Seesmart’s LED Retrofit Helps Regis High School Save Energy

Seesmart Technologies has completed an entire LED retrofit for Regis High School, a tuition-free Jesuit college preparatory school for young men in the New York metropolitan area. The retrofit replaced more than 2,500 fluorescent lights throughout the school with Seesmart LED tube lights. Regis’ estimated LED retrofit benefits include significant energy savings of more than $36,000 and over 116,000 kilowatt-hours per year with a carbon footprint reduction of almost 120,000 pounds per year. Additionally, the preparatory school received a $32,000 rebate from C...
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Seesmart’s LED Lighting Products Get DLC and LDL Approved

Seesmart Technologies, Inc.’s two LED lighting products have met the rigorous performance and efficiency requirements set by DesignLights Consortium (DLC) and Lighting Design Lab (LDL) and are now listed as qualified solid-state lighting products. The listings now make each of these products eligible for significant rebates offered by numerous municipalities and utilities throughout the United States. In addition, these rebates allow for even faster return on investment (ROI), enhancing the already attractive ROI realized from the energy savings of high-e...
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Seesmart’s LED Lighting Helps Ashforth Save $200,000

Seesmart Technologies, Inc. has completed the installation of LED lighting in two of The Ashforth Company's properties in Connecticut, transforming its spaces and offering a quick return on investment of only 15 months. And it is estimated that the combined savings for the project will be in excess of $200,000. Seesmart's LED retrofit replaced 1,300, 32-watt, T-8 fluorescent bulbs with high-efficiency LED tube lights throughout lobbies, common areas and garages at Ashforth's properties: 707 Summer Street, (Ashforth's headquarters) and 3001 Stamford ...
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Seesmart Increases LED Production in US

Frustrated by the additional expense and difficulties with slower shipping, Seesmart Technologies (SEST) feels it is very important to have more control over the manufacturing process, as a result, it has intended to increase their production of LED lighting products in the United States. Combined with their desire to create jobs for US citizens, the company started building factories in Simi Valley, California, and Crystal Lake, Illinois. "When we do the numbers we're actually ahead manufacturing here instead of paying for air freight and dealing with the l...
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Seesmart Introduces New LED Cobra Head Street Light

Seesmart, Inc.has introduced a new high performance LED cobra head street light designed to replace 250 or 400 Watt High Pressure Sodium (HPS) street lights used to light roadways, parking lots, and other outdoor areas. The new cobra head LED street lights produce the same or better illumination than the HPS lamps, but consume only a fraction of the electricity. New lights are 59, 88 or 97 watts, depending on the configuration. These lights also come in three color temperatures from Warm White (3000-3500K) to Natural White (4000-4500K) to Day White (550...
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Seesmart Supports Pasadena City College for LED Retrofit

Seesmart, Inc. has secured a $2.3 million contract with Pasadena City College for LED lighting retrofit. Under the retrofit, more than 34,000 fluorescent tube lights in campus buildings will be replace with Seesmart LED tube lights. The contract for this massive project was issued using the California Multiple Award Schedules (CMAS). Pasadena City College’s anticipated LED retrofit benefits include significant energy savings of $720,000 and 3.7 million kilowatt-hours per year, and its carbon footprint will reduce by 5 million pounds per year. Addition...
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Seesmart Inc. Won New State Contract

LED lighting manufacturer Seesmart Inc. was awarded a contract by the California Department of General Services. The contract will allow the Simi Valley-based company to make its products more accessible to local and state government agencies in California and allow for the agencies to purchase the products at the federal government pricing level. In a prepared statement, Ray Sjolseth, president of Seesmart Inc. said the contract will allow the company to provide energy efficient products directly to the State of California while streamlining the procurement process...
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Seesmart LEDs Support Zyloware Eyewear for Energy Conservation

Seesmart, Inc., a division of Seesmart Holdings, Inc.,has completed LED retrofit in a global supplier of eyewear, Zyloware Eyewear’s, new 50,000 square foot facility based in Westchester County, New York. The retrofit began at the end of last year and now Zyloware's offices and distribution center shine with 700 clean, energy-efficient Seesmart LEDs. Seesmart's LED lighting is 50%+ more efficient than fluorescent lighting and is rated for up to 50,000 hours of operation. LEDs produce far less heat than fluorescents, decreasing the demand on air con...
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Seesmart Receives $1.2 Million LED Tube Lights Order from U.S. General Services Administration

Seesmart, Inc.,has received a $1.2 million order in LED tube lights from The United States General Services Administration (GSA) for lighting retrofit project . The order constitutes the single largest purchase of LED tube lights ever made by the GSA, whose latest lighting retrofit project will span 18 buildings across 2 U.S. states. The Seesmart LED tube lights will replace fluorescent lighting in GSA buildings, saving the Administration approximately $400,000 annually in energy costs. Also, Seesmart products will cut the lighting energy consumption o...
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Seesmart Holdings Shows Revenue Guidance

Seesmart Holdings, Inc. (frankfurt:APF.F), a leading provider of LED lighting technology, today released its revenue guidance for 2011 and 2012. Based on current projections, the company expects 2011 revenue of approximately $11 million U.S. dollars. Additionally, the company expects 2012 revenue to grow to approximately $25 million U.S. dollars, an increase of more than 125%. "Our guidance reflects the significant increase in demand we are seeing for Seesmart products," said Ken Ames, Chief Executive Officer of Seesmart Holdings, Inc. "We have de...
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