LEDinside:LED Makers’ Revenues Dropped 20% due to Weak Demand for Large-Size Backlight; Sales Product Focus Shifting to Lighting Applications in 2H11

According to LEDinside, the LED research division of TrendForce, the total monthly revenue of Taiwanese LED companies listed on TWSE reached NTD 8.648 billion in July, 2011 (MoM-6.35%, YoY-18.8%). The LED chip manufacturers’ monthly revenue has decreased by 20.5% to NTD 3.95 billion, compared to that of last year (MoM-8.9%; YoY-20.5%). Furthermore, the LED package manufacturers’ monthly revenue has dropped sharply by 17.4% to NTD 4.695 billion, compared to that of last year (MoM-4.1%,YoY-17.4%). The weak demand for end-market applications has compromised the revenues of LED package and chip manufacturers. In addition, affected by the decreases of subsidies from local governments in China, LED chip makers have delayed their equipment installment plans, whose fulfillment will be the key to equipment makers’ revenues in 2H11.
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LEDinside: With Slowly Rising LED Backlight Demand, April Revenue Remains Flat Growth; Yet a High Season Not as High as Expected May Follow Again Due to the Unclear Visibility of End-Product Sales

Based on the statistics of LEDinside, the research division of TrendForce, the revenue of Taiwan listed LED manufacturers in April 2011 has reached NTD 9.62 billion (MoM +3.39%, YoY+6.6%). As can be seen from the chip makers’ revenue, the revenue of listed LED chip makers has increased to NTD 4.37 billion with 8.5% rise compared with last April  (MoM+1.8%; YoY+8.5%). On the other hand, the revenue of listed LED package makers has increased to NTD 5.25 billion, up 5% on yearly base (MoM+2.9%,YoY+5%). Generally speaking, LED backlight sales steadily increased and April revenue remained flat growth. 
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