Jiangsu Trinity Material Supports ARC Energy’s CHES Performance Upgrades

According to Advanced RenewableEnergy Company LLC (ARC Energy) of Nashua, NH, USA, a provider of c-axis sapphire growth technologies and turnkey solutions for the LED solid-state lighting market, after qualifying sapphire substrates at multiple LED chip companies, China-based Jiangsu Trinity Material Co Ltd is continuing to further improve the efficiency of ARC Energy’s CHES (Controlled Heat Extraction System) furnaces. ARC is currently working on the upgrades to lower costs and increase equipment productivity. With two factories (Jiang...
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ARC Energy Improves CHES Sapphire LED for 5% Brighter

According to a white paper entitled “LED Manufacturing Study on CHES™ Sapphire,” ARC Energy has released results of a study showing that sapphire grown from its proprietary CHES technology yield 5% greater LED brightness than the industry standard. The study purposefully included sapphire material exhibiting a wide range of etch pit distortion (EPD) levels to determine whether or not EPD affects LED manufacturing. The study took sapphire through the complete LED chip manufacturing process and concluded that all material passed LED s...
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ARC Energy Appoints Dr. Philip C.S. Yin as Vice President and General Manager of China

Advanced Renewable Energy has appointed Dr. Philip C.S. Yin as vice president and general manager, China region. Dr. Yin will be responsible for building deep relationships and satisfying customer expectations, directing the rapidly growing China organization, and helping grow ARC Energy's business in the China region. Dr. Yin is a recognized leader in the LED and semiconductor industry. He previously served as the chairman and chief executive officer for AXT Inc., where he catapulted AXT to a leadership position as a manufacturer of compound semiconduct...
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Trinity Material Cooperates with ARC Energy for Sapphire Production

Trinity Material in China has cooperated with ARC Energy to use ARC Energy’s CHES furnaces for sapphire production. The two companies are paving the way for new industry expectations and opportunities based on c-axis growth orientation for LED manufacturing. Trinity Material is successfully ramping up to produce very high volumes of sapphire crystals to meet the growing demand for large diameter sapphire wafers in the LED market. Sapphire boules are grown on c-axis by ARC Energy’s CHES method compared to conventional processes where a-axis bo...
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ARC Energy Ships Its 100th CHES Furnace for LED Sapphire Crystal

Advanced RenewableEnergy Company (ARC Energy), specializing in innovative c-axis sapphire growth technologies and turnkey solutions for the LED solid-state lighting, has announced to ship its 100th CHES Furnace,which is highly automated “c-axis” growth furnaces that are used to produce sapphire boules. Cores from these crystals are turned into LED wafers, and finally into the High Brightness and Ultra-High Brightness LED chips that are used in LED backlighting, general lighting, and automotive and signage applications. Besides, ARC Energy...
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