Horticulture Lighting: Israel Fotonica Launches New Grow Light; Mouser Unveils Horticulture Applications Site

LEDs support sustainable horticulture development with tunable lighting technologies and other smart applications. Worldwide food suppliers as well as lighting technologies suppliers continue to create innovative growing techniques for improving crops production and quality. Israel based grow light supplier Fotonica has developed and patented its bio-illuminationTM lighting system that optimizes the growth of cannabis, green leaves, vegetables, and ornamentals while providing real-time data and analytics that ensures maximum crop control and profitability. Fotonica’s TM L...
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Seoul Semiconductor Invalidates Everlight’s Patent in the UK and Holds Everlight Responsible for Paying Significant Litigation Costs to Seoul

Seoul Semiconductor on February 20 has won the patent invalidity litigation action that was filed against Everlight Electronics in the United Kingdom.
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Seoul Semiconductor Files Patent Infringement Litigation against Mouser for Sale of Everlight Products in Italy

On February 2, 2018, Seoul Semiconductor filed a patent infringement lawsuit in Italy in the Court of Milan against Mouser Electronics Inc., a global electronic components distributor, as well as its Italian subsidiary – for the sale of certain Everlight LED products.
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ERP Power and Mouser Sign Distribution Agreement

ERP Power LLC (ERP), a leading provider of small, smart and efficient LED drivers for the lighting industry, has signed a distribution agreement with Mouser Electronics, Inc., the industry's leading New Product Introduction (NPI) distributor.
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Düsseldorf Court Orders Fine Against Mouser for Contempt of Preliminary Injunction Regarding a Product of Everlight Based on Nichia's YAG Patent

As reported in a prior press release, on September 29, 2016, the Düsseldorf District Court in Germany had granted a preliminary injunction against Mouser Electronics Inc. ("Mouser") based on a request of Nichia Corporation ("Nichia"). The court admitted Nichia's arguments that the white LED product "334-15/X1C5-1QSA" manufactured by Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd. and distributed by Mouser in Germany infringes Nichia's YAG patent EP 936 682 (DE 697 02 929).
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Everlight Refutes Nichia’s Patent Lawsuit Against Mouser

Everlight filed a declaratory judgment action against Nichia Corporation (“Nichia”) for invalidity and non-infringement of U.S. Patent Nos. 5,998,925 and 7,531,960 in the U.S. District Court for Eastern District of Michigan in 2012. These two patents are directed to YAG phosphor being used in LEDs and phosphor concentration. The court confirmed that all asserted claims of Nichia’s patents were invalid. Aside from the U.S. court ruling, Everlight has receive favorable rulings in Japan and Taiwan that Nichia’s patents are invalid.
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German Court Grants Preliminary Injunction Against Mouser Based on Nichia’s YAG Patent

On September 29, 2016, Nichia Corporation (“Nichia”) filed a request for a preliminary injunction in Germany at the Düsseldorf District Court against Mouser Electronics Inc. (“Mouser”), alleging that the white LED product “334-15/X1C5-1QSA” manufactured by Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd. (“Everlight”) and distributed by Mouser in Germany infringes Nichia’s YAG patent EP 936 682 (DE 697 02 929).
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Mouser Launches LYTSwitch-4 High Power LED Drivers

Power Integrations LYTSwitch-4 high power LED drivers feature a wide dimming range and fast start-up, even when turning-on from a low conduction angle and easily meet international requirements for THD and harmonics. Output current is tightly regulated with better than ±5% CC tolerance1. Efficiency of up to 92% is achieved in typical applications. LYTSwitch-4 drivers provide excellent turn-on characteristics for leading-edge and trailing-edge TRIAC dimming applications.
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Mouser Stocks up on Cree's XLamp XH-B & XH-G LEDs

According to reports, Mouser Electronics, a subsidiary of TTI, Inc., announced on August 14 that it has stocked the new XLamp XH-B & XH-G LEDs from Cree, featuring unique ceramic packaging for long calculated L70 lifetimes. Cree XLamp XH-B & XH-G LEDs are a new type of mid-power LED that delivers the unique combination of high performance and reliability. Unlike common mid-power plastic packages of today, the ceramic-based XH LEDs are designed to deliver the long calculated L70 lifetimes of Cree's other high-power LEDs, such as X...
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Mouser Stocks the LUXEON 3535 2D Mid-Power LEDs from Philips Lumileds

On July 17, Mouser Electronics, Inc., a subsidiary of TTI, Inc., announced that it is stocking the LUXEON 3535 2D Mid-Power LEDs from Philips Lumileds. This new two-LED chip package with up to 140lm/W efficacy can reduce LED count in retrofit lamps by 50%. Philips Lumileds has expanded the family of LUXEON 3535 Mid-Power LEDs to include LUXEON 3535 2D Mid-Power LEDs. The LUXEON 3535 2D combines two LED chips in a package to enable reduction in LED count and cost of designing retrofit lamps, consumer downlights, and diff...
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Mouser Electronics Partners with EDN at ESC Boston to Present “Designing with LEDs” Technical Seminar & Workshop

Mouser Electronics, Inc., regarded as a top design engineering resource and global distributor for semiconductors and electronic components, today announced its sponsorship of EDN’s Designing with LEDs event during the Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) this week at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, MA. The September 27th LED seminar will bring together editors of EDN and EE Times, circuit designers, system architects, LED light designers, device packaging engineers, lighting component designers, academic leaders and the industry’s mover...
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New TARA2000-AUT-SAFE family includes unique interlock loop method for completely safeguarding ultra-fast detection of faults that can compromise eye safety Interlock method reduces bill of materials resulting in lower system cost 940nm emitte... READ MORE

40V-150V breakdown voltage lineup: ideal for motor drive and industrial power supplies ROHM has developed Nch MOSFETs (40V/60V/80V/100V/150V) RS6xxxxBx / RH6xxxxBx series, 13 part numbers, suitable for applications operating on 24V/36V/48V pow... READ MORE