Ledtech Electronics Announces Brand New 2015 DOB Light Engine Component

As a leading supplier of LED low temperature lighting and COB (Chip-On-Board) components, Ledtech Electronics has applied its advanced technology in high wattage COB modules and develops a brand new ceramic based Driver On Board light engine module which is far way different from existing SMD type DOB modules. Ledtech’s new design on DOB could better make use of the efficiency from each chip and at the same time save the cost and space wasted on the PC board. 
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Estimated that the Revenue of Ledtech Electronics in Q2 Increases by 20%

Due to the increasing demand of customers, utilization of Ledtech Electronics in the second quarter further enhanced, the growth in utilization is good for the continuous improvement in gross margins, so that the revenue in the second quarter increases by 20 percent and profit is expected to increase sharply. Its legal person stated that the utilization in the second quarter of Ledtech Electronics will increase from 70% in the first quarter to 75% as the demand continued to improve. The improvement in utilization is favorable to the continued upturn in the gross margins, but it nee...
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Taiwan`s LED-lamp Makers Benefit from Japan Increasing LED Demands

It’s reported that Taiwan`s LED-lamp makers have benefited from the increasing consumption of LED lamps due to Japan catastrophe on March 11. According to Delta Electronics CEO Yancey Hai, the company`s LED-lamp shipments to Japan has a great increase after the disastrous earthquake. Delta has recently won orders from other Japanese buyers than Hitachi, which has been Delta`s foremost contract buyer in Japan. For Genesis Photonics, the company has landed contracts to supply LED-lighting equipment to a leading steelmaker in Japan, which is equippi...
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Taiwan’s Makers Benefit from 7-Eleven of Japan’s LED Lighting Project

Currently, Taiwan’s LED lamp makers take an active part in contracting with 7-Eleven of Japan’s plan to offer LED lamps instead of traditional lamps at all of its stores in the districts that connect to electrical grids run by the Tokyo Electrical PowerCo. The chain which estimates the LED lighting project to save around a quarter of electricity spending in the quarter from July this year will cost about 10 billion yen to outfit 5,000 of its stores. Taiwan’s LED-lamp makers including Ledtech Electronics Co., Ltd., Genesis Photonics Inc., ...
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