Low Power LED Lighting Trends (IV)

In Part III of Fairchild Semiconductors blog series on LED lighting trends we discussed MR11/16 Lamp LED Driver Design Challenges. Now we’ll look at A19, E14/17, E26/27 Bulb Lamp LED Driver Design.
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LEDnovation Introduces High-efficiency A19 with Warm Dimming and High CRI

A19 LEDnovation of Tampa, Florida USA, has added a warm-dimming version of its Bright For Life® A19 Omnidirectional line. The company claims that the 110 lm/W A19 Warm-Dimming Omnidirectional has the highest efficiency and high color rendering (CRI). Notably, the lamp is LEDnovation’s first omnidirectional lamps to feature the warm-dimming solution previously introduced on the company's Bright For Life® BR30 and Recessed Downlight families. LEDnovation points out that incandescent and halogen lamps turn warmer in color temperature...
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TESS unveils huge progress in LED lighting: 12.5 watt 1400 lumen LED Bulb in A19 shape

TESS (topco energy saving system corp.), recently made another breakthrough in upgrading luminous efficiency for LED lighting - the company announces its new product, a 12.5 watt LED bulb delivers 1400 lumen. TESS set the highest luminous efficiency of 100lm/W this April by releasing 10 watt 1000 lumen LED bulb; yet, within 5 months, TESS set a higher standard of 112lm/W for LED lighting industry.
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NF2W585AR-P8 is a dual function LED that provides both white light and high doses of energy geared for inactivation of various prevalent bacteria. With a 405nm wavelength1 die known to be effective in sterilization, this LED can be used t... READ MORE

  The 5050 LED is replacing the 3535 LED, which has long been the leader in the outdoor lighting market. The existing ceramic-based 3535 has excellent reliability but is expensive. At present, the 5050 LED, which has achieved remarkable p... READ MORE