Light and Building 2018: LG Display, OLEDWorks, Sumitomo Chemical Optimistic about Development of OLED Lighting

Connected lighting is definitely a main focus at Light and Building 2018. While most of the lighting companies emphasize the smartness of their products, a group of OLED lighting manufacturers differentiate themselves, showing multiple values of OLED with their innovations.
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Samsung, Sumitomo Chemical Phase out LED Sapphire Substrate Business

Sumitomo Chemical has reportedly phased out its LED sapphire substrate business. SSLM, a South Korean sapphire wafer joint venture funded by Sumitomo Chemical and Samsung, stopped manufacturing sapphire substrates and Samsung also claimed to have halted investments in the company, reported The Nihon Keizai Shinbun.
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Sumitomo Chemical Develops New OLED Printing Technology to Halve Panel Production Cost

Sumitomo Chemical, the Japan-based chemical giant, is reported to have successfully developed new technologies to facilitate more cost efficient OLED display manufacture. According to Nikkei, the new materials and equipment the company introduced could possibly bring down the current production cost of OLED panels by 50%, which is able to further reduce the selling prices of OLED TVs and expand the penetration of OLED products.  
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Sumitomo Chemical to Showcase Polymer OLED Installation at Light+Building 2016

Sumitomo Chemical will exhibit its polymer OLED lighting at “Light+Building 2016,” one of the world’s largest trade fairs for lighting and building technology, to be held in Frankfurt, Germany, from March 13 to March 18, 2016.
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Universal Display and Sumitomo Chemical Sign OLED Lighting Technology License Agreement

Universal Display and Sumitomo Chemical (Sumitomo Chemical) today announced the signing of a new OLED Technology License Agreement. Under the agreement, Universal Display has granted Sumitomo Chemical non-exclusive license rights, under various patents owned or controlled by Universal Display, to manufacture and sell solution-processed organic light emitting diode (OLED) lighting products. The agreement runs for the life of Universal Display’s relevant intellectual property rights.
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Kateeva Joins Forces With Japanese Materials Leader Sumitomo Chemical

Kateeva today announced a key partnership with Sumitomo Chemical Company, Ltd. (Sumitomo). Sumitomo is a global solution OLED materials leader. Kateeva is a leading provider of novel inkjet printing equipment for OLED mass production. The non-exclusive agreement calls for Sumitomo to pair its world-class inks with Kateeva's world-class YIELDjet™ platform to help speed affordable OLED TVs to market.
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Sumitomo Chemical to Exhibit Dual-Color Polymer OLED Lighting at Light+Building 2014

Sumitomo Chemical will exhibit its polymer OLED lighting at “Light+Building 2014,” one of the world’s largest trade fairs for lighting and building technology, to be held in Frankfurt, Germany, from March 30 to April 4, 2014.
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Sumitomo Chemical Develops Printed OLED Panel Technology

Sumitomo Chemical announced in its press release that it has developed an new technology to produce polymer OLED panel in inkjet method (printing), OLED panel (using glass substrates in the size of 370x470mm) in the resolution of 423ppi can be produced with this new technology, and its resolution is close to that of the OLED panel developed with evaporation technique (depositing red, green and blue organic material on the glass substrate). Sumitomo Chemical noted that OLED materials can only coat the places where necessary by "Printed OLED Panel Technology&...
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Sumitomo Chemical Joins Holst Centre's Research Program for OLED

Sumitomo Chemical has taken part in Holst Centre's shared research program on Printed Organic Lighting and Signage, to develop multi-layer solution processes for high-efficiency OLEDs.   OLEDs are revolutionary large-area light sources that could cut lighting-related energy use by 50-90% and enable unique lighting applications. They are manufactured by depositing numerous thin layers of materials onto glass substrates or flexible plastic foils. Today's highest-efficiency OLEDs are made using evaporative processes in vacuum conditions. Switching to atmosp...
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The Ventures of Samsung LED and Sumitomo Chemical to Break Ground

It’s said that Samsung LED has decided to team up with Japan’s Sumitomo Chemical to build a sapphire ingot plant in Daegu. They plan to break the ground in the 11,000 square meter site on April 20, with the target date for completion in coming October. According to their plan, the plant is going to begin production next year. The joint venture’s capacity is expected to reach 100,000 sheets of four inch ingot a month, which translates into five million sheets of two inch ingot a year.   If additional investments are made as planned, the capacity i...
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Samsung LED Cooperates with Sumitomo Chemical to Build a LED Parts Venture

Samsung LED Co. has announced that it will cooperate with Sumitomo Chemical Co. to invest a combined 80 billion won ($72 million) and have an equal stake in a new venture. The new venture will start mass production of sapphire ingots and wafers used in LEDs in early 2012.
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Tokushima, Japan – 17 June 2022: Nichia, the world’s largest LED manufacturer and inventor of high-brightness blue and white LEDs, announces the addition of the Direct Mountable Chip Series (Part Number: NVSWE21A-V1) to the portfol... READ MORE

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