Chinese City's LED Phosphor Export Value Plummets in 2016

Phosphor export values of Changshu, a city located in Jiangsu Province in China, reportedly tumbled 55% Year-on-Year in 2016, based on data compiled by local customs agency, reported Chinese-language media China News Service.
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Researchers Find New GaN Properties Suitable for Wide-Range of Applications

Gallium nitride (GaN) has emerged as one of the most important and widely used semiconducting materials. Its optoelectronic and mechanical properties make it ideal for a variety of applications, including light-emitting diodes (LEDs), high-temperature transistors, sensors and biocompatible electronic implants in humans.
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Meller Optics Develops Sapphire Waveplates for IR Polarization Control

Custom manufactured low order sapphire waveplates that extend IR polarization control into the infrared, beyond fused silica optical waveplates, are available from Meller Optics of Providence, Rhode Island.
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Rubicon Revenue Dips in 2Q16, Shifts Away from LEDs and Smartphone Sector

Rubicon Technology, a provider of sapphire substrates and products to the LED, optical and semiconductor industries, reported financial results for its second quarter ended June 30, 2016.
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Auckson Opto Seals Large Single Crystal Sapphire Growth Furnace Deal

Auckson Opto (the company), recently announced the reason behind its suspended trade on the Chinese bourse since July 20, 2016, according to a report from China Securities Journal.
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Pixelligent Focuses on Improving Light Extraction Efficiency with Zirconia Nanocrystal Technology

How can LED and OLED manufacturers improve light extraction efficiency? Advanced materials specialist Pixelligent CEO Craig Bandes recently spoke to LEDinside about the company’s zirconia nanocrystal technology, and its applications in different end markets encompassing LED packages, OLED technology, optical components and panel displays.
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Researchers Find New State of Matter in Single-Layer Graphene

Discovering previously unobserved quantum states nested inside the quantum Hall effect in a single-layer form of carbon known as graphene, researchers have found evidence of a new state of matter that challenges scientists' understanding of collective electron behavior.
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Panasonic Develops Light Diffusion Polypropylene Resin Molding Compounds

Panasonic Corporation announced it has developed a light diffusion type polypropylene (PP) resin molding compound, called “FULL BRIGHT”*1 PP, which can extend the operating life of LEDs. The industry’s first*2introduction of a material applicable for injection stretch blow molding enables the formation of complex shapes and contributes to greater product design freedom for customers.
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Alpha's New Material Improves Reliability in LED COB Assemblies

Alpha, the world leader in the production of electronic soldering and bonding materials, has developed advanced alloys for improved thermal stability and reliability for high temperature operation and higher thermal fatigue and vibration resistance, the first of which is known as the ALPHA® MAXREL™ alloy.
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Seren Introduces LED Grade Semi-Polar GaN Templates

Seren Photonics is pleased to announce the launch of its next generation of semi-polar GaN on sapphire templates.
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Dow Corning Releases New Silicone Encapsulant for Outdoor LED Lighting Applications

Dow Corning, a global leader in silicones, silicon-based technology and innovation, today introduced Dow Corning® EI-1184 Clear Encapsulant for demanding outdoor LED lighting applications here at the Strategies in Light exposition (Booth #827). Featuring high transparency and weatherability, the two-part silicone encapsulant delivers reliable, long-lasting protection of sensitive LED electronics in environments containing moisture, ultraviolet (UV) light, thermal cycling and extreme temperatures for both indoor and outdoor lamp and luminaire applications.
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Dow Corning Silicone Solutions to Affect Entire LED Industry Chain

As a global silicones supplier, Dow Corning provides products and solutions for household appliances, automobiles, electronic components, semiconductors, displays, etc. This year, the corporation will delve into research and development, introducing a new series of LED solutions. To gain a better understanding of silicone electronic products, LEDinside interviewed Qian Nanfang, commercial manager at Dow Corning Electronics Greater China. With superior ability to withstand high and low temperatures as well as external pressure, Dow Corning’s silicone products ...
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The Effects Caused by Japan Earthquake on LED Industry

Asia is the production core of the global LED industry. Based on LEDinside’s survey, Japan ranked No. 1 in LED package revenue by region, accounting for 29% in market share.
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