LED Manufacturers Received in Total RMB 1.2B Subsidies from Chinese Government in 2015

LEDinside surveyed 31 listed LED manufacturers announcements made in 2015 on the website Chinfo, the designated information disclosure website assigned by Notice of China Securities Regulatory Commission. We found 11 companies (including certain company subsidiaries) received subsidies totaling a striking RMB 1.18 billion (US $179 million).
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Leyard to Acquire Two LED Manufacturers for US$ 139.5M

Leyard announced recently it will acquire Guangzhou Leafun Culture Science and Technology and Glux Visual Effect Tech. Leyard is to acquire 100% of Guangzhou Leafun Culture Science and Technology’s shares with cash and 99% of Glux Visual Effect Tech shares will be transacted from 10 company investors. Leyard will start fundraising for the acquisition.
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Review of Business Disputes Among LED Manufacturers Throughout 2015

In general, LED Manufacturers performed quite well over the past eight months in 2015. But competition among LED manufacturers intensified through price wars, patent disputes and fighting over distribution channel were overwhelming. A summary of recent lawsuits among these manufacturers as following:
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Leading Thai LED Manufacturers R&D Target Package and Chip Technology

In general, Thai LED manufacturers at EcoLightTech Asia 2014, tend to import LED components from China before assembling and rebranding them as LED luminaires, which was consistent to earlier findings by LEDinside’s research team. The trade show ran from Nov. 12-14 in Bangkok, Thailand. Some ambitious players in the local Thai LED market are aiming to scale down reliance on imported components by establishing their own component production line.
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Philips Lumileds: LED Manufacturers Should Look beyond Lumens per Dollar

Low price has been the key to success in the LED industry as market penetration rates rise. However, manufacturers will need to look into different avenues to keep ahead of the pack as price competition intensifies. Ray Chock, Philips Lumileds Sr. Director of Marketing and Business Development shared his insight on where the industry is heading in regards to the lumen per dollar trend during LEDforum at Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2014 on June 11 in China. LED bulb prices drop dramatically LED bulb prices have dropped over the past few year...
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2013 Review: LED Manufacturers Full Blown Patent Disputes

With the LED industry rebounding in 2013 due to developments in LED lighting, patent disputes between LED manufactures continue to rage on with no end in sight. The most notable has been the long fought out dispute between Japanese LED package manufacturer Nichia and Taiwanese package manufacturer Everlight, dragging their patent war through courts in Japan, China, the U.S., Germany, and more. Lawsuits between Nichia and Taiwanese LED package manufactures Unity Opto and Harvatek have also garnered a lot of news coverage. Aside from package manufactures, Korean TV manufacturer heavy weights Samsung and LG also drew a lot of attention during their patent dispute over OLED technology.
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Outlook of LED Industry Trend in 2011

Outlook of LED Industry Trend in 2011   Brief Review of 2010 LED Industry Development – LED Manufacturers Celebrated a Fruitful Year 2010 was a fruitful year for LED manufacturers. Not only did manufacturers overcome the gloomy market condition in 2009, most managed to grow their revenues at an exponential rate due to the robust demand for large-size LED backlighting.
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