Smart Vision Lights Launches New High Power LED Scan Light

Smart Vision Lights, a leading designer and manufacturer of high-brightness LED lights for industrial applications, is pleased to introduce its Linear High Power (LHP) Line Scan Light. The new light is the world's brightest industrial line-scan light at greater than 5 million lux and the only scan light on the market to offer polarization (patent pending).
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Smart Vision Lights Introduces High-Speed Strobe Lights for Industrial and Machine Vision Applications

Smart Vision Lights — a designer and manufacturer of high-brightness LED lights for industrial applications, including machine vision — is pleased to introduce the XR256 Series High-Speed Strobe Lights for industrial and machine vision applications requiring high-speed, high-power, pulse initiated, or pulse following strobe lights.
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Smart Vision Lights’ LEDs Meets New Photobiological Damage Standards

New Intertek-certified in-house LED light lab guarantees that LEDs from Smart Vision Lights comply with new international photobiological damage standards, protecting customers from possible fines and loss of European CE, North American UL, and Asian safety marks for sales across global markets.
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Smart Vision Lights Choose Luminus’ LEDs Displace Lasers for Illumination Sources Production

The machine vision lighting maker Smart Vision Lights of Muskegon, MI, USA has chosen Big Chip LED technology from Luminus Devices Inc, for its new product line of illumination sources. Luminus’ SST-90 LED is at the heart of Smart Vision Lights’ SP30 Series LED structured light pattern projector for the machine vision industry. “We selected the Luminus SST-90 for the large die footprint and high lumen output,” says Smart Vision Lights’ design engineer Matt Pinter. “The SST-90 gives us better uniformity ...
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