Lattice Power CTO: Low and Mid-Power LED Chip Becomes Major Trend in the Industry

The LED industry is gradually maturing in 2015, with products cost/performance (C/P) ratio becoming increasingly important. Low and mid-power flip chip products are increasingly valued by the industry. To further understand this trend LEDinside recently interviewed Lattice Power Chief Technology Officer Hanmin Zhao.
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SFCE Secures Ownership Stake in Lattice Power

Shunfeng International Clean Energy Limited (SFCE) announced that it has signed an MOU with Lattice Power to acquire a 51% ownership stake in the company. SFCE's successful bid in Lattice Power is a milestone for the listed company as it transitions to become a global low carbon solutions provider. Lattice Power's gallium nitride (GaN) on silicon technology is exclusively patented worldwide, offering significant cost advantages compared to sapphire substrate technology LED. The partnership expands SFCE's portfolio and increases the profitability of the listed company.
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Lattice Power CEO Denies Acquiring Philips Lumileds

Lattice Power CEO Min Wang has vehemently denied a Reuters report suggesting the company was on its way of acquiring Philips Lumileds.
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Chinese Manufacturer Lattice Power Contends for Philips Lumileds Ownership

Chinese startup Lattice Power has emerged as an unexpected bidder in the auction of Philips lighting component business, reported Reuters.
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Lattice Power Receives IES Recognition For High Output GaN-On-Silicon LED PAR38 Lamp

Lattice Power, the first company to commercialize high performance, low cost GaN-on-Silicon LEDs, announced today that its new PAR38 LED lamp has been recognized by the Illuminating Engineering Society Progress Committee as providing an important advancement in lighting. The company's new proprietary GaN-on-Silicon LED PAR38 LED lamp delivers outstanding efficacy, superior brightness and excellent color rendering.
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Lattice Power Hot on Heels of Large LED Chip Manufactures

Lattice Power may not be a household name now in the LED chip industry, but the China based startup is already creating cheaper LED technology that could give large international manufacturers a run for their money. The company has ambitious development plans, recently securing US $80 million in financing to advance production and establish a U.S. based R&D center.   
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Lattice Power to Put 6-inch Si Substrate 45mil LED Chip into Massive Production Next Year

Dr. Sun Qian, vice president of silicon substrate LED R & D department of Lattice, gave a lecture titled with "R & D and Industrialization of Silicon Substrate GaN High Power LED" to the participants on 2013 the Latest Trends in LED Epitaxial Chip Technology and Special Equipment and Materials Seminar held in Guangzhou on June 10. The speech of Sun Qian shared the latest progress in with their peers a silicon substrate, high-power LED R & D and industrialization and large-size silicon substrate LED technology. Dr. Sun Q...
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Lattice Power Stars Mass Production of High-power GaN-on-Si LEDs

Lattice Power has started mass production of its new generation GaN-based high powered LEDs on silicon substrates, which sets the backdrop for a sharp reduction in the prices of energy-efficient LED light bulbs worldwide. Lattice Power claims to be the first and only company in volume production of GaN-on-Silicon LED chips, with products that are comparable to high-end chips that rely on conventional sapphire substrates. Operating at a current of 350mA, the 45 mm product is capable of producing 130 lumen cool white with an efficiency of 120 lumens for each watt cons...
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Lattice Power Joined force with ShineOn to Develop World's First HB LED Device

It’s said that Lattice Power Corp. has joined force with ShineOn Inc.to demonstrate the world's first high-brightness LED product based on GaN-on-Si technology. Combining the LP1000 chip which is a thin-film vertical structure device built entirely on Lattice Power's proprietary GaN-on-Silicon technology and ShineOn's MOZ3535, a compact ceramic packaging platform with low thermal impedance and superior optical performance, the GaN-on-Si based high-brightness LED device can take 350–1000mA current input and deliver more than 100-lume...
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Lattice Power Receives $55.5 Million Financing

Lattice Power Corporation announced a $55.5 million new financing led by IFC, a member of the World Bank Group. The signing ceremony was held at China World Hotel in Beijing on December 8th, 2010. Mr. Junqing Chen, Acting Mayor of Nanchang, Mr. Xiantang Meng, National Development and Reform Commission deputy director of high-tech industry, Mr. Hyun-Chan Cho, Country Manager of China & Mongolia of IFC, Mr. Alex Pan, Managing Director of GSR Ventures, and Mr. Sonny Wu, Chairman and CEO of Lattice Power attended the ceremony.
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