LiquidLEDs Launches Unique Silver Crown LED Light Inspired by Incandescent Bulb

LiquidLEDs Lighting Corp., a manufacturer and distributor of LED lighting devices in Australia and New Zealand, now offers a unique Silver Crown LED lamp the company claims is the only LED lighting product of its kind designed to look exactly like an incandescent light bulb. Designed primarily for decorative and general-purpose lighting, the 5-Watt Silver Crown LED Light Bulb by LiquidLEDs is a replacement to 40-watt incandescent light bulbs, offering up to 90 percent in energy savings. The LiquidLEDs Silver Crown LED demonstrates a high-qualit...
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UK Comes to the Final Phase of a Ban on Incandescent Bulbs Since September1

Starting from September1, the final phase of a ban on traditional light bulbs coming into effect in Britain, meaning retailers would no longer be able to order new stock, and consumers will soon be unable to buy 40W or 25W bulbs. Due to incandescent bulbs waste 95% of energy used as heat, the EU directive decides to ban them for decreasing the energy consumption of products. Defra said the technology "has not changed for over 100 years and there are much more efficient alternatives available". However, some people are expected to avoid the ban by seeking out &quo...
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The Ban of the Incandescent Bulbs Campaign in UK Takes Place

The phase-out of incandescent light bulbs Since September, 40W and 25W incandescent bulbs are no longer to be sold as EU directive aimed at reducing the energy use of lighting came into force.   Similar bans have come into effect in respect of 60W and 100W incandescent bulbs over the past three years. The restrictions are predicted to save 39 terawatt-hours of electricity across the EU annually by 2020. According to the European Commission, around 85 per cent of EU household lights are considered to be using too much electricity and, households could be expected...
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Campaigners Warn Light-bulb Ban Caused Health Risk for ill-health People

A European ban on incandescent bulb takes effect in the UK since 1, September, despite the move to energy-saving bulbs has been widely welcomed, campaigners have warned that there are concerns about the impact on people who are sensitive to LED lighting. Seeks an exemption for those who suffer ill-health Campaigners warned two million people in the UK face increased risk of health problems. They can aggravate light-sensitive medical conditions such as the auto-
immune disease lupus, bring on nausea and migraines, and can even cause skin to burn. As a result, Edinburgh...
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Verbatim Launches New LED Lamps for Households as EU Bans Incandescent Bulbs

Targeting at the opportunity that European Union legislation will ban the manufacture and import of all incandescent bulbs since September 1st 2012, Verbatim has unveiled a complete family of cost effective retrofit LED lamps for households. Verbatim's new consumer product line-up comprises 13 products including LED lamps to replace 25W to 60W Classic A bulbs, 15W to 25W Classic B candle lamps, 25W droplet bulbs and 20W spotlights for both MR16 GU5.3 and PAR16 fittings. Colour temperatures range from 2700K to 3000K and each model has a minimum colour re...
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Taiwan LED Manufacturers to Compete in High-wattage LED Market

Taiwan LED manufacturers have got involved in the competition in high-wattage LED. Tsannkuen 3C has launched 10 W LED bulb at the price of NT$ 279 ,and Everlight has also released 8W LED bulb of NT$ 299. Delta cooperates with B&Q to promote 10.5 W LED bulbs to take the place of 60 W incandescent bulb. Tatung prepares to join the competition with its 10 W LED bulb, and China Electric Mfg. Corporation also intends to tap the market with 9W bulb. According to industry executives, 60 watt incandescent bulb occupies a major position in the tradit...
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Japanese Government to Calls for Halting Production and Sales of Incandescent Bulbs

According to The Yomiuri Shimbun, Japanese government has encouraged major electronics retailers and home appliance makers to voluntarily halt production and sales of incandescent bulbs to save power this summer. The government plans to submit a written request under the names of Economy, Trade and Industry Minister Yukio Edano and Environment Minister Goshi Hosono to an industry group, probably sometime this week. The industry side has indicated it will oblige. It is extremely rare for the government to ask retailers and manufacturers to refrain voluntarily from sell...
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