The First Flexible AMOLED Display in Mainland China Comes out

Recently, the first flexible AMOLED display in mainland China came out, it is a 3.5-inch monochrome display developed by Visionox, this display comes with thin film encapsulation technology and bendable by the maximum radius of 10 mm. According to reports, many international enterprises are developing OLED flexible display technology, including Samsung, LG and SONY, but have yet not achieved industrialization. The release of this flexible AMOLED display marks that Visionox has broken through many technical difficulties such as bonding and stripping of flexible...
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Future Electronics and Philips Lumileds to Jointly Organize LED Lighting Seminars in Mainland China and Taiwan

LED lighting division of Future Electronics and Philips Lumileds announced to organize free LED lighting seminars in Shenzhen, China and Taipei, Taiwan, in order to enhance customers' understanding of Philips Lumileds LUXEON portfolio. These seminars will help customers taking the opportunity to learn the latest LED lighting technology of Philips Lumileds, including the benefits of high power LED, medium-power LED, low power LED and the on-board chip. In addition, these one-day seminar will also discuss a variety of components related to Philips ...
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EDISON Expands Capacity to Deal with Large Orders from Mainland China Manufacturers

Growth of LED lighting exceeded expectations, Edison received large orders from mainland China manufacturers, SO it intends to expand capacity with additional capital in the second half of this year, legal representative of Edison forecasts that the growth of Edison in the second half of this year is expected to be more than that in the first half of this year by 40%. The consolidated revenue of Edison in the first half of this year is 1.269 billion NTD, an annual increase of 3.25%, because it has expanded capacity with capital expenditures of 450 million NTD in the firs...
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Taiwan and Mainland China LED Industries Reach an Agreement on Specifications

LED lighting industry alliances in Taiwan and Mainland China yesterday came to an agreement on a series of specifications for LED lighting products in the next two years. The Cross-Taiwan Strait Agreement is to unify standards of LED light-emitting modules and other important components used to make LED lighting products, the Taiwan LED Lighting Industry Alliance (TLLIA) said. At the press conference, TLLIA chairman Chien Fen-ren said that in these years, LED lighting products have been specified by a variety of standards set by manufacturers ...
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Capacity of Edison in Q2 is Fully Loaded with the Large LED Order from Mainland China

The energy-saving lamp manufacturers from mainland China are actively transforming from the traditional energy-saving lamps to LED lights, Epistar and Edison top in this transformation, Epistar has cooperated with downstream packaging factories to provide light engine; and Edison received a big order from the energy saving lamp manufacturer from mainland China, so that the capacity of Edison in the second quarter is fully loaded. Mainland China is the world's largest production base of energy-saving lamps, its global market share is more than 80%. As the price of LED ...
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Everlight Receives Considerable Orders for IR LEDs from Mainland Chinese Suppliers

Recently, Everlight has enjoyed considerable business for its infrared (IR) LEDs from many mainland Chinese suppliers of touch-screen modules for Win 8 PCs. Based on these orders, industry executives estimated IR LEDs as a percentage of Everlight’s revenue to further increase next year from current 25%. according to Everlight’s spokesman, B.Y. Liu, the company has so far this quarter landed considerable orders from touch-screen module suppliers that will likely shore up the company’s revenue for Q4 to Q3. Usually, the fourth quarter is a low s...
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Shenzhen LED Production Exports in the forefront of Mainland China

Semiconductor lighting industry in Shenzhen develops rapidly in recent years. Statistics have shown that, there are over 1500 enterprises engaged in developing and sales of semiconductor lighting in the city, by the end of 2011. And in 2011, the output value of Shenzhen LED industry is about 70 billion yuan RMB, increasing by 25.9% year-on-year. This growth approximately composes 35% of total LED output value in China, and accounts for 50% in Guangdong’s. In particular, the city has set up a completely industrial chain which covers "chip - packaging - application...
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Mainland China Investment in Taiwan to Get More Own Controlling Stakes for key Industries

Taiwan government considers relaxing restrictions on the fourth-round Chinese investments. It may allow mainland Chinese investments in hotels and sports facilities and remove the investment ceiling forbidding Chinese investors to own controlling stakes in seven key industries, including semiconductor, IC assembly, FPD (flat-panel display) and components, metal-cutting tools, electronic and semiconductor manufacturing equipment, LED, and solar cell. The MOEA began to study the fourth round of liberalization for mainland Chinese investments in July. The highlight of th...
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Taiwan Considers to Ease Restrictions on Island’s Strategic Hi-tech Industries Investments by Mainland Chinese

Recently, Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) began its fourth-time review of restrictions on Island’s Investments by Mainland Chinese as the basis of whether or not to allow mainland Chinese investors to hold more stakes in the island’s high-tech firms. The ministry is assessing the feasibility of conditionally allowing mainland Chinese investors to hold more stakes in the island’s three strategic hi-tech industries, including semiconductor, LCD panel and LED manufacturing. Date back to 2008, the island has eased the restrictions, in thr...
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Hon Hai Group Injects US$35 Million to Form LED Venture in Mainland China

Taiwan Hon Hai Group has injected US$35 million to set up an LED venture in mainland China at a cost of US$35 million. And it’s reported that polysilicon manufacturer GCL-Poly Energy Holdings Ltd. of mainland China is also a strategic partner in the investment. The new venture, headquartered in Nanyan, Henan Province, will seek partners in all of the mainland’s provinces to drum up LED streetlight business, pointed out by the group. GCL-Poly is listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange, reporting net income of HK$4.2 billion (US$555 million ...
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Taiwan LED Manufactures Gets Increasing Orders from Mainland China

As Guangdong government has come out the policy to make LED transition within three years in public place, Taiwan LED manufacturers including Epistar, Unity Opto Technology have received increasing LED lighting orders from mainland China. Meanwhile, Taiwan companies such as Everlight and AcBel Polytech Inc. are actively building marketing channel in Guangdong. According to the policy issued by Guangdong government in May, the city will forced to promote new LED lighting installation in public place within three years. It’s considered to be the stronge...
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Mitsui Supports FOREPI to Tap Mainland China’s LCD TV Market

Recently, Formosa Epitaxy Inc. (FOREPI) will ship LED devices to LCD TVs and lighting supplied by mainland Chinese manufacturers via its Japanese shareholder Mitsui & Co., Ltd in the third quarter, according to FOREPI’s Chairman F.R. Chien. And the orders will keep the company’s production lines busy throughout the first quarter in 2013. Chien pointed out that in the second half of 2012, the mainland’s economic stimulus packages and subsidization project for rural consumers of LCD TVs would give a boost to the mainland market f...
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Lite-On Said to Instead of Lextar for Philips Supplier

Sources from industry executives have released that Lite-On Group takes the place of Lextar as Philips contract supplier of LED lighting. It’s a huge order that Lite-On has won from international big name company since it entered into alliance with Epistar and mainland Chinese lighting fixture makers. Under Philips contract, Lite-On will supply LED packages and modules, Epistar will provide chips and some mainland Chinese manufacturers will supply light fittings. According to Lite-On executives, the company’s revenue for the second quarter would su...
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Panasonic Announces to Enter LED Market in Mainland China

According to Japanese media, Panasonic schedules to enter LED lighting market for residential application in mainland China, with the release of two ceiling lights and sixteen downlights, and plans to increase the number of product to sixty in 2012. In addition, the company will focus on selling high quality products and aim at middle class and rich class market. Therefore, the price will be more expensive than products made by mainland manufactures. What’s more, apart from manufacturing LED lightings in "Beijing factory" which currently is major in fluore...
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Taiwan and Mainland China Sign Three MOUs on LED Cooperation

Recently, Taiwan and mainland China have signed three memorandums of understanding (MOUs) in Taiwan over LED cooperation, for creating common LED brands to tap global markets. The three agreements address co-setting technical norm and standard for LED lighting, cooperation on LED technology development and demonstration projects of trial LED lights, and assessment and demonstration of LED lighting application projects in Shanxi Province and Harbin City. According to Wu Ling, the Secretary General of China Solid State Lighting Alliance, after sign...
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Everlight Expands Its LED Lighting Sales in Mainland China

Everlight has benefited several LED streetlights contracts from mainland Chinese provinces of Guangdong, Jiangsu, Sichuan and Hebei in addition to talks with the mainland's big retailers over promoting the company's LED light bulbs in the mainland. These contracts are under the mainland's subsidization program for consumptions of indoor and outdoor LED lights. According to Everlight Chairman Y.F. Yeh ,the mainland poses lucrative business opportunity for LED streetlgihts, given Jiangsu Province's contracts to buy RMB6 billion (US$952 million)...
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Everlight Cooperates with Tianmu SSL to Aim at Jiangsu’s LED Streetlight Market

Everlight has teamed up with Tianmu Solid State Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. to build a joint venture in mainland China for Jiangsu Province’s RMB6 billion procurement of LED streetlights. According to Tianmu Solid State Lighting of Jiangsu, an LED-lighting startup founded two years ago, the joint venture calls for total investment of US$200 million, with US$30 million already put into construction of first-phase production lines, which will start volume production in June. The joint venture plans to install 20,000 LED streetlights in the provi...
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TCL Teams up with Harvatek to Build LED Package Joint Venture in Mainland China

Chinese major LCD-TV maker TCL Corp., will partner with Harvatek Corp. a Taiwanese LED maker 15% held by silicon foundry United Microelectronics Corp. (UMC), to build an LED package venture, in the mainland’s southern coastal province of Guangdong. Under their cooperation, it’s estimated to cost around RMB200 million in investment spending, will be equally shared by the two companies in cash. The venture is scheduled to operate production for the second half of this year, with initial output set at two billion packages a year. According to in...
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Taiwan’s LED Makers Likely Benefit from Mainland China’s Subsidization Program

According to Taiwan Photonics Industry and Technology Development Association (PIDA), Taiwan’s LED makers will likely benefit from Mainland China’s recent introduction of a subsidization program for LED lighting. According to the program publicized by Mainland China’s Ministry of Finance, LED lighting suppliers will subtract the subsidy amount from their retail prices when winning private or government contracts to supply the lamps. As a result, end users will be able to enjoy lower retail prices. Streetlight, tunnel lights and recessed ligh...
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Delta, AcBel Polytech to Benefit Increasing LED Orders from Japan and Mainland China

Taiwan-based Delta Electronics Inc. and AcBel Polytech Inc. have gained LED lightings orders from Japan, to help Japanese enterprises fight against upcoming price hikes of electricity caused by upcoming suspension of nuclear power plants. Reportedly, Japan has ordered a total of 54 commercial nuclear power plants to suspend operations by the end of April for periodical maintenance. However, due mainly to the public’s fear about radioactive contamination in the environment, it didn’t come out the concrete timetables for resumption. In addition, electricity ...
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Mainland China is allowed to Invest in LED and Solar Cell

According to The Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), the third-wave opening for mainland Chinese investments in Taiwan will include 115 manufacturing items, notably LED and solar cell, and 23 items for the service sector and infrastructure each. Economics Minister Shih Yen-shiang pointed out that for buying into the local firms in key hi-tech industries, Chinese investors cannot become the controlling shareholder or the largest shareholder. In the meanwhile, the investment projects must contain industrial cooperation and must be subject to the inspection of an ad hoc ...
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Taiwan Suggests to Add Six LED Pilot Testing Locations in Mainland China

Taiwan intends to make an addition of field testing locations for LED lighting in mainland China. Currently, there are two LED pilot testing locations in Guangzhou and Xiamen, where the tests are underway according to an agreement reached at a conference held in June 2010 addressing industry cooperation between Taiwan and mainland China. And Taiwan expects to add six provinces including Shandong, Fujian, Shanxi, Heilongjiang, Guangdong, and Jiangsu into the project. Taiwan’s representatives will come up with the proposal when they confer with their mainland...
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Mainland China to Get More Opportunity in Taiwan Five Key Industries Investment

Taiwan government has announced to allow investors from mainland China to buy into local firms in the five key manufacturing industries such as LED, FPD, semiconductor, machine tool, electronic and semiconductor manufacturing equipment, with maximum stake being set at less than 50%, up from 10% now. It is part of the third-wave opening for mainland Chinese investments in Taiwan, which was approved at an inter-ministry meeting presided by Kuan Chung-ming, minister without portfolio on March 15. The opening package will be submitted to Premier Sean Chen for ratification so...
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Mainland China to Come out the Second Phase of LED Lighting Subsidization

According to deputy sectary general of China Solid State Lighting Alliance, Tang Gouquin announced at a forum held in Taipei addressing LED industry, mainland China may enlarge LED-lighting subsidization coverage, including not only more product items but also more supply sources. He pointed out that the mainland’s authorities would announce details of the subsidization plan before long. It’s the second phase of the subsidization initiative for LED-lighting consumptions, aiming to subsidize over 10 million lamps this year. Some 10% of the number was subsi...
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Lumileds introduced the LUXEON CZ Color Line, a product line optimized to deliver maximum punch. “The LUXEON CZ features up to 48% higher punch than any other undomed color LED,” said Jennifer Holland, Product Line Direct... READ MORE

LG Innotek today announced that it has supplied UV LED module for water purifiers to the famous Japanese purifier manufacturer for the past year and achieved the perfect quality of zero defect rate.