GT Solar Completes Name Change to GT Advanced Technologies

GT Advanced Technologies Inc.announced that the name change from GT Solar to its new name, GT Advanced Technologies Inc., is now complete. As part of the rebranding and new corporate identity, the company is now trading under its new GTAT stock ticker symbol on NASDAQ.
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GT Solar Changes Its Name to GT Advanced Technologies Inc.

GT Solar has announced its name change to GT Advanced Technologies Inc.,and  the company is now trading under its new GTAT stock ticker symbol on NASDAQ. According to Tom Gutierrez, GT Advanced Technologies’ president and CEO,“Our transition from GT Solar to GT Advanced Technologies reflects our broader strategic market focus. We are growing beyond our historic focus on the solar industry to include other growth markets such as the LED industry. We also continue to look for strategic expansion opportunities into other adjacent marke...
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GT Solar Completes Expansion of its Sapphire Manufacturing Facility

State-of-the-art plant ramps to production in less than eight months GT Solar International, Inc. (NASDAQ: SOLR), a global provider of polysilicon production technology, and sapphire and silicon crystalline growth systems and materials for the solar, LED and other specialty markets, today celebrated the grand opening of its new state-of-the-art sapphire production facility located in Salem, Massachusetts. The opening of the newly expanded plant concludes a project that began in the fall of 2010 that triples the sapphire production capacity in its Salem facility. GT...
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GT Solar Lighting Business may Benefit from Sapphire Growth

Reportedly, GT Solar predicts its sapphire materials business will contribute about a tenth of its fiscal 2012 sales based on orders for general lighting applications pick up. According to Cree's CEO’s opinion at the Reuters Global Energy and Climate Summit, LED lights need to pay back hefty investments a lot quicker before they go mainstream. In opposite, GT Solar's CEO Tom Gutierrez, believes that as more capacity is brought on board, prices will fall, helping sales. In his opinion, the company's customers, centered in South Korea and C...
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GT Solar Received Its Largest Single Order from Chinese LED Freshman

Reportedly, a Chinese based firm who is new to the LED industry has placed an order totaling $460.4 million from GT Solar for sapphire crystallization furnaces.  It is GT’s largest single order to date. According to Tom Gutierrez, GT Solar’s president and CEO, “Our customer is a well established, diversified manufacturing company located in China who is new to the LED industry. We are pleased that they have selected our advanced sapphire growth technology for their new sapphire production facility.”  ...
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ARC Issued Statement against GT Solar Litigation Claims

Reportedly, Advanced Renewable Energy Company, (ARC Energy) has released a statement strongly against the Complaint filed by GT Solar Crystal Systems LLC and GT Solar Hong Kong, Limited. ARC maintains that its sapphire crystallisation equipment and processes are entirely its own, and not linked to those used by GT Solar Crystal Systems and GT Solar Hong Kong. The company issued that “GT’s action will not distract ARC Energy’s commitment to providing its customers with the most advanced technologies and best possible products...
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GT Solar Introduces ASF100 Advanced Sapphire Growth System

GT Solar has introduced the ASF™100 advanced sapphire growth system, which increases yielded output of sapphire material by producing a larger, 100 kilogram sapphire boule in the same chamber as previous versions of the furnace. According to Cheryl Diuguid, vice president and general manager of GT Solar’s sapphire equipment and materials group, “We have received an enthusiastic response from early adopter customers for our ASF sapphire growth systems as they enter the market to provide high quality sapphire material for the fast-growing LED industry. O...
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GT Solar Received New Order from Taiwan Tera Xtal

GT Solar has received a new order from Taiwan-based LED wafer manufacturer, Tera Xtal Technology Corporation. GT Solar will supply Tera Xtal sapphire cores for increasing their production of epitaxial-ready LED wafers. It’s said that GT’s new sapphire production facility increases the availability of high quality sapphire material for its LED and specialty market sapphire customers. In the beginning, material allocation will satisfy both LED and specialty market customers, but long term, as its equipment customers ramp into high volume produc...
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Guizhou-based LED Company Orders GT Solar $218.9 Million Advanced Sapphire Crystallization Furnaces

Reportedly, Guizhou Haotian Optoelectronics Technology Co. LTD (HTOT) has ordered the advanced sapphire crystallization furnaces totaling $218.9 million from GT Solar. This Chinese LED company plans to launches operations to manufacture sapphire and other crystalline products used in LEDs. Additionally, the order not only marks HTOT’s entrance into the fast-growing LED industry, but also continues GT Solar’s market momentum for its sapphire crystalline growth technology. The order will be included in GT Solar’s backlog for its cu...
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GT Solar Received Its Fourth Order From Asian Customer

Recently, GT Solar has received its fourth order valued at $41.6 Million dollars for its advanced sapphire crystallization furnaces from new Asia-based customer. The furnaces ordered by the new manufacturer will initially produce 85 kilogram boules. During its recent Q3 FY11 quarterly earnings call, GT Solar announced an enhancement to the advanced sapphire furnace that will increase the output capacity to 100 kilograms per cycle....
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GT Solar's First Commercial Sale of Sapphire Crystallization Furnaces in Korea

Reportedly, South Korea-based OCI Co. Ltd. has injected $33 million to order sapphire crystallization furnaces from GT Solar, marking OCI's entrance into the LED industry and GT Solar's first commercial sale of its sapphire crystallization furnaces in Korea. According to Tom Guiterrez, GT Solar's president and CEO, it’s the third order for their sapphire crystallization furnaces in the last two months from leading PV manufacturers that are entering the LED market. They worked closely with OCI several years ago when they launched the...
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GT Solar Received Orders totaling $23.8 Million from Trina Solar

Lately, PV manufacturer Trina Solar has booked totaling $23.8 million order from GT Solar for its DSS450HP™ crystalline ingot growth systems. The orders will be included in GT Solar's backlog for its current Q3 FY11, which ends on January 1, 2011. The additional DSS450HP systems will help Trina Solar achieve its goal of significantly expanding its manufacturing capacity.  
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GT Solar Acquired First Sapphire Crystallization Orders From two China-based Firms

GT Solar has acquired its first two orders totaling more than $84 million for sapphire crystallization systems from Jiangsu Jixing New Material Co., Ltd and Jiujiang Sapphire Tech Co., Ltd. Total annual production capacity of the two orders is approximately eight million two-inch equivalents (TIE) of sapphire substrates. The two orders represent GT Solar's entry into the LED equipment market, which GT Solar stated it would pursue when it announced its acquisition of Crystal Systems in July of 2010.
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Sino-American Silicon May Attempt to Buy GT‘s Sapphire Wafers for LED Sales Promotion

As report goes, Taiwan’s biggest manufacturer of silicon ingots, Sino-American Silicon Products Inc., plans to buy furnaces that GT Solar will build to grow sapphire ingots to promote sales related to LED manufacturing. At a recent institutional-investor conference, executives from Sino-American disclosed the company will rise the output current output 60,000 wafers up to 180,000 wafers a month by the end of 2011,  fueling speculations that the company would buy GT Solar`s equipment.
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GT Solar to Enter the LED Market

The largest leading provider of equipments used to produce polysilicon and ingots, GT Solar, announced its intention to expand its business into the LED market. The company claims that it is currently in the process of working closely with select customers to test the Sapphire crystallization systems before proceeding to mass production, which is estimated to take place in 2011.
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GT Solar Set up New Asia Operations Headquarters in Hong Kong

To better serve the needs of its customers throughout the Asia Pacific region, GT Solar has set up its new Asia operations headquarters in Hong Kong.   It has been doing business in Asia since 2002, and has played as an equipment provider, to help the region's early adopters establish their PV and polysilicon manufacturing operations. At present, many of these companies have grown to become some of the region's largest solar manufacturers in China, Korea, and Taiwan.
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GT Solar turn out new CVD reactor SDR400

GT Solar turn out its next generation CVD reactor, the SDR400 for the production of high purity polysilicon.
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