eye for violating financial regulations again, according to a National Business Daily report. In April, the company’s former Board Secretary Chai Shen was arrested for suspected insider trading.
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China’s LED Market Scale Hits US$ 32.1 Billion

China’s LED application market scale reached RMB 200 billion (Us $32.1 billion) in 2013, with residential lighting making up around 30 percent, according to statistics by the Guangya Academy of Lighting Research in Guangzhou. LED lighting prices have dropped a staggering 70 percent over the past two years, with LED 3W bulbs priced at around RMB 14. The market has already accepted LED bulb price/performance ratio. Indoor lighting has become the largest driver for LED application market growth in China. 
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LED Industry Fails to Enter First Batch of Approved IPOs

Initial public offerings (IPOs) have reopened after a more than one year temporary break. China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) has approved five companies on December 30th which include one company to be listed on Shanghai’s main board, one listed on Shenzhen SME board, and three GEB companies.
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Three LED Companies IPO to Face Temporary Decline in Stock Market and Segmentation in the Mid to Long Term

Around 50 companies are expected to be listed on the Chinese bourse by the end of January, according to a statement by the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) on November 30th in regards to further promoting the reform of the IPO system. Among these companies, three LED companies are in the electronics industry IPO. The LED industry will be affected by the reopening of the IPO, where prospects will remain bearish in the short term while differentiating in the mid and long term, according to industry insiders.
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Intematix Prepares to Conduct a Registered IPO

LED phosphor supplier Intematix has intended to conduct a registered initial public offering (IPO) of its common stock. The IPO is expected to commence after the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) completes the review process initiated by Intematix’s confidential submission on July 13, 2012 of its draft registration statement, subject to market and other conditions. Phosphors help control LED luminous efficacy and color to bring the technology on a level with traditional lighting. Phosphors used in LED lighting applications will see a market incre...
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Lextar Plans to Launch IPO on September 29th

Lextar, the LED subsidiary of AU Optronics Corporation (AUO), plans to launch its IPO with a stock price of NT$ 17 on September 29th. The considerable growths in both lighting product business and penetration rate contribute to Lextar’s revenue outperformance in 2H11 compared to 1H11. Lextar is a LED manufacturer that vertically integrates upstream chips and packages and downstream light sources and light products. The company’s business in the panel sector accounts for 70% of its total revenue. Lextar’s parent company AUO is its biggest acc...
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SemiLEDS files for IPO, registered to raise up to $173 million in shares

SemiLEDs Corporation, which specializes in blue, UV, and green LED chips, has filed for an Initial Public Offering. The firm registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to raise up to $173 million in shares. The firm has a history of 5 years and has booked $29 million in sales for the 12 months ended May 31.And it intends to list on the NASDAQ under the symbol LEDS.
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