Jaipur Metro Rail in India to Renovate Station with LED Lights

The Jaipur Metro Rail in India will be replacing all sodium lights at the Vivek Vihar station with LED lights to cut energy consumption, reported The Times of India.
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Philips Lighting to Supply New Atletico Madrid Stadium with LED Lights

Philips Lighting, a global leader in Lighting, and Atletico Madrid announced an agreement to supply the lighting of the club’s new stadium in the Spanish capital. Under the agreement, Philips Lighting becomes Atletico Madrid’s official lighting partner for the next four seasons where the new stadium will be the first in the world to benefit from Philips ArenaExperience. With the Philips ArenaExperience multi-purpose LED stadia lighting system, Atletico Madrid will harness the power of lighting to create a lasting impression for its visitors, both outside and inside the stadium. The system will encompass LED lighting for the pitch, stadium façade and hospitality areas. 
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Haiti Emergency LED Light Designers Brighten up Hurricane Matthew Relief Efforts

LuminAID co-founders Anna Stork and Andrea Sreshta were architecture students in 2010 when they were inspired to design a new kind of solar light in response to the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. They invented LuminAID’s patented solar inflatable technology, creating a compact, rechargeable solar lantern that packs flat and inflates into a lightweight, waterproof light source. Since then, LuminAID has been innovating and expanding their technology to new applications, including the camping and emergency preparedness markets, but Anna and Andrea have always had Haiti on the back of their minds. As news of the devastation in Haiti becomes apparent in the wake of Hurricane Matthew, LuminAID and its charitable partners are working to help those affected by the storm who are in need of safe, sustainable lighting. This is especially meaningful for Anna and Andrea, as it gives them another chance to give back to the people of Haiti, their original inspiration.
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Masonic Children's Hospitals Installs Philips LED Lights to Speed Patients Healing Process

A recently installed, state-of-the-art lighting system provided by Philips Lighting at University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital may help young patients heal by promoting natural circadian rhythms.
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Morning, noon or night: Know what your lighting system is up to with Philips EnvisionManager Web

Rahul Shira, Product Marketing Manager at Philips Lighting shares the company’s strategy in commercial lighting in this blog entry.The way office spaces are used has evolved over recent decades. In many places, there has been an evolution from private offices, to a few people sharing a single office, to open plan. Traditionally, facility managers and building owners adapted to these trends through a more manual and laborious process which involved managers maintaining records of space allocation, employee seating arrangements, time cards and other administrative accounting techniques. This was expensive, time consuming and the information was often not current or accurate.
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Milk Deteriorates Faster Under LED Lights

Got LED light? Display cases and grocery stores increasingly do, and that’s bad news for milk drinkers.
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TetraGear Keep Wheel Riders Visible and Safe at Night

Vancouver-based startup TetraGear has developed LED lights to increase visibility and safety of users of various mobility devices including wheelchairs, bicycles and strollers at night.
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Solar Watt Box Creates Off-the-grid Campsite, Charges up LED Lights for Longer Time

A Chicago-based team launched Kickstarter campaign for its portable solar battery called Solar Watt Box. The campaign pledged for US $8,500 and has secured US $1,035 in total.
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U.S. Medical Center Replaced 28K LED Lights to Save on Energy

St. Mary- Corwin Medical Center is a Pueblo- based medical organization in Colorado, U.S., which switched from conventional lightings to LED ones in November 2015.
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Alder Releases New LED Lights for Varied Applications

HIGH BAY LIGHT ‧ Up to 130 lm/W high system efficacy. ‧ 3 installation options available for different applications. ‧ IP65 design suitable for outdoor applications. ‧ Available in various beam angles.
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Independence LED Upgrades Auto Dealership with LED Lights

Opportunity for LED Lights: Lighting consumes a significant amount of electricity for automotive dealerships. Like many other dealerships, this one had 2’x2’ troffers with a pair of 32 watt U bend fluorescent tubes, totaling 64 watts per fixture. At 12 hours of illumination over 6 days a week (3,744h/year), each fixture used 239.6 kWh/year. At the average electricity rate in Virginia of $.087/kWh, the lighting cost was $20.84 per fixture per year.
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Wedes Provides Fans with LED Lights for Indoor Application

15043A【Light Fan】Jade Mt. BLDC Brushless DC / White
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LED Lights from Di Cheng Rubber Allow Indoor and Outdoor Applications

We have medical grade tubing for your general usage. We also have successfully developed several special tubing for special medical application. It is ourpleasure to share them with you as below and we welcome your request for new projects cooperation.
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U.S. Theme Park Celebrates Holiday Season with LED Lights

Six Flags Over Georgia is now home to the most wonderful wintertime festival of all, as the expanded Holiday in the Park® debuts November 21. Holiday in the Park features more than one million LED lights, 24 world-class rides, spectacular Christmas trees, exclusive holiday shows, artificial snow and 13 dazzling holiday-themed sections of the park.
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What LED Lights Have to Contribute to Your Overall Well Being

Have you ever been walking the aisles of a Supermarket or Big Box store, maybe you had a little trouble finding a few things and ended up in there a little longer than you anticipated. Then, all of a sudden, you feel so agitated and uncomfortable that every passing minute seems to make you feel worse? There’s definitely a time limit to those stores or at least an awareness when we’ve entered the penalty time and need to get out of there ASAP. There is certainly no shortage of bothersome elements in those stores, despite their convenience, but one of the main culprits for that fatigued, annoyed feeling you get is the lighting. It’s very apparent how artificial the lighting in those places is.
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Deco Lighting Supports Los Angeles Charity with LED Lights

Deco Lighting, a leading manufacturer of innovative, energy-saving LED lighting solutions, is giving back to the community again with a donation of over 1,500 fixtures and housings, totaling over $43,000, to Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles. This is Deco Lighting’s second donation to the non-profit organization, donating over 3,200 fluorescent fixtures to Habitat for Humanity last year. An efficient alternative to traditional lighting technology, such as fluorescent lighting, LED lighting consumes significantly less energy than its traditional counterparts and helps keep energy costs low.
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L.A. Zoo to Celebrate Light Festival with LED Lights

This holiday season for the very first time, the Los Angeles Zoo changes stripes from a daytime adventure to a dazzling winter wonderland known as “L.A. ZOO LIGHTS”, which electrifies guests as it transforms the Zoo’s enchanting environment into a series of awe-inspiring animal escapades rendered in led lights, lasers, 3D projections, spectacular sets and interactive displays.  Open nightly from Friday, November 28, 2014, to Sunday, January 4, 2015, 6 to 10 pm (except Christmas Eve and Christmas Day), this magical new experience is destined to become a wondrous, “don’t-miss” holiday tradition.  “L.A. ZOO LIGHTS,” bringing lights back to Griffith Park for the first time since 2009, is produced and presented by the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association and made possible with support from Councilmember Tom LaBonge, City of Los Angeles, 4th District.
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MaxLite Launches New LED Lights for Outdoor Application

Designed to enhance safety and security in public places, MaxLite releases its new-generation LED Medium Flood and Area Lights as energy-efficient illumination for parking lots, roadways, pathways and perimeters.
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Hubbell Lighting Adds New LED Lights to Its High Bay Portfolio

Hubbell Lighting, a world leader in lighting innovation, announced today that Hubbell Industrial Lighting has added three new LED products to its popular HBL and KHL highbay lines: a high output HBL highbay (HBLHO), a flood light version of the HBL (HBL Flood) and a flood light version of the Kemlux III highbay (KHL Flood).
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Turkish Butterfly Sanctuary Lit with Gaudy LED Lights from Philips

Europe’s largest butterfly sanctuary can now rival the color spectacle of its insects after receiving an LED makeover by Royal Philips, the global leader in lighting.
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London’s Exotic Restaurant Lit with Soraa's LED Lights

Soraa, the world leader in GaN on GaN™ LED technology, announced that its LED lamps have been installed at the new Yauatcha City restaurant. Officially open the summer of 2015, Yauatcha City is a unique, contemporary dim sum teahouse that is lit to create both a sense of drama and intimacy for the restaurant patrons.
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FoxFury Offers Contests with Prizes of LED Lights to Celebrate Its 10th Anniversary

FoxFury Lighting Solutions, maker of professional LED lighting tools for first responders and industrial professionals, is officially 10 years old. To celebrate, the company will be giving away 10 prizes and is partnering on a special critical stress management project. FoxFury formed in August of 2003 to create a wide angle LED headlamp for night surfing. Within months, first responders approached FoxFury asking if the lights could be made fire resistant and weatherproof. Fast forward 10 years and the company now offers LED headlamps, flashlights, area lights, pis...
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LED Lights to be Intelligentized with Radar Microwave Technique, Energy Efficient Starts with 'Lighting on Demand'

"Energy conservation must start from 'lighting on demand', especially in the public construction sectors, such as underground garage, corridors, and stairwells. There is a big difference between effective lighting time and actual lighting time in these sectors, with radar microwave technique, the intelligent LED lights can play the dimming effect that 'to light up when people is coming and to be dim when people is away', not only can it provide lighting, but also achieves a good energy saving effect.”, Shukui Bing, vice president of China Illuminating Eng...
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Seoul Plans to Install LED Lights in All Municipal Offices by 2018

Recently, Seoul, the capital of South Korean, has announced the plan to install more LED lighting in public places, and encourage private sectors to further expand the scope of installation. All municipal government offices and public places including subway stations and streets are planned to use LED lighting in 2018. This plan aims to reduce energy consumption and aid the LED lighting industry. Seoul government also said that the plan will expand to private sectors in 2030. It is estimated that nearly 800000 units of LED light will be installed in the public sectors ...
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Chile Security Certification for General Lighting LED Lights to Go into Effect in October 2013

In line with the Energy Department of Chile, the 1649 regulations which released on September 11th, 2012, the general lighting security and energy efficiency certification program will come into effect for LED lights on October 1st, 2013. In addition, according to Regulation No. 3623 released on December 28th 2011, domestic and similar general lighting security and energy efficiency certification program will also be came into effect on October 1st 2013. The energy efficiency certification standards for domestic as well as ordinary LED lights are IEC60357: 2002 + A...
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U. S. CPSC Recalls LED Lights Made in China

Recently, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and REI jointly announced the voluntary recall of UCO Arkac LED light made in China. The UCO Arkac LED lights to be recalled this time can be used as signal lights, lighting or USB charger, the top of lamp shade is made of red transparent plastic and removable; the base is black with red extended base. UCO Arkac LED light comes with 3.7v4Ah rechargeable lithium-ion battery, USB cable and wall charger, and it is about 7.7 inches in height and about 2.5 inches in diameter, the folded hei...
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The First Electric Vehicle with All-LED Exterior Lighting to Arrive Early 2014

It has been reported that the Volt-based Cadillac ELR will be launched this winter as the first electric vehicle with all-LED exterior lighting. Its provocative shape and luxurious interior makes an immediate impact. The distinction of first electric vehicle is a necessary one as the redesigned 2014 Mercedes S-Class to be launched this fall is said to be the first with all-LED lighting among all cars. In any case, the Cadillac is in exceptional company, and GM first showed the car so equipped at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit this year....
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OSRAM Cooperates with Comcast to Achieve Remote Control to LED Lights

Recently, Comcast announced partnerships with OsramSylvania, the new energy-saving LED intelligent bulb of OsramSylvania will be combined with Comcast's XfinityHome platform, which can realize that the lamps can be controlled remotely from anywhere of this platform. Users can use the smart devices to remotely control bulbs, and set the desired brightness, so as to achieve energy savings. The rated life of SYLVANIAULTRAiQTMLEDBR30 floodlights OsramSylvania provided is 35,000 hours, and it conforms to Zigbee: emoji: home automation standards, the wi...
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LED Lights to Brighten up the 18th Street Railroad Viaduct

The 18th Street Railroad Viaduct in Birmingham will lunch LightRails. At 8 p.m. June 27, an Artistic Lighting Installation will be launched with the support of REV Birmingham and the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham. This lighting project is a great way to change underpasses into powerful connectors for pedestrian traffic," REV Birmingham CEO David Fleming said. The 18th Street Railroad lights are the first of many lighting projects to be displayed across the Birmingham's City Center. The next lighting ceremony will be the Railroad...
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LED Lights to Create and Set Ambiance

By Tim Lenahan LED lights are starting to replace lights used in places like salons, amusement parks, and even courthouses. LED lighting is a major trend either in households or for architectural purposes. Some of the most prevalent decorative lightings include street bulbs, light strips, rope lights, floor lights and spotlights. Of course you will soon have a string of Christmas LED light lying somewhere in your house. People who are thinking of becoming a house owner, it is important for them to decide the details of the house they want from a enormous pool of choices...
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New XLamp® S Line LEDs enhance growth, last longer, lower energy costs Horticulture and other forms of agricultural lighting require application-tuned ratios of spectral content, high efficacy and long lifetimes. Whether you are interest... READ MORE
Cree LED delivers superior brightness, light quality and efficiency for portable applications. Our XLamp® LEDs are ideally suited for torch, flashlight, tactical flashlight, head lamp, bike light, weapon light and lantern portable applicat... READ MORE