2 Blocks South & 4 Blocks East MSi LED iPAR’s Lighting Up The Liberty Bell

The Liberty Bell, Symbol of America’s Freedom and Independence, Gleams Under the Glow of MSi’s Super Efficient LED’s. The National Park Service has chosen the super efficient MSi iPAR 38 LED lights to illuminate the Liberty Bell in Downtown Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In 2003 the bell was moved into the new Liberty Bell Center, a glass and steel pavilion that allows it to be viewed by the public 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This new setting is perfectly suited for the kind of efficient, bright and long burning light provided b...
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MSi LED Shine Liberty Bell

Lately, decided by the National Park Service, over 2700 MSi iPAR 38 LED lights will illuminate the Liberty Bell located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. MSi LEDs offer many advantages such cost savings in energy and maintenance. LED lights consume far less energy and produce almost no heat meaning reduced cost for both electricity and cooling. In the situation found at the Liberty Bell Center the typical tungsten halogen light burning day and night will typically need replacement every two months. The equivalent LED light burning 24 hours a day will last u...
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Macy’s Continues Installation of MSi iPAR LED Lighting As Part of Overall Sustainability Plan

In the Past Two Years, the Nation’s Premier Department Store Chain Has Replaced Over 400,000 Hot & Costly Halogen Spotlights with Super Efficient LED Lights,including the amazing 12 watt MSi iPAR.   National Department store chain Macy’s has announced a wide ranging program to reduce energy consumption and waste as part of the company's comprehensive effort to promote sustainability and operating efficiency. Part of this program includes the continued replacement of halogen lighting with long life, super efficient LED lighting, inc...
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MSI to Show Advanced LED Lighting at Lightfair International, World’s Largest Architectural and Commercial Lighting Trade Show

For the second year in a row MSi LED lighting will shine brightly before this gathering of the world’s top lighting professionals. MSi Solid State lighting is proud to be an exhibitor at the Lightfair International (FFI) trade show May 15-19 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia. This annual trade show attracts the world’s top engineering, architectural, design and lighting professionals who attend seminars and view exhibitions of the latest developments in technology and design for both commercial and residential lighting. “This ...
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San Diego Air and Space Museum Chooses MSI IPAR38 LED Lighting for Exhibit Spaces and Gift Shop

A Smithsonian Affiliate and One of the Country’s Premier Aerospace Museums Has Chosen MSi LED Lighting. This Lights Efficient, High Quality Output is so Good it Surprises the Museum’s Chief Building Engineer.  Recently the San Diego Air and Space Museum picked MSi LED lights as replacements for the hot and inefficient tungsten halogen lighting that were being used in their exhibit spaces. This Smithsonian affiliate museum is home to many historically important and rare aircraft including a British Spitfire, a Navy F6F Hellcat...
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Streetlights and high-bay fixtures require high flux and efficacy to meet the ever increasing demands for system efficiency and energy cost reduction for these applications. Today, LUXEON 5050 LEDs received an upgrade in both flux and efficacy... READ MORE

The recent outbreak of COVID-19 has prompted the large-scale search for practical solutions that can prevent the spread of the deadly virus — from researchers and scientists committed to finding a solution, to the manufacturers and consu... READ MORE