Rohinni Secures Chinese Patent Awards Covering LED Placement Technology

Claims cover proprietary placement solutions needed in the advanced display market to efficiently utilize miniLED technology Liberty Lake, Washington – July 25, 2022 – Rohinni, a leading developer of advanced component placement solutions, today announced four new Chinese patent claims related to high-speed placement processes have been awarded. The patents cover the company’s newest placement technology which allows for the placement of semiconductor die at speeds greater than 100Hz with accuracy levels of <10µm. The new patents protect Rohinni&rsq...
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Patent Granted to Apple for Automotive Lighting and Warning System

On October 30th, a patent was granted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to Apple for its “Exterior Lighting and Warning System” which uses a lighting system to indicate warnings and information from the outside of a car, reported Appleinsider.
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Nichia and OSRAM Announce to Expand IP Co-Operation

Nichia and OSRAM emphasize the significance of intellectual property (IP) in their business fields and announce their intention to expand the license co-operation. Nichia Corporation and OSRAM GmbH have entered into patent cross license agreements in 2002 and 2010. As a result, both companies are allowed to use each other’s patents licensed under the respective agreement in its own nitride-based semiconductor products such as blue, green, and white LED and laser components. Hiroyoshi Ogawa, President of Nichia Corporation and Aldo Kamper, CEO of OSRAM Opto Semiconductors met at the Light+Building in Frankfurt, Germany, and expressed their wish to expand and strengthen the license co-operation.
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X-Celeprint to Commercialize Elastomer Stamp Micro-Assembly Technology

X-Celeprint, a XTRION owned company, is working with potential partners to adopt its elastomer stamp micro-assembly technology for commercialization, the company CTO Christopher Bower told LEDinside during LEDforum 2016, which took place in late September in Taiwan.
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SCS Energy Solutions Patent Pending for Bulletproof LED Housing

SCS Lighting Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of SCS Energy Solutions, announces its patent pending for an LED ballistic light lens and housing.
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Seoul Viosys Sues U.S. Manufacturer for Infringing UV LED Component and End Product Patents

Seoul Viosys, a world class UV LED solution company (www.seoulviosys.com), announced that it has filed a lawsuit with the Federal District Court of Southern New York, US on Aug. 8, 2016 against P3 International, a U.S. manufacturer of home electronics products who sells their products through large retail shops such as WalMart, on the grounds that the company has infringed SEOUL VIOSYS’s UV LED mosquito trap device MosClean’s patented technology.
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European Patent Office Upholds Dow Corning’s LED Optical Silicone Encapsulants Patents

Dow Corning, a global leader in silicones, silicon-based technology and innovation, announced that the European Patent Office (EPO) rejected a request to revoke patent EP-1556443. The patent is part of the rich intellectual property (IP) portfolio that protects the company’s proprietary high refractive index (RI) phenyl-silicone-based optical encapsulant technology, which offers enhanced light output, improved reliability and other benefits for high-brightness LED lighting designs.  The EPO’s decision significantly strengthens Dow Corning’s IP position in Europe’s fast-growing LED lighting market where patent compliance is strategically important, as well as other key global LED manufacturing centers, such as the U.S., Japan, Korea and China.
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Viribright Lighting Granted U.S. LED Package Design Patent

Viribright Lighting announced that is has received a US Patent (US 9,379,300) for the design of an LED chip welded in a flip-chip manner on a floating copper heat radiation support. The Viribright LED packaging design generates more lumens per watt with better control of heat dissipation than previous LED manufacturing methods.
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Illumination Devices Granted US Patent for LED Current Regulator

Illumination Devices (www.illuminationdevices.com), an established innovator and manufacturer of high performance LED light engine technology, has announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued US Patent Number 9,338,838 covering a half or quarter-cycle current regulator for non-isolated, line voltage LED ballast circuits.
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Samsung Display Files Patent for 3-in-1 Bendable OLED Device

Samsung Display published a patent application that demonstrates an OLED-based flexible 3-in-1 device that can function as a watch, a phone, and even a tablet, reported SAMMobile.
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Cree and Harvatek Settle Patent Dispute

Cree a leader in LED lighting, announced that it has reached a confidential settlement in its patent infringement lawsuit with Harvatek. Harvatek has agreed to a royalty bearing, worldwide license to the Cree patents-in-suit, thereby ending the lawsuit between the parties. Harvatek will pay Cree a license issue fee and ongoing royalties as part of the license agreement.
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Haydale Granted Patent of Functionalisation Process for Graphene in Europe

Haydale, the group focused on the commercialisation of graphene and other nano particle products using its proprietary plasma process, is pleased to announce confirmation from the European Patent Office (“EPO”) of the decision to grant a European Patent to Haydale (“European Patent”).
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Litecool Files PCB-Free LED Package Patent: “Lumen Block”™

Litecool (//www.litecool.co.uk), a innovator in LED packaging and thermal performance, announced today that it has filed a patent on a PCB-free LED package known as Lumen Block™. This new technology enables the assembly of LED arrays with no circuit board putting the LED package directly on the heat sink for ultimate thermal performance and cost reduction.
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Intematix Recevies New Remote Phosphors Patent

Intematix Corporation has been awarded a new U.S. patent. Patent 8,376,580 for LED based lightingsSystems is related to the firm's remote phosphor technology. This patent marks the 21st remote phosphor patent the company has received. This new patent contains broad and fundamental claims covering a wide variety of remote phosphor systems and applications. Allowed claims cover various two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes used in remote phosphor systems. Application coverage includes remote phosphor systems where the phosphor is provided as a surface layer on a c...
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Samsung’s LED Devices Get Involved in Boston University’s Patent Infringement Lawsuit

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. has gotten involved in a patent infringement with Boston University in the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts.   Boston University alleges that Samsung “regularly and deliberately” infringed upon the BU-owned patents, Patent Nos. 5,686,738 and 6,953,703. The complaint alleges that the infringement occurred when it imported and sold LED devices that were manufactured by preparing highly insulating monocrystalline gallium nitride single crystal films in a molecular beam growth chamber. The complaint also...
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Google Applies Patents for Developing Camera Phone with Multi-LED Flash

As we know, Google purchased Motorola Mobility and with that purchase came thousands of patents for mobile devices. A document posted online shown that there was one patent missing and Google has just applied for it. That patent was one for a multi-LED flash to be embedded on the back side of a smartphone, or tablet for that matter. The idea behind a multi-LED flash is so that a low light photo situation can have different levels of light and will create a better exposure for the photo. Phones on the market today typically have one LED flash, or maybe a dual-LED flash...
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USPTO Published Patent Application of SEMILED for LED Lighting System

United States Patent and Trademark Office has received an application no. 20120327663, on December 27, 2012, by SEMILED OPTOELECTRONICS CO., LTD., titled as "Light Emitting Diode (LED) Lighting System Having Adjustable Output" for the registration of patent. Inventors: DOAN; TRUNG TRI; (Baoshan Hsinchu 308, TW) Assignee: SEMILED OPTOELECTRONICS CO., LTD. Miao-Li County TW According to the abstract released by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office: "A light emitting di...
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Hornbach Infringes Nichia's YAG Patent for LED Christmas Illumination Products

In the patent infringement lawsuit in Germany at the Düsseldorf District Court which Nichia filed against Hornbach-Baumarkt-AG ("Hornbach"), the court found following the main hearing on November 27, 2012 with judgment of December 20, 2012 (File No. 4a O 112/11) that Hornbach infringes Nichia's patent EP 936 682 (DE 697 02 929) (hereinafter called "YAG patent") concerning the accused white LED Christmas illumination products. The court rendered a judgment, although it is not final and can be appealed by Hornbach, in favor of Nic...
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Lumenpulse Receives Patent for Lumensmart Technology

Lumenpulse Inc., received a US patent for its Lumensmart technology, which is designed to simplify and extend control of LED lighting by allowing LED luminaires to auto-detect and adapt to common lighting control protocols DMX, RDM, DALI, and 0-10V over a wired network. Lumensmart will be implemented across Lumenpulse's product portfolio and will be made available in the future to third-party manufacturers. The technology is part of the company's effort to accelerate the commercial adoption of LED luminaires by reducing costs and complexity of LED sy...
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LSG Files 71 New Patents in 2012

Lighting Science Group has been awarded 26 new U.S. patents by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for 2012. It also reports another 20 patent applications that are expected to be issued in the next few months. A total of 71 new U.S. patent applications were filed by Lighting Science in 2012, reflecting the robust innovative research and product development occurring at the company.   "We are extremely proud of our R&D team and their commitment to developing technology for the future," said Fred Maxik, chief technology officer. "...
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Toshiba and Epistar Have Concluded a AlGaInP LED Patent License Agreement

Epistar has announced that Toshiba has granted a patent license regarding certain AlGaInP LED technologies and sold certain AlGaInP LED patents to Epistar. As part of the agreements, Epistar also licensed certain AlGaInP LED patents to Toshiba. The agreements recognize the value of Toshiba’s AlGaInP LED patent portfolio, and are expected to bring benefits for Epistar’s product development and enhance its patent portfolio furtherwithin the field of AlGaInP LED technologies. The exact terms of the license will not be disclosed unde...
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LED Tech Development Filed a Patent Infringement Lawsuit against Apple

LED Tech Development LLC has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Apple. The patent infringement lawsuit concerns four granted patents that they claim Apple's iPad 3 and MacBook Pro infringe upon. Charles Lemaire, one of the original inventors noted on all four patents in this lawsuit has also been credited with patents for Lockheed Martin, Nuance Communications and other major companies.      LED Tech, whose place of business is Tyler Texas, has filed a formal complaint with the court in Delaware against Apple for patent infri...
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Intematix Issued Red Nitride LED Phosphor Patent

Intematix Corporation has been issued its patent covering red nitride phosphor compositions used in LEDs by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The patent was allowed in August and officially issued on September 25th 2012. Intematix’s U.S. Patent No. 8,274,215, entitled “Nitride-based Red Phosphors” is the 18th U.S. patent issued to Intematix in the area of LED phosphors and the 71st U.S Patent overall. “Our novel chemical formulation lowers the concentration of oxygen impurities in the material structure...
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Nexxus Lighting Ends Patent Litigation with Philips

Nexxus Lighting, Inc. has announced a settlement agreement ending the pending patent litigation brought by Royal Philips Electronics. In connection with the settlement and patent license agreement: •    Philips will grant Nexxus Lighting an ongoing, royalty-bearing license to the comprehensive portfolio of patented LED technologies and solutions offered under Philips' LED luminaire and retrofit bulb licensing program. The license allows Nexxus to continue the manufacture and sale of LED-based lighting products, including the Array® brand...
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Intematix’s Red Nitride LED Phosphor to be Its 18th U.S. Patent

Intematix Corporation announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued a notice of allowance for claims on its patent covering red nitride phosphor compositions used in LEDs. Intematix expects issuance of the patent by the end of 2012. Intematix’s patent application number 12/632,550, entitled “Nitride-based Red Phosphors” is expected to be the 18th U.S. patent issued to Intematix in the area of LED phosphors and the 71st U.S Patent overall.   “Our novel chemical formulation lowers the concentratio...
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Osram and Samsung reach global settlement over LED patent suits

According to OSRAM AG, the company and Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. have reached an agreement to settle all patent suits between them worldwide. The patent suits have been filed in various countries amongst others Germany, South Korea and in the United States of America. The parties will dismiss all suits as expeditiously as possible, with a settlement consequently expected to be finalized by the end of August, 2012. As part of the settlement, the parties have reached license agreements for their respective LED patent portfolios. The parties have also signed a sepa...
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Samsung, Osram Reach a Global LED Patent Settlement

Bloomberg has quoted from a filing with a U.S. trade agency that, Samsung Electronics Co. and Siemens AG’s Osram unit have reached a global settlement to end a LED patent fight that Samsung filed against Osram and that was scheduled for trial at the agency on Aug. 13. Osram’s case against Samsung went to trial in July, and the judge was expected to release his findings in October. According to the filing, the settlement agreement covers those cases and “other legal proceedings throughout the world between Samsung and Osram involving LED techn...
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SemiLEDs and Cree Come to an Agreement on Patent Litigation

The patent infringement battle between SemiLEDs and Cree has come to an end. The two companies have agreed to end their respective patent infringement litigation against each other. Under the settlement, SemiLEDs has agreed to make a one-time payment to Cree for past damages. It has also agreed to the entry of an injunction (effective 1 October) that prohibits the importation and sale of SemiLEDs’ accused products in the USA. The parties have agreed to withdraw the remaining claims without prejudice to the right to assert their respective claims in the future....
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O2Micro's LED Driving Methodology Gets U.S. Patent Granted

O2Micro(R) International Limited‘s LED Driving methodology were issued 15 claims under United States patent number 8,169,160. This patented methodology controls the LED current with accuracy, thereby affecting the LED stability of LED brightness.
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Nichia Announced Its Patents is Valid over Everlight's Challenge

Everlight has filed patent nullity proceedings in Japan Patent Office against 19 patents held by Nichia. Among such Nichia patents is the "YAG Patent", which is the Japanese Patent No. 2927279 ("279 Patent") and is directed to white LEDs by the combinations of blue LED and YAG phosphor. The JPO held on April 9, 2012, that the 279 Patent is valid over the Everlight's challenge. Two other patents, Japanese Patent Nos. 2778349 (electrode patent), and 2540791 (anneal patent), have been also found by the JPO as valid. As such, YAG ...
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