Lighting Products by Eureka, Hubbell Light and Luminis Selected for 2019 IES Progress Report

Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) released its annual Progress Report which identifies novel and significant advancement in lighting related products and researches. North America lighting brands including Eureka, Hubbell Lighting and Luminis announced that their lighting products have been selected in the 2019 Progress Report. Eureka announced that its Arena luminaire has been selected for inclusion in the 2019 IES Progress Report. Arena is a circular luminaire that combines a classic form with the ability to reconfigure light sources by attaching them magnet...
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Hubbell Lighting Launches Disinfection Lighting with High Intensity Narrow Spectrum Technology

Hubbell Lighting announced the launch of a series of visible light disinfection SpectraClean luminaires. These luminaires combine white and narrowband 405 nm visible light to meet ambient and task lighting requirements while providing disinfection function. (Image: Hubbell Lighting) Hubbell Lighting is the exclusive licensee of University of Strathclyde's High Intensity Narrow Spectrum ("HINS") lighting technology. HINS lighting technology can suppress bacteria in the air and on surfaces using a narrow spectrum of visible light. According to Hubb...
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Efficient Lighting: the Fast Track to a More Efficient Work Environment

The proven longevity of LEDs was appealing to ownership and they were optimistic they could identify an opportunity to decrease energy use, even though the lights at the facility are never turned off.
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Hubbell Control Solutions Expands NX Distributed Intelligence™ Lighting Control Platform NX – Next Generation Intelligent Lighting Controls

Hubbell Control Solutions announced today the expansion of its distributed lighting control platform for commercial and industrial facilities, NX Distributed Intelligence™. This expansion focuses on adding wired and wireless luminaire-based control options to Hubbell’s successful NX lighting control platform. It represents Hubbell’s commitment to developing flexible solutions designed to address the evolving needs of customers and facilitating building efficiency and occupant wellbeing.
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Litecontrol Adds New and Exclusive LED Products to Reinvigorated SAE Program

Hubbell Lighting  announced that Litecontrol is launching a new portfolio of architectural-grade products as part of its reinvigoration of the “SAE” (Simple. Affordable. Efficient.) Program. The SAE Program addresses a market gap for competitively priced luminaires in the linear, perimeter and recessed categories without any compromise on aesthetics and performance.
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New Ouro Family Combines Style and KIM Lighting’s Trademark Performance Capabilities

KIM Lighting has commercially introduced the new Ouro site/area family of luminaires. With its sophisticated styling, spec-grade performance and intuitive controls capability, the Ouro will immediately fill a much needed gap in the market for performance round luminaires.
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Pavilion Bollard Family from KIM Lighting Features Integrated Power Pedestal and RGBW Accent Ring

Hubbell Lighting introduced the Pavilion family of architectural bollards by KIM Lighting. Pavilion redefines the bollard category with comprehensive best-in-class design, performance, and features.
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Remedi™ LED Bed Light Solves Patient Room Lighting Needs with Unique Design

Hubbell Lighting, an expert in lighting innovation, announced that engineers at Hubbell Healthcare Solutions have designed a first-of-its-kind luminaire for patient room lighting. The Remedi LED multi-function bed light addresses the interests and needs of the patient, healthcare staff and facility management. The unique design strikes a balance between visual comfort and high quality illumination while providing a number of valuable features that improve staff efficiency, patient safety and ease of servicing.
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Architectural Area Lighting's Cypher Wall Sconce

Hubbell Lighting, a company in lighting innovation, announced today that Architectural Area Lighting ("AAL") has commercially introduced the new Cypher® wall sconce luminaire. The Cypher is infinitely adaptable to compliment a wide range of architectural accent lighting applications and establishes a new standard for wall sconce aesthetics and performance.
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Hubbell Industrial Lighting’s SpectraLoc First to Convert Blue Light

Hubbell Lighting, expertizing in lighting innovation, introduced a groundbreaking new LED product that solves a critical dilemma in a number of major industries. By applying the physics of the “Stokes Shift” effect, the new SpectraLoc™ LED blue spectrum suppression highbay from Hubbell Industrial Lighting converts harmful blue light under 500 nanometers to green and yellow light.
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Lighting Systems and Hubbell Lighting Partner in Northern California

Hubbell Lighting, a specialist in lighting innovation, announced that it has appointed Lighting Systems as its new representative throughout Northern California effective April 1.
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Hubbell Healthcare Solutions Checks In to the Patient Room

Greenville-based Hubbell Lighting announced that it will go to market with two new products that will redefine the value proposition of traditional fixtures in the patient room at healthcare facilities. 
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Hubbell Lighting Launches Wireless Lighting Controllers

Hubbell Lighting, a world leader in lighting innovation, announced today that it has formally introduced SiteSync™ Lighting Control to the market, further enabling its customers to reduce their total cost of ownership while improving quality of light for their exterior spaces.
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Hubbell Outdoor Lighting Expands LED Wall Mount Family

Hubbell Lighting, a world leader in lighting innovation, announced that Hubbell Outdoor Lighting has introduced the new Litepak LNC3, completing its Litepak wall mount family.
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Hubbell Lighting’s New LED Wall Mount Luminaire from Columbia Lighting is Fully Customizable

Hubbell Lighting, a world leader in lighting innovation, announced today that Columbia Lighting has launched one of the first modular designs in the history of the company, the new "CWM," a contemporary wall mount LED luminaire.
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Hubbell Lighting Launches LED Troffer for Office Lighting

The TCAT is designed to harmoniously blend flat and curved geometrics, producing a sleek, subtle contour that complements any architectural aesthetic in offices, schools, medical, and public spaces.
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Hubbell Lighting’s Litecontrol Brand Modernizes General Lighting Product Line

Hubbell Lighting, a world leader in lighting innovation, announced that Litecontrol has modernized its market-leading MOD product line, which has set the standard for linear slot lighting, by delivering a full family, cost sensitive solution for general lighting in architectural spaces.
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Osram-Sylvania and Hubbell Lighting Enter into New Patent License Agreements with Lighting Science

Lighting Science®, a global leader in next-generation LED lighting solutions, today announced the signing of new perpetual patent license agreements with Osram-Sylvania and Hubbell Lighting, a division of Hubbell Incorporated. These new license agreements cover Lighting Science’s ‘968 patent family and apply to Osram-Sylvania’s and Hubbell’s respective low profile retrofit downlight products. The ‘968 patent family embodies Lighting Science’s first-to-market technology regarding a low profile luminaire for retrofit application. This technology was first introduced in Lighting Science’s groundbreaking Glimpse® flush mount retrofit downlight.
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Hubbell Lighting’s Architectural Area Lighting's Brand Expands with Full Suite of Pedestrian Lighting Solutions

Hubbell Lighting, a global leader in lighting innovation, announced today that Architectural Area Lighting ("AAL") has expanded the award-winning KicK family of luminaries with mini sizes of the K4 and K5, a wall mount, bollard and new integrated control options. The patented design and patent pending fully shielded optical system make KicK the first angled luminaire capable of IES distributions without any uplight.
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Hubbell Lighting and PG Enlighten Join Forces to Advance U.S. Market Strategy

Hubbell Lighting, a leader in lighting innovation, announced that it has appointed PG enlighten as its new representative throughout Northern Illinois, to include Chicago, Rockford, Central Illinois and Northwest Indiana in U.S., effective Sept. 1, 2016.
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Hubbell Lighting Opens Distribution Center in Texas

Hubbell Lighting, announced that it has opened a new regional distribution center in Dallas, Texas, in an effort to support an increase in market demand for its products. It will occupy a portion of CEVA Logistics’ 37,161 meters (400,000 square foot) facility in the Grapevine area of Dallas Fort-Worth.
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Columbia Lighting Launches Contemporary LED Wall Wash Luminaire

Hubbell Lighting, a world leader in lighting innovation, announced today that Columbia Lighting has launched its new CWW, a contemporary wall wash LED luminaire.
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Hubbell Lighting Releases New LEDs with More Wavelengths for Horticulture Applications

Hubbell Lighting, a world leader in lighting innovation, announced today that it has improved upon the original version of its NutriLED product to offer even more value – increased production, greater yield and shorter growth periods – for the indoor horticulture industry.
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Hubbell Lighting Appoints New GM for Lighting Components Business

Hubbell Lighting, an innovator in the lighting industry, has named John DiNardi General Manager and Vice President of the Hubbell Lighting Components Business. He currently heads Hubbell Lighting's Technology and Business Development program. This move connects the solid state lighting components brands with Hubbell's advanced technology, product and business development group.
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Dual-Lite Releases New Recessed Ceiling-Mount Indoor LED

Hubbell Lighting, a world leader in lighting innovation, announced today that Dual-Lite has launched its new EV4R Series - a recessed, ceiling-mounted, emergency light with superior emergency lighting coverage.
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U.S. Hotel Chain to Save More Than US$3M Per Year with LEDs from Hubbell Lighting

As part of a $1 billion investment designed to improve its entire portfolio of 629 properties, Extended Stay America ("ESA") recently began improving the exterior lighting at many of its facilities. From a lighting perspective, the technology used to illuminate the buildings, parking lots and common areas were outdated by almost 20 years. Existing light levels were not acceptable and maintenance costs were unsustainable.
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Hubbell Lighting Professionals to Join DOE in SSL Research and Development Workshop

In an effort to advance the lighting industry, executives from Hubbell Lighting will take an active role in the Department of Energy's (DOE) 13th annual SSL R&D Workshop being held on February 2-4, 2016 in Raleigh, N.C.
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Hubbell Lighting Improves Output of LED Area Lighting Solutions

Hubbell Lighting, a global leader in lighting innovation, announced today a 20 percent lighting output improvement for two popular LED area lighting solutions, the Beacon Products Viper and Spaulding Lighting Cimarron.
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Hubbell Lighting Releases New Trims for Recessed Lights Alternaitve

Hubbell Lighting, a world leader in lighting innovation, announced today that Prescolite has added two new trims to the brand’s 5” LiteBox Surface Mount (LBSQ5LEDA-square, LBS5LEDA DG-drop glass) LED product line. Installing directly to a standard J-box, the 5” LiteBox Surface Mount fixture is the perfect alternative to recessed products in settings where plenum height is challenging or where fire codes restrict the use of recessed fixtures. Prescolite also announced today that it has added DMX dimming to its LF series LED downlight family.
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Hubbell Lighting Adds New LED Lights to Its High Bay Portfolio

Hubbell Lighting, a world leader in lighting innovation, announced today that Hubbell Industrial Lighting has added three new LED products to its popular HBL and KHL highbay lines: a high output HBL highbay (HBLHO), a flood light version of the HBL (HBL Flood) and a flood light version of the Kemlux III highbay (KHL Flood).
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