Guangdong Lighting Industry Incurs Greatest Losses in China for 1Q15

The Guangdong Province in Southern China incurred the greatest losses in China’s lighting industry, according to monthly statistics compiled by National Bureau of Statistics.
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Guangdong LED Industry Keeps Up High Growth Growth Rates and Acquisition Trends

The LED industry in Guangdong Province, China showed the most growth out of eight emerging industries in 2013, according to a Securities Times report.
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Guangdong LED Industry Still Under Oversupply Pressure

China’s National Development and Reform Commission and others announced the country’s latest strategic new industry development report at the China Hi-tech Fair on Nov. 16, 2013. Most industries remain small in Guangdong Province’s eight strategic new industries, according to the province’s latest strategic new industry report.
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Guangdong LED Lighting Manufacturers Transfer to Wenzhou to Look for Distributors

"Currently, energy conservation is the market trend; to replace traditional lights with LED lights could become the development direction in the next five years. The development prospects of our the LED lighting brands we agent will be very good, and we hope to cooperate with distributors to expand Wenzhou market.” recently, Mr. Su, general Manager of Wenzhou Xing Ke Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd., contacted with Wenzhou Commercial News and expressed. Mr. Su achieved the operation right of MULINSEN's LED lights in southern Zhejiang i...
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Guangdong Implements Public Use of LED Products

Guangdong province in China has put forward a plan to promote use of LED products in commercial and household areas in the next few years. According to the plan, LED products will be used in all public lighting in the Pearl River Delta region within the next two years. Hu Xuejun, director of the Foshan Science and Technology Bureau, pointed out that,"We have also worked out a pilot program to implement use of LED lighting in about 10,000 households, to promote energy efficiency and emission reduction." Ai Xiaoming, CEO of Osram (China) Lightin...
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Guangdong LED Exports Suffer 4 billion yuan Losses Limited Technical Standards from Overseas Market

Guangdong LED industry may get involved in more than 4 billion yuan ($628.6 million) in losses due to the higher technical standards set by the European Union, the United States, Chile and Uganda. According to a statement on July 9 released by The WTO/TBT Center of the Administration of Quality and Technology Supervision of Guangdong, it received TBT, or technical barriers to trade, notices on higher standards for LED lights and directional lights exported to those countries and regions. The higher efficiency requirements set by the EU would inflate th...
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Guangdong Actively Provokes LED Industry

As LED is one of the three main strategic sectors backed by government support, Guangdong province continues to solidify its position as China’s major hub for LEDs. Based on 2011 estimates, the province has doubled its scale in terms of production value. In the first half alone, it breached the $12.6 billion mark. So far, the number of related enterprises there is close to 3,000 with an aggregate workforce exceeding 550,000. Furthermore, the designated department is identifying the key technological problems in major LED categories. The first step to take into co...
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