Access Fixtures Expands Parking Garage Lighting Options

Access Fixtures is expanding its line of parking garage lighting by adding products that utilize the latest lighting technologies and feature durable housings. The new luminaires use LG LED modules, Cree LEDs or Osram Sylvania induction components. Employing long life lighting components and options like dimming, step-down dimming, occupancy sensors, and photocells for daylight harvesting, these new luminaires effectively provide light and enhance safety throughout any parking garage while reducing energy use and maintenance costs. 
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Access Fixtures New Stainless Steel Bollard Incorporate LG LED Modules

Access Fixtures has added LED stainless steel bollard lights with a specialized cone reflector to its extensive line of bollard lights. The new stainless steel bollards are now available with a 12w LG Innotek LED module. Beyond high style, the bollard light has a die-cast aluminum interior and stainless steel exterior for enhanced durability. The stainless steel housing prevents corrosion, rust, and stains typically caused by years of exposure to the elements. Bollard lights effectively and aesthetically illuminate paths and walkways in commercial, municipal and residential areas.
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LG LED Modules for Outdoor Lighting Now Available in 3000K

Access Fixtures now offers LG LED modules used in wall packs, bollard lights, and flood lights in 3000K. Until now, most LED outdoor lighting has used cool white or daylight lighting, a harsh bluish white light.
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LED Wall Packs from Access Fixtures Reach New Low Price

Traditional wall packs from Access Fixtures, a leader in commercial and sports lighting, have been a favorite for lighting commercial buildings. Access Fixtures has been able to combine leading edge LED technology with the most popular traditional wall pack style to provide an energy-efficient lighting solution. Access Fixtures traditional wall packs feature a heavy-duty, corrosion resistant, die-cast aluminum housing and polycarbonate lens. Combined with CREE LED chips and using only 40w of energy, this LED wall pack provides energy savings for large applications while providing light equivalent to that of a 50w metal halide. This LED wall pack has a new low price of $224.99.
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Access Fixtures Announces New LED Stainless Steel Bollard Light

Access Fixtures continues to expand its line of stainless steel LED bollard lights with a new model featuring a classic reflector and 10 watt LED. The new LED stainless steel bollard light is equipped with a standard reflector to help distribute the light downwards. Beyond leading architectural fashion, the bollard light is constructed with a die cast aluminum interior and stainless steel exterior. The stainless steel housing prevents corrosion, rust, and stains typically caused by years of exposure to the elements. The cast aluminum interior provides structural strength and additional heat sinking. Bollard lights provide light and safety on path and walkways in commercial, municipal and residential areas.
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Access Fixtures Comprehensive Guide Changes the Way Customers Choose Bollard Lights

Access Fixtures has published a new comprehensive guide documenting everything a customer should know when selecting bollard lights. Bollard lights are outdoor light fixtures that are ideal for illuminating walkways, streets, and driveways of commercial and public areas. While bollard light styles vary, optics, lamp type and wattage can be different as well. 
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Access Fixtures LED Bollards Uses LG Modules to Maximize Light Output

Access Fixtures reports that LG LED bollard lights have superior efficacy and significant energy savings compared to metal halide equivalents. Using only 12 watts, the LED bollard lights use less than 20% of the energy required for 50w metal halide bollard lights. While the LED bollard lights drastically reduce energy use, they also emit an average of eight times more light than the MH equivalents. 
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Access Fixtures Introduces Square Bollard Lights with Xicato LED Modules

Access Fixtures is proud to announce the addition of two new square bollard lights each powered with 30 watt Xicato light modules. The new styles expand Access Fixtures' latest square bollard series. One style features type 5 glass and top-mounted Xicato LED light modules that emits light out and down via wide optics. The other features a traditional style reflector. The Xicato LED light module is directed up while the light bounces down off the reflector. The new luminaire designs are based on top-selling round bollard lights. Bollard lights are ideal for safely illuminating paths, walkways and landscaping.
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Accurate HID Performance Equivalents for LED Luminaires

Access Fixtures is now offering accurate calculations specifying the true metal halide equivalency of LED luminaires. For years customers knew which metal halide lamp wattage they required to meet the light levels they needed. With LEDs, customers do not know which LED wattage to order, as the light output is not directly correlated to the light output of a luminaire with a Metal Halide lamp. Providing accurate lumen equivalency data makes it easier for customers to understand the light output that an LED luminaire will achieve in comparison to HID fixtures.
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Access Fixtures Expands LED Bollard Lights Product Line with New Parking Lot Lighting

Access Fixtures has expanded its line of bollard lights to include 277 volt 10 watt LED bollard lights. Frequently municipal, commercial and hospitality properties use 277v to light outdoor areas such as parking lots. 277 volt LED light bollards permits the installation of LED bollard lights on the same circuits, eliminating the requirement of a second circuit and wires to support lower voltage lighting applications.
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Access Fixtures Introduces New Turtle Friendly LED Bollard Lights

According to reports, Access Fixtures introduced LED turtle friendly lights to protect sea turtle hatchlings. Also known as wildlife lights, the turtle friendly LED bollard lights use 7 watt amber LEDs that are visible to humans, but not to turtles. The bollard lights are ideal for waterfront areas that are visible from the beach, including private properties, condos, country clubs and marinas. Furthermore, the LEDs are energy efficient, long-lasting, and require low maintenance. "The demand for turtle-friendly lighting has increased now that many waterfront locati...
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Access Fixtures Introduces New LED Wall Packs Reaching 150w and 250w Metal Halide Equivalent

Access Fixtures, an online retailer of commercial and sports specialty lighting products, introduces new LED wall packs that achieve the same light output as 150–250 W metal halide wall packs. The new LED wall packs are available in both modern and classic designs and consume about 75% less energy to deliver the same amount of light as metal halide versions. What's more, these new LED Wall Packs are suited for safely and efficiently lighting outdoor commercial or industrial areas. Steven Rothschild, CEO of Access Fixtures, said that customers are used to p...
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Access Fixtures Upgrades Outdoor LED Flood Light Quality and Efficiency

Access Fixtures upgraded its LED flood lights introducing the latest RTL series, which is supported by Toshiba LED technology. Featuring 25% greater light output than previous LED flood lights, the new products further improve its efficiency and quality. The new LED products are idea for outdoor lighting applications, such as tennis court lighting, parking lot lighting, and roadway lighting. "New advances in LED lighting technology continue to increase the efficiency, efficacy and overall quality of Access Fixtures LED products, meanwhile reducing energy ...
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Access Fixtures Updates Its Lineup of Toshiba LED High Bays

Access Fixtures updated its lineup of Toshiba LED high bays with lower prices and significant rebates from many utility companies. LED high bay lights are long-lasting and produce superior quality of light while using significantly less energy than metal halide or high pressure sodium lighting, so they are ideal for industrial and commercial applications. Qualified by the Design Lights Consortium (DLC) as a high-quality, high-performing LED product, rebates for the LED high bays are available from $100 per fixture in Massachusetts to $315 per fixture in Long Island. ...
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Access Fixtures Introduces New Post-Top LED Retrofit Lamp

Access Fixtures has expanded its LED Retrofit product line to include Post-Top LED Retrofit Lamps for acorn type globes used on decorative and antique street lights.  Post-top LED retrofit LED lamp replaces 70w to 175w HID lamps while delivering superior light quality. The lamps are easy to install, have as much as 6 times the life of the lamps they replace and reduce energy use by as much as 75%. They are ideal for existing antique style and decorative street lights used across the USA on main streets, shopping centers, hotels, apartment complexes, and unive...
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Access Fixtures Announces LED Bollards with Enhanced Aluminum Cone Reflectors

Access Fixtures is now offering LED Bollards equipped with LG LED light modules and an aluminum cone reflector to aesthetically, efficiently, and safely light walkways in commercial, municipal and residential areas. Each bollard includes a specially designed aluminum cone reflector for purposed built for use with LEDs.  Using a 12 watt LED LG light module, the Access Fixtures LED bollards provide long life, low to no maintenance, super energy efficiency and reduced operating cost over the life of the light bollard all while effectively lighting pathways. &quo...
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Access Fixtures Introduces New High Lumen LG LED Wall Packs

Access Fixtures has expanded its product line with more LG LED wall packs joining the lineup of ecoWedge LED wallpacks.   instead of a glass panel with the lamp behind it, the glass is replaced with a heat sink and externally mounted LG LED light engines. The result is LED wall packs that feature superior color rendering, very low maintenance, and extreme energy-savings in traditionally designed wall packs. Additionally, with the LED light engines mounted on the outside these wall packs offer 10% more efficacy than LED wall packs that push the light through ...
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Access Fixtures Designated as North American Distributor of Toshiba LED Lamps

Toshiba has designated Access Fixtures as its distributor to sell the complete line of Toshiba LED lamps including PAR20, PAR30, PAR38, MR16, GU10, A19, BR30, and Candelabra lamps in the USA, Canada and the Caribbean. Toshiba PAR38 lamps are an example of superior design and performance.  With equivalency based on the Energy Star® Integral LED Lamp Program, depending on Kelvin, Toshiba 20.3w PAR38 LED lamps are the equivalent of 90 to 110 watt halogen lamps.  The lamps are available in 2700K, 3000K, and 4000K color temper...
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Access Fixtures Testing New LEDs for Bollard Lights

Access Fixtures has been testing the new LEDnovations EnhanceLite® light emitting diode (LED) 180 degree directional lamp as an LED light engine in bollards. The outcome is truly astounding. Using our best selling Bollard Lights with a reflector, the efficiency of one a 6.1 watt light engine compared equally with a the light output against a 100W equivalent compact florescent lamp (CFL). According to Access Fixtures senior lighting specialist Steve Rothschild, LED Bollards can equal CFL brightness while using 73% less energy or only 6.1 watts. Additio...
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