Low Power LED Lighting Trends (IV)

In Part III of Fairchild Semiconductors blog series on LED lighting trends we discussed MR11/16 Lamp LED Driver Design Challenges. Now we’ll look at A19, E14/17, E26/27 Bulb Lamp LED Driver Design.
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LEDnovation Introduces High-efficiency A19 with Warm Dimming and High CRI

A19 LEDnovation of Tampa, Florida USA, has added a warm-dimming version of its Bright For Life® A19 Omnidirectional line. The company claims that the 110 lm/W A19 Warm-Dimming Omnidirectional has the highest efficiency and high color rendering (CRI). Notably, the lamp is LEDnovation’s first omnidirectional lamps to feature the warm-dimming solution previously introduced on the company's Bright For Life® BR30 and Recessed Downlight families. LEDnovation points out that incandescent and halogen lamps turn warmer in color temperature...
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TESS unveils huge progress in LED lighting: 12.5 watt 1400 lumen LED Bulb in A19 shape

TESS (topco energy saving system corp.), recently made another breakthrough in upgrading luminous efficiency for LED lighting - the company announces its new product, a 12.5 watt LED bulb delivers 1400 lumen. TESS set the highest luminous efficiency of 100lm/W this April by releasing 10 watt 1000 lumen LED bulb; yet, within 5 months, TESS set a higher standard of 112lm/W for LED lighting industry.
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A Breakthrough in Combating Water, Surface and Airborne Pathogens. Crystal IS, a subsidiary of Asahi Kasei, has launched Klaran LA®—the newest addition to its industry-leading Germicidal UVC LED product line. Klaran LA® represent... READ MORE

Thanks to the special batwing optics, greenhouse owner can enlarge the distance between the single lamps without a decrease in light quality for the plants.   - Oslon Square Batwing extends ams OSRAMs comprehensive and market-leading port... READ MORE